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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Out of town lunch in Aristocrat Restaurant in San Pablo, Laguna - Southern food trip part 4

April 8, 2014 – Its lunch time!!!! Our group dine in here in Aristocrat restaurant in San Pablo City, Laguna, the resto is located in Ultimart Mall. Our short out of town trip 2nd leg of food trip started here. I pop out the menu again as I arrive in this resto,I was thinking of ordering the beef caldereta, but I was informed that their beef ran out of stocks on that day.. that the best seller here in Laguna?

But that’s okay, Nancy Reyes-Lumen suggested that I should try ordering the Aristocrat spare ribs platter. I gave a big nod and now I’m curious what’s so special about the spare ribs.

At the door front of the restaurant, we spotted a card board standee of Nancy Reyes-Lumen
hahaha! super celeb talaga!

They are promoting the Merienda meal

The Merienda meal showcases the original and classic Lola Asiang's Big 4 merienda
1. Lumpiang ubod Sariwa
2. Dinuguan at Puto
3. Arroz Caldo
4. Pancit Luglog
merienda meals are light snacks for the afternoon, others call it afternoon tea time, but for pinoys, we call it merienda.

here’s the menu
P4081159 P4081160P4081161 P4081162P4081163 P4081164
hmmm that’s new… Burger steak!

LOL. Arpee of selfie time with an Ampalaya

I also remember that one of my favorite food here is the Sago’t Gulaman, I always order this during lunch whenever we eat in Aristocrat in Manila Roxas Blvd. I was about to order some softdrinks, but this Sago’t Gulaman special is a helpful beverage to beat the summer heat.

Ohhhh sago and gulaman!!!!
Its cold…sweet…and the sago are so bubbly while gulaman are soft and refreshing

Barbecue Spare Ribs (single)

my comment:
The spare ribs is tasty, meaty and soft, I have no trouble in slicing this with my spoon, because some parts are already sliced for you and its easy to eat it. The flavor is very special because the java sauce gives more smokey peanut sweet flavor, its truly a pinoy food favorite. The java rice is a must partner for your barbecue meal, the combination is perfect and an Aristocrat original.

The meat is just right for me..I was full after I finished al the java rice and left to me was a 3-4 slice of spare ribs meat.

Barbecue Spare Ribs (double)

Crispy Pata

Barbecue boneless chicken


Pancit Canton

Seafood Kare Kare


Vanilla ice cream

Halo Halo regular

Halo halo special

Melo of showed to us his halo halo espesyal! topped with ube ice cream

That’s me enjoying my vanilla ice cream while selfie-ing with my DBLCAM mobile app.

The original Nancy and the card board version Nancy!

If you are in San Pablo City, Laguna and looking for a nice resto for your family or balikbayan friends, I invite you to try Aristocrat restaurant in Ultimart mall,

Thanks to Nancy Reyes-Lumen, a food journalist, cook and tv host of the food tv show “Pinoy foodie” aka the adobo queen, now a blogger at , for the food trip adventure and try their family’s awesome restaurant.

Eat your favorite pinoy food at The Aristocrat Restaurant
The Aristocrat Restaurant
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