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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

me and Daniel Matsunaga loves Ba ga!

Ba ga is a Japanese word for Burger! and yes we love burgers, we met Daniel last night in Tokyo Tokyo's grand launch of their new Japanese burger line, its a different burger with some Japanese style taste. Its a fun night with food bloggers, PR and Tokyo Tokyo and also with Daniel Matsunaga, we also learned on how to make California and American makis and the wonders of Baa gaa!!!

Here's one of the new burgers in town!

Shitake Burger from Tokyo Tokyo

I'll post more info and details about the burgers here in my blog soon!

DC comics artist/writer David Finch in Manila, Philippines this March 2012

yes!!! the official announcement is here! Been waiting for this before I spread the great news about David Finch's visit here in Manila. Fully Booked will bring him here and expect an event and an autograph signing session with the DC comics artist/writer for Batman:The Dark Knight comics.

read the teaser info below, I received this via email newsletter from Fully Booked. I've been posting some teasers here in my blog couple of weeks ago, and many people are taking a guess who it is, hehhehe.. so read the details and watch out for more updates from Fully Booked.

Visit Fully Booked website and Facebook for updates

also, I found this update from their Facebook timeline -
Dear Fully Booked Customer,

This week we share what's new in dystopian fiction: Partials, where the survival of the human race hangs in the balance; Under the Never Sky, where Dwellers live in domed cities protected from the harsh outside world; and Pandemonium, the continuation of Delirium, where love has been declared a disease and citizens need to be cured from it.

For lighter fare, we bring you Sophie Kinsella's latest -- I've Got Your Number, a romantic comedy that will have you giggling in amusement. Or try I Heart Vegas, a story of a girl hoping to forget her troubles in (where else?) Las Vegas.

Finally, watch out for our next artist visit! David Finch hits our stores next month. Stay tuned for more details!

Happy Reading!

The eZine Team

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cute invitation from Tokyo Tokyo - its about their new product innovation

This package arrived yesterday here at home, looks like a Japanese bento heheeh

After I opened up the wrapper cloth, I saw this Tokyo Tokyo burger box, and Its weird because there are no burgers in Tokyo Tokyo.

And then after I open the burger package box, I read this invitation inside, its about the new product innovation of Tokyo Tokyo.....and yeah, I know it will be about their burgers

Ohhh Japanese outfit....costume or in cosplay? wow! kaya pala excited si misis...
and yeah, I want to see her wear her sexy harajuku outfit again eheheh

ako? I might wear and be a Sumo wrestler tonight

Let's search the costume concept in Flickr..

Sumo Wrestler - Osaka, Japan
ay... yoko na hehehe

Tokyo Tokyo Burgers
And here's the burgers of Tokyo Tokyo... oh wow!! Godzilla burger will be mine!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mobile blog: Philippine pop music festival 2012 launch here in PICC

im here at the launch of Philippine pop music festival 2012 at the PICC. Fest organizers Ryan Cayabyab is reviving back the national song writing competition. I'll blog later the full details about this music fest and song writing competition.

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Our Valentine's day 2012


Here's our way we celebrated our Valentine's day yesterday, its our 2nd year to celebrate it as a family and also our 1st time to go out with baby Ashton celebrating the hearts day. We went to Greenbelt mall to our snacks, dinner and do photo op around the mall, we decided to go to a Makati mall because its the nearest mall to Manila International Airport terminal 3, because in our busy sched we managed to insert our celebration right before we meet and pick up Tita Len from the airport.

Our heart shaped choco moist from Max's, I used our GC that I received from an event and its the last day of pick up of those heart shaped cakes from Max's

Here's our real heart shaped cake, the waitress gave the wrong cake to us and I'm glad we didn't eat it hahahaha. This heart shaped chocolate cake is priced at around P395 in Max's, Its the yummiest choco cake and I love it, not too sweet and it has the right choco taste.

We also invite Kuya B and Ate M to join with us in our Valentine's Day snacks, the crew of Max's thought that it was Ashton's birthday hahha

Lace took this pic of me, busy scanning for a wifi signal in Max's and eating my cake

Lace ready to attack the cake

Baby Ash loves the cake but then he went deadma to the cake and concentrate eating on his
favorite pancit canton. After our cake, coffee, pancit snacks, we went to GB 3 for Lace's request, because she wants to hoard again those tofu chips in Chimara...and wow! those chips are soooooooo expensive

Also we enjoyed the freebie...there's this girl in GB3 giving away free Kit Kat was a fun freebie for all shoppers, the girl gave 6 chocolates on each shoppers who passes by infront of her near the escalator going to GB 3 cinemas

This is a surprise for us, a gondola inside GB3 park?! whoaaa, at first I thought that they can go around the pond, but its a static gondola and you can have your photo op here for free

After roaming around GB3, we decided to eat our dinner here in Queens of Bollywood, I'm very curious on what they offer here, I always pass by infront of this resto whenever I'm at GB3 and didn't expected that the food is okay, price is okay, and it just intimidates me to enter because its an Indian style and decor...a little dark.with lots of hanging mobile and disco lights, but then after we dine in, It is the coolest resto ever in GB3.. I'm adding this in my Indian resto list after New Bombay

The menu- I just let Lace order food for us, because she knows the food we always order in an Indian resto.
I started singing Jai ho and Govinda when I saw this display

more photo op time.. My son started to be sleepy that night

love the pita bread..spicy pala yun

food of the night... chicken and lamb

They have a stage at the back of the resto, I think there are Indian performers every night

family heart...

Our time near to end, and while we wait for another 30 minutes, we stayed here in Pink Berry in GB5, its funny that we visited Pink Berry for 2 days straight hahahah.

Ashton becomes so hyper when he hears disco music playing in the background, he thought that it was LMFAO playing, he jumps and raises his hand and dancing

Mango and Green Tea flavor

Ashton tries the chocolate yohgurt, but he hates it.. I think he hates the taste of the yohgurt
or he feels cold after tasting it. He avoided us after this picture and wants to dance na lang on the floor

here's to Valentine's day 2012!! yayyy!!!

Greenbelt 5 during closing time

on the way to the car park...
this is the end of our day....see you on Valentine's day 2013

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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