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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Side trip shopping in Ultimart Mall in San Pablo City, Laguna - Southern food trip part 3

April 8, 2014 – We went here in Ultimart mall in San Pablo City,Laguna, it’s one of the 1st shopping arcade back in the 90’s and now it’s a full blown shopping mall with groceries, department store, boutiques, restaurants, cafe , gaming arcade, toy store and also a home to Aristocrat restaurant branch here in Laguna.

I learned that the owner of the mall is also the franchise owner of the branch of Aristocrat restaurant here in San Pablo City, Laguna. We are scheduled to eat here for our lunch and since that we arrived a big early, we decided to check out first the entire mall. Sayang nga eh, if ever I have a time, I can ride a trike going to Sampaloc Lake to take some photos, but that was okay, the mall is here and I put on my geek hat and go on a hunt for some good toys and collectibles.

I like malls and stores located in the provinces, because sometimes they kept cool vintage toys and collectibles and they sell it very cheap, so I went around and see if toy or collectible is worth buying that day.

here’s my panoramic take of the Ultimart mall

The wide space in the middle serves as their event center. In the old times they have 2-3 cinemas, Ultimart mall is also known to the only cinema in San Pablo (correct me if I’m wrong), and since they are in the process of converting the old cinema into digital theater, they closed down the cinemas and converted it as a wifi zone for the mean time.

at the parking lot, we saw this billboard of Aristocrat restaurant

A perfect luncheon venue if you are on a travel to San Pablo City, Laguna.

I’m a big fan of PHP88 or PHP66 daiso stores! hahaha
I must visit this and check out if they have some new stocks

looking around Ultimart mall

Annalyn and Rowena are excited to check this Mango outlet store.

I hope they can install a tree and a bench in the middle of the spacious event center.




yeahba!!! there’s free wifi

Its hot…I’m glad that I’m wearing shorts today

I spotted one toy store at the ground floor.

I went up to the department store level and here I saw an image of Sto. Nino facing the window of the mall.

and there’s a hole on the glass casing, for you to send your letter or message or your wish.

letters and wish from shoppers

I found the Ultimart departmet store at the 2nd level

I went to the toy store, and I only found this toy very interesting, although that I didn’t bought a toy or collectible, but the Hot Wheels section is very tempting.

Spotted…Figaro coffee shop

Inside the airconditioned store arcades

whoaaa!!!! Flappy Bird stuffed toy at the UFO catcher game!
zomgg..I want this!!

The Alien of Toy Story movie.. hahaha Its so hard to win in this UFO catcher game
”the clawwwww”

Impressive!!! CDR King branch is very peaceful. I bought my iPad mini leather casing here for a price of PHP280

Oks na din!

PHP1,990 for an Android tablet ????? whooaaa! nice find at CDR King

Wow! may Hapchan din!

Fountain area…

Ultimart mall in San Pablo City, Laguna
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Thanks to Nancy Reyes-Lumen, a food journalist, cook and tv host of the food tv show “Pinoy foodie” aka the adobo queen, now a blogger at , for the food trip adventure and try their family’s awesome restaurant.

Eat your favorite pinoy food at The Aristocrat Restaurant
The Aristocrat Restaurant
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