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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Rice bibingka in the streets of San Pablo, Laguna - Southern food trip part 5

April 8, 2014 – Bibingka is very popular during Christmas, here in Manila we have some restaurant that offers special bibingka, but never mind the price, because they offer it all year round, the taste is very upscale and also its price too. But here in San Pablo, Laguna, their bibingka is a different kind, it is made up from rice flour or bigas, they call it Bibingka sa bigas. It is tasty, yummy and affordable.

Instead of using baking flour for the bibingka, they grind the rice grains into powder form and they use this to bake bibingka. The cooking style is quite the same, but the treatment here is different, they use clay pots in cooking the rice bibingka and it will cook inside a make shift oven heated by fire and coconut shell or husk. The cooking time is 20 minutes for a complete baked rice bibingka.

Whenever I go to Quezon, Province, I always buy rice bibingka inside the bus whenever a street vendor boards the air con bus. If ever I saw a rice bibingka vendor, that means that I’m already in San Pablo City, Laguna.

Lagi ko yan inaabangan pag bumibiyahe ako. Last time.. when I went to Tayabas, Quezon.. na badtrip ako kasi there’s no rice bibingka vendor to board our bus, I think that they might ran out of bibingka during All Saints Day.

During our travel back to Manila. I shared to my blogger group that they should try the rice bibingka. It’s a different kind..and Im sure they will love it because of the new taste and not a hot cake style bibingka.

they tried some bite and they love it!

No need for coconut flakes, there’s coconut meat already inside the rice bibingka, the best part here is the melting butter on top of the baked rice cake.

When we arrived to this street store…they have the last five pieces for us…
I bought all of it, for a price of PHP15 each

Here are our blogger group taking a photo of the rice bibingka

Thanks to Nancy Reyes-Lumen, a food journalist, cook and tv host of the food tv show “Pinoy foodie” aka the adobo queen, now a blogger at , for the food trip adventure and try their family’s awesome restaurant.

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