SM Southmall Runaway Picks (photo coverage)

Here's my photo coverage of SM Southmall Runaway Picks. I didn't know that this is already their 3rd edition for the fashion event and feature of local and global fashion brands in SM Department store. I have attended one show some months ago and I thought that was their first event, the show is going big every edition, I like the set up today and the space is much bigger and the runaway is longer.

Here are the list of brands that were featured.
SM Department Store, SM Ladies Fashion, GTW, 3 Stars & a Sun, Bench, Blue, Inc., Celine, Charles & Keith, Fox, Gingersnaps, Girbaud, Human, Jag, Just G, Kali, Kashieca, Levi’s, Mags, Mendrez, Michelis, Osh Losh, Parfois, Payless, Peppermint, Periwinkle, Petite Monde, Plains & Prints, Promod, Sabella, Shubizz, Tomato Green & Red, Yves Rocher

Ulysses King's latest men's line - Rock and Soil, The Earth Tone Collection were featured and also he debuted his 1st ever women's line.

The show captured that distinct South Metro savvy of effortless chic, with looks that were laid back, casual and carefree but with the elegance, flair and fashion-forward elements that will surely turn heads. Live music was provided DJ Callum David while guests were treated to entrees from newly opened food tenants – Tous Les Jours, Hollys’ Coffee, Black Canyon Coffee, Breadstory & Krispy Kreme.

I love the food served to us!!

The show was set in the mall’s Food Street area – a newly opened Al Fresco dining strip, currently with 12 new dining concepts – and is set to launch with at least 30 restaurants by 4th quarter this year. For more info, contact the marketing department at 8000447 loc 115 or e-mail
This will be the next event center of SM Southmall!

Behind the scenes
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The Runaway
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