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Monday, July 23, 2012

Geeky finds at Great Northern Sale of SM North EDSA

This is my late blog post coverage for the Great Northern Sale of SM City North EDSA. Its my first time to shop here under the label of Great Northern Sale, my first ever sale here was the first one day midnight sale of SM City North EDSA years ago, I think SM CIty North EDSA was 5 years old when they organized that sale, I remember that we hoarded lots of stuff toys in Gift Gate and parents bought some items for the master’s bed room. This year, the Great Northern Sale is the icon of mall sale here in the Philippines, because they give a great buzz about the sale and hey! SM City North EDSA is the biggest mall here in the Philippines and 3rd largest in the world.

I missed the first 2 days of the Great Northern Sale, my plan is to visit day 1 and day 2 but my schedule is mixed up and got the time to visit the mall on its 3rd and final day. I went there at around 1pm and the flow of people is quite okay. First scene that I saw is at The Block, lots of clothing brand set up a small kiosk in the middle of the hallway and showed up their big price tag to let everyone know that they are on sale.

The Gourmet Card is one of the awesome reward for shoppers this Great Northern Sale, the card let you get an automatic discount and freebies to any participating restaurants in SM City North EDSA. The card comes with a booklet or catalog that can guide you the freebie and discount of each restaurants. The card is free for everyone and all you need to do is line up to the redemption booth and claim one free card.

I’m waiting for the opening the new branch of Jamba Juice, I heard that this will open on September 2012.

Going to the heart of the mall which is the old City Center building, I saw a jam packed of people already coming in and makes the hall so crowdy, I walked so fast just to reach the department store and see what I can buy in that day.

My view from the 2nd floor, all store and brands created a small set up outside their stores just to give way more space to the buyers to check the sale items.

My target that day is to buy my interests – clothes and geeky stuff like toys, gadgets, toys, comics, toys, and more toys.

and here are my geeky finds in SM North EDSA

Transformers shirt sold at P199 in American Boulevard

Wolverine shirt from American Boulevard, price : P199

This cute Emilio Aguinaldo is sold at P250 (not on sale)

Spotted this Q blox Figure key chain of the Dark Knight, sale at P250 (notice the yellow tag?)

I want to close my eyes if I’m dreaming, last Christmas I missed buying that Wowee yellow robot that was on sale at a price of P2500. But his brother the Tri Bot is now in 50% off , priced now at P3000 only. I want to buy this in my next visit to the mall.

The RC Drift car is on sale with 50% discount, this toy is now P499.

The Ultimate Tumbler RC is also on sale, I already saw this in other malls, but this one is have a P50 off. Now for sale at P350.

This robot makes me crazy, the only unit left and for sale at P2000 only. Super sale!!! At first I thought that this was the Robo Raptor, but then after some Youtube reference, this is a another robo dino with long neck and tail.

I went to Comic Quest to check out some comics on sale, and here are some TPBs and HC on sale..and whoaaaa P500 all TPB and HC displayed on this cabinet.

I’m looking for some Batman shirt that I can wear for the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, but as of now they don’t have a stock on display, but they have only the Marvel superheroes shirts that are not part of the mall wide sale.

I saw this Spider-Man and Care  Bears shirt in Annex, I forgot the name of the store hahahah.

The Toy Kingdom mini store in Annex is always on sale, The Terminator figures that I want to buy is already sold out,for a price of P50, Im sure someone will hoard every item. I spotted this Radio Toy for sale at P100. But I don’t if it really work.

I went to Toy Kingdom store at The Block, spotted some toys on sale

And here’s my purchase of the day – I bought that RC Drift Car for P500. My son will love this and also I think its time to upgrade our RC collection.

Here’s a sales guy who help me show on how to open up the RC Drift car if ever I want it to be customized.

Then I bought this  life-like rubberized Lizard for only P99. hahahahah my son is scared of lizards, I think this toy will help him overcome the fear from lizards.

And here’s my green bag! I always carry a green bag whenever I shop

Thanks SM City North EDSA and congrats for another successful Great Northern Sale, see you next year!

and here are some scenes from the Great Northern Sale

Spotted some food kiosk in almost any corner of the mall

Inside SM Department Store.

Men’s Accessories

A suggestion for style

50% off sale in selected shirts

P150 shirts on sale..too bad that there’s no size XL

my view of the Great Northern Sale

Arriving from the 3rd floor

At around 5pm, the taxi bay is full of taxis and commuters

I love this design in Annex bldg.

The stairs view

My merienda  in Bon Chon Chicken

A close look to this ice cold Coke

Happy shopper is a hungry shopper

6 pcs of Chili wings!

Chow time!

DJ playing some beats at the Cyberzone area

this is madness!!! camera sale!

I didn’t know this Great Northern Tech Sale

My view from the 3rd floor

The Giant QR Code  - yeah I joined the promo contest

Live music at the Block

Classically and symphonic music that relaxes the shoppers.

Whew! that’s my coverage of the Great Northern Sale, it’s the crazy sale in the country and I want to go back again…I want more sale in the toy section and also more sale in the gadget sections. I’m glad that I’m loaded and prepared for this sale.

So how’s your Great Northern Sale experience?
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