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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Falling Skies Season 2 to premiere in AXN this Nov 14

I like the idea that sci fi drama series Falling Skies is only 10 episodes per season, their 2nd season will air this November 14, 2012 in AXN at 10pm. And from the world of Falling Skies, the ancient Maya calendar has been proven wrong that the end of the world is not dated in December 2012, but its an alien invasion that is now starting to destroy humanity in bits of pieces. The doomsday prophecy might not come true, executive producer Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Robert Rodat had the foresight to produce Falling Skies.

I stopped watching in the half season of season 1 and I think I should finish the half of it in time for the local airing of the new season in AXN. Remember that Tom Mason is the man in this series, he hunts down aliens and tries to look and rescue his son being captured by scary alien creatures. He encounters lots of people and the remaining human survivors in the city as they hold on and try to fight back. I got spoiled while I read that press release, but its okay, at the end of Season 1, Tom will be on his own trying to find away to get rid of those pest aliens.

here are some info about Season 2

Tom’s return from the aliens sets the tone for the season – mistrust among the resistance team against Tom and his mysterious return, stirred by Pope (Colin Cunningham, Flashpoint) and his renegade group the Berserkers; Tom’s doubts about his own allegiance to 2nd Mass’ mission, having been the only survivor to return from the mothership unscathed; and worst of all, disturbing, tell-tale signs of the‘beamers’ (alien scouts) changing and upping the hunting game.

Through flashbacks, viewers get a glimpse into what Tom went through during those three months at the hands of the aliens. Back in the camp, Tom’s worst fears came to life when he suffers a sudden seizure, and Anne (Moon Bloodgood, Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series), a former pediatrician who now doubles up as camp doctor, extracts a swimming metallic bug from his eye.

Even in an apocalyptic world, romance survives, as we see the sparks grow between Tom and Anne, and between Hal and plucky Margaret (Sarah Carter, The Vow). Also of note is guest star Terry O’ Quinn (Lost), who joins the cast as Tom’s former mentor, Professor Arthur Manchester.

A tale of endurance, commitment and courage in which ordinary people are called upon to become heroes, Falling Skies – with the off- and on-screen magic of Spielberg, Rodat, Wyle and more – will unfold as a blockbuster saga of human’s last stand this November 14, only on AXN.
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