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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun photo workshop with Tilak Hettige here in Pico de loro

This is my 3rd time to attend a photography workshop, and this is my 1st time to have a whole day workshop with photography experts, I remember that I attended a short photo workshop for food photography and then one workshop from the OlyClub members and then yesterday its about photography and travel photography, It's a great honor to meet and learn photography with Mr. Tilak Hettige, a Sri Lanka guy and now lives here in Makati and member of Camera Club of the Philippines, he's been in photography for almost 40 years, and saw lots of his awesome photos during his years in film photography.

I learned a lot and I'm gonna take away those paparazzi moments that I usually do, sometimes I don't think and observe on my photo subject, never isolate and eliminate unwanted clutter on the photo subject. At the workshop I learned about taking pics in good lighting condition, bec. this is the part were we can get a good images and I understand also the visual blocks in photos that lines, colors, textures, perspective, shapes and blocks can give a strong message in the photos when you look at it.

It is the art of seeing, he mentioned that technology is blunt if you can't see what the camera can see. One of the highlight of the workshop is about travel photography, I haven't tried travel photography to other countries, but I learned some good tips if ever I'll shoot outside our country, awesome tips ever!

You can check out his portfolio and website here at

He invites everyone to join for his next photography class - Dusk to Dawn 2012 this April 2012
visit this link for more info -

Here are some of my best 3 shots taken here in Pico de loro, It is a part of our activity during our free time, but I didn't got the energy and too tired under a super hot hot hot sun, but still got some okay pics.




and here's a fun photo activity were we are task to take pics of letters from our names using shapes and objects that look like letters, its a tough challenge,but the result is awesome.

can you read "AZRAEL" ???

and here are some photos from the fun shoot after the workshop, Mr. Tilak Hettige took some photos of us behind the sunset here in Pico de loro










Thanks to Pico de loro for the tour and invite to check out their hotel, the resort and beach club and the awesome view here in Nasugbu, Batangas. Thanks also to Mr. Tilak for sharing his tips

I''ll feature Pico de loro next here in my blog, to know more about Pico, visit their website at

Friday, February 24, 2012

Join the 1st Philippine Pop Music Festival - contest for song writers and composer

There's a new song writing and music competition here in the Philippines and this will not require you to line up in an audition, lock yourself in house and be watched by millions doing lots of tasks, or join live tv singing contest and try your luck in hitting 1 million views in YouTube just to be discovered and showed to the world that your talent in writing songs and composing music can help the Philippine music scene get its own originality and stop recording studios and artist in recording and releasing revival songs that we always hear every season. The Philippine Pop Music Festival is here to search for the best of the best pinoy song writer and composer that will bring the flag of country on the top of the world and balance the weigh of popularity of pinoy music and foreign music. This song writing composition is spearheaded personally by Maestro Ryan  Cayabyab, he and his group will award the grand winner a total of  P1 Million pesos in cash and also a an opportunity work with other professional singer and maybe a recording deal, he invites everyone to join and you can read the details below and also to their website.

visit : 

There are competitions for aspiring singers, dancers, actors, models, bands, chefs, even children wanting to be chefs but what about for songwriters? 
With a local music scene widely dominated by imported music, the Filipino songwriter has become a stranger in his own land.  
With this in mind, prominent names from various industries have come together to spearhead the creation of the Philippine Popular Music Festival.  
PhilPOP is a songwriting competition open to all amateur and professional Filipino composers. By March 1, 2012, interested composers can start submitting their entries online at The deadline of submission is on May 10, 2012. Song entries must be in MP3 format and can be in any popular music genre or a fusion of known genres, in any form or structure. Each entry must not exceed four minutes. Contestants can submit a maximum of two songs, either as a sole composer or as a collaborator. Song lyrics may be in Filipino, English, any Filipino dialect or a combination thereof.  
There will be three levels of screenings and during the semi-finals, the judges will choose the top 14 finalists. The final performance and competition night will be held on July 14, 2012 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). The grand prize winner will receive P1 million in cash and a trophy. The second and third runners up will each receive a trophy and P500,000 and P250,000 in cash respectively. All non-winning finalists will receive P50,000. A People’s Choice award will also be given to the entry with the most number of online and text votes. The winner will receive P200,000 and a trophy. 
The competition hopes to provide a channel through which Filipino songwriters can create new songs and discover new expressions or genres in popular music. The organizers of PhilPOP also hope to start spark renewed enthusiasm and pride in Filipino music by starting a brand new collection of freshly produced Original Pilipino Music (OPM). 
“Filipinos, in general, are musically gifted,” music maestro and PhilPOP executive director Ryan Cayabyab said. “We are well-known the world over simply because of our immense talent. But we are not just a country of talented singers, dancers and actors. With PhilPOP, I also want to shine the spotlight on our world-class composers and songwriters,” he added. The renowned musician also noted that this songwriting event is not a “revival” of another popular songwriting competition in the past decade. 
Maynilad president and chief executive Ricky Vargas, who is also the event’s organizing committee chairman, further noted the significance of PhilPOP. “It’s high time we celebrate the artistry of the Filipino songwriter. What better way to do that than by giving them an avenue to showcase home grown talent and shine on a stage of their own.” 
Meanwhile, business icon and PhilPOP chairman, Manny Pangilinan, also shared his motivation for lending support to the competition. “There are two reasons why I'm back in the Philippines after living in Hong Kong for so many years. I miss our religion and our music. You hear God’s voice in music,” he said.  
The Philippine Popular Music Festival is jointly presented by Maynilad, Meralco, PLDT, Smart Communications, Sun Cellular, PICC, TV5, DDB Philippines and official press launch food provider, Via Mare. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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