24 ways to enjoy your crab by The Red Crabs “Alimango House”

Holy Crabs!!! that’s not a monster crab coming from a horror or sci fi movie, and also its not a mutated crab that sits on your plate and will bite you whenever you move a muscle, don’t fear this sea critters even they are so ugly, but  they are yummy and also tasty, one of the most sought sea food in the world and won a documentary series in Discovery Channel called Deadliest Catch, but this one if different and can be found here in our Philippine Sea and fresh waters, the most popular is the mud crab that can be bred and farm in our local provinces,they are exported to different countries because our crabs here are bigger and also affordable. The “Scylla serrata” or mud crab or alimango, is the most tastiest crab here in the Philippines because it is tasty and easier to acquire from our wet market. They have large pincers and body and it is different from the Alimasag type which have small pincers.

Our moms cook Alimango at home in  Szechuan style of cooking, she mastered the style of cooking when she got tired of buying and get a cooking service in Baclaran’s popular seafood market every other month. But today, the taste will be unforgettable if you experience that 24 ways to enjoy crabs with different kinds of recipe and taste that brought to you by The Red Crabs group of restaurants, this kind of food trend are only available in their Binondo Branch.

I remember that me and my wife always date in another Red Crab group of restaurant in Mandaluyong, there I experienced the first time to dine in an only crab served restaurant, they provided that steel bucket for the empty cracked shells and a cute bib to cover our clothes from the juicy sauce coming from the crabs. I didn’t expected that The Red Crab got its vengeance and their return in the market will make a big scene to foodies with their 24 ways of crabby eating.

When you order, you will choose the weight and size of the crab for your meal. Each size has a different price.

Here are the pricing guide
P145 / 100g (500-700g)

Big Crabs
P155 / 100g (800-900g)

King Crabs
P165 / 100g (1kg-up)

Female Crabs
P165 / 100 (all sizes)

All prices are subject to 10% service charge.

How to eat a crab? then watch this how to video from Mikey Bustos

I brave the storm last Friday night just to taste these crabs, it was like catching them in an open water and wait for the calm of the sea just to get back to the island, go home and cook this crab. My trip is worth it and I thank our fellow bloggers for cheering me up with lots of crab smudges on their faces and waving at me with fingers with lots of sauces.

I missed the 10 crabs that night, but this one welcomed me.

Crab Alvarez, one of the tastiest crab in Red Crabs. The recipe they provided are like special sauces and spices that cooked with the crabs. Some crabs are named after the chef after making a new recipe for their menu. Red Crab claimed their throne once more as the best crab resto here in Manila, well, they are the only resto that serves pure crabs, Claw Daddy is just one of their sister resto and part of the Red Crab group of restaurants. If ever they will have a bloggers crab group, I will definitely sign up.

Busy blogger friends

Here’s a Crab Sinigang sa gabi at kamias

Deep Fried crab with szechuan sauce

oh crab..naubusan ako

Here’s your partner in crime in opening a crab shell

Raymund Salt and Pepper Crab – obviously named after their chef

In all 24 crabs…this is my favorite!! – Fidel Peppers crab
this crab with lots of pepper made me nose bleed for hours….one of the awesome experience in eating

The common  Szechuan crab

the label says it all

Crab Pateros with Balut and Aligue  (minus the sisiw)

The Alimango house logo

the front entrance of their Binondo branch

a part of their menu

Here are the 24 kinds of crabs of all crabby crab crab crabs at Red Crabs. I grabbed these photos from Red Crab Facebook, because I my hands are dirty that night and I took few photos only.


I’ve tasted half of the 24 crabs, but my favorites are: the Fidel Pepper Crab, the Szechuan crab, The salty egg crabs, Butter ginger crab, Roasted garlic crab, Malaysian chili kangkong crab…. and oh I think I love all kinds of crabs hahahah.

more Red Crabs info and details visit their Facebook page at  - http://www.facebook.com/red.crab.50

Its a bit pricey for me if ever I'll eat here at Red Crabs, but if you are looking for a seafood and only crab restaurant, then The Red Crab is the best choice for you. Their specialty is the Szechuan crabs, I remember that I met some of their chefs in Taguig and they cooked my ordered fresh water snails from an exotic market, the chef helped me cooking the snails and they converted it to a szechuan snails, so spicy and yummy, so what if they cook it with crabs? Yes, it is more tastier and I'm sure crab lovers and spice fans should not miss Red crabs. But for me, if ever I want to eat crabs, my options are: 1. eat in Red Crabs, 2. buy fresh and alive crabs in Baclaran and let mom cook it 3. Eat in Red Crabs.

Red Crabs is an old restaurant and everyone knows it, I think this 24 ways of enjoying your crab will place them back on the food map,because foodies already forgotten them and this food trend and promo will tease them to come back. Its a good resto for dates and for family, especially for balikbayans who wants to eat different kinds of crabs, for the foodie - extreme type of crabs and the exotic recipe will drive you crazy, yeah...try the salty egg and balut with crabs.

Thanks to Red Crabs group of restaurant for inviting me to try their 24 ways of crabyness, I'm excited to visit you again and try the real customer-resto simulation and want to see if it is indeed affordable. Watch out for my part 2 food blog feature here in Azrael's Merryland.

photo by Cathy Copaway

To my dear readers, have you tried Red Crabs?