Food tripping at SM Southmall’s Food Street

It’s a foodie haven!! The Food Street area of SM Southmall houses different kinds of restaurants and cafes, the restaurants have two entrances, 1st is in the mall and the other entrance is at the al fresco dining, so feel free to choose which are of dining experience you want to be. You can stay in an air conditioned area or the al fresco are of the Food Street.

SM Southmall was re-launched to a new direction of shopping, dining and entertainment, but I see the winner here – the dining!, me and my family are a fan of their dining venue – The Food Street, we go here just to eat and later on shop for clothes and toys for our baby boy and sometimes bring him there at Dave’s fun house to let him play and while we finish our shopping.

At the end of the re-launch event, we were guided in a tour around the Food Street and tried some of the restaurants there, I tried already Black Canyon Coffee, of course Starbucks…, Hainanese Chicken and Majaraja. I haven’t tried others, but I’m glad that this tour gave me a teaser that I should try other restos.

1. Mary Grace Cafe
My favorite café ever! I super love their Mango Bene cake and also their rice meals, the most awesome moment here is that we met the owner of the café, Mary Grace!!! gahhhhh, I forgot to have a photo op with her. But it was great to meet her in person.

They let us visit the new café, which was opened last month, and I can say that this is the best café with beautiful interiors, and also the tables that you can insert letter notes to Mary Grace is still observed here. I haven’t written a note yet to Mary Grace, but I will insert one under the glass table cover on my next visit here in SM Southmall. Mary Grace café is introduced to me by my wife and we both love it having our dates here bec. of its comfy ambiance.

2. Holly’s CoffeeI haven’t tried their drinks yet, but I super love the ice blended drinks and smoothies, we tried their smoothies and it was yummy! I also love the french toast and some pastries. I should try this in my next visit and I’m a new converted fan of Holly’s Coffe.

spotted: Sef, Misye, Jesse and Angel

spotted: Beanca, Enzo and Ruth

The french toast and the smoothies!

Enjoying some yummy treats at Holly’s!

3. Tous Les Jour bakeryIt’s a South Korean bakery in origin and its finally here in our country, their branch here in SM Southmall is one of the few braches that have large space, other brances don’t have a bigger space. You can buy your breads, cakes and also yummy macarons here.

the cakes

Some bread and macarons, I tried the macarons and they are the best! I love the mango macarons that I thought it was cheese flavor hahaha.

the bakers…..and here’s Enzo again

the signage and the gingerbread display from their store ( and its edible)

Your gear to bakery glory!! heheheh. and some breads

During our munching activities, we are called to come out and check out the fireworks display

4. Racks
The best ribs is here!!!! sorry to others but my first love is Racks. Bec, I’m eating my favorite baby back ribs there during the late 90’s

They have new back ribs offered here, and I’m surprised that they are now more affordable and paying the right amount gives you good serving of ribs. Omg.. so yummy.

Here’s our blogger friends trying our own plate of ribs

Everyone are so busy eating…

5. Marciano’s Pizza, Pasta, SteakMy first time to try Marciano’s here in SM Southmall, during the last time we drop by here with my family, all seats were taken, and then we transferred to a nearby resto to dine. Its affordable for a pasta and pizza food lover. I love the pasta and pizza here and it will raise more eye brows to a pasta lover when they tasted it, for me, they have their own style and flavor and its more different that other Italian restos.

Inside Marciano’s

At the resto, we were greeted by the owners of Marciano’s

it’s the sosy resto ever here in SM Southmall, they serve red and white wine to their customers and also a perfect match for pizza and pasta. Mama mia!!!

Love the pasta – this is the carbonara and the putanesca!
The putanesca got me…I cried when we transferred to another resto for the tour

Happy bloggers eating and sharing their story of the day

Migs dela Rosa is spotted here…and we’re surprised that he do marketing for Marciano’s…awesome guy!
If you saw him…hug him for us hahahah.

6.MaharajaIt’s the only Indian resto here in SM Southmall and if my memory is right, this is their 2nd branch. We met the owner of the resto, who is so excited to meet us and share what they can offer. I met the owner few months ago when me and Ash ate our dinner here. The owner is very accommodating.

Here’s the beautiful interiors of Maharaja. And there’s the crispy papadum

The owner treated us and want to try their mango yohgurt drink..Indian style..
and wow!! it’s the most unqiue taste yummy. I wonder how much is this.
you must try this in your next visit.

7. Agave
Our last stop was in Agave, I’m not a fan of hanging out in bars,but I enjoyed hanging out here with our friends and see that everyone wants to chill out and enjoyed that one shot of Mojito iced.

Not drunk..but our tummy are full

Thanks to SM Southmall and their resto tenants at the Food Street for the awesome experience. We’re going to visit them in a normal day and since I’m a super fan of the Food Street of SM Southmall, I’m going to try to eat there today and check out other restos… I hope they can install more restos, because food and shopping are always together.