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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tribute for my day

Here's a tribute for my day after an emotional ek ek that happened earlier., pero oks lang, I got my energy back after listening to Nirvana and Guns N Roses hahaha,  thanks to that radio station 99.5 RT for giving good vibes. I moved on already after meeting 3 ladies today that I stumbled on the way home (a friend, new client, and a girl in a car who got lost going to SM MOA )

But my energy went back when I learned that my baby boy is okay and having a full recovery, thanks to my wife for taking care of our son, and also doing some paper works for our family.

Hours ago, my wife and her sister are making jokes about thunders...and then that evening I remembered that I was listening to this song before I arrive home,   song is "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" by  Johnny Thunders.

watch the video below

live version

album version

Friday, May 25, 2012

iBlog 8 : Philippine Blogging Summit 2012 - Live streaming #iblog8

Watch live video from Ask Janette on

this is day 1 of iBlog8. I'm watching the livestream while I'm working, I wont be there for today, but I'll be there tomorrow to attend the 2nd day of the iBlog8.

For more info visit  -

"iBlog8 is a 2-day FREE event. The first day (May 25) is targeted for bloggers, marketers, businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to understand how to tap blogs as a medium to promote their products and services. Also as a means to generate income. Day 1 also tackles advance topics on blogging – taking blogs to the next level.
The second day (May 26) is meant to everyone interested about blogging."

Happy 2nd Birthday to my son, Ashton

Happy Birthday Ashton!
My son is still sick today, and its his 3rd day in battling that fever. We dont have any party for this year, but my wife managed everything and order a birthday cake from Goldilocks and a bilao of pancit. Ashton woke up and a little bit cranky, maybe he got some headaches, he was okay this morning and but fever came back in the afternoon and it becomes worse at night time. We're bringing him back to the hospital for a blood test to find out what's wrong. Our E.R. visit 2 days ago checked the urinalysis and it was okay and normal. Doctors suggested that we bring him back on Friday if fever continues. I told my wife already to confine Ash right away after his pedia check up, but then we need to get Ash's pedia for approval of confinement.

Lifehouse meet and greet in SM Southmall this May 27th

A day after the concert in Araneta, the Lifehouse band will have their meet and greet sessions with the fans. Earlier, we learned that the meet and greet in SM City Manila got cancelled due to some unforeseen circumstances. Many fans got sad when they learned the news from Dayly, but that's okay, you can still get a shot again here for SM Southmall.

Buy their latest CD to get a free slot for a meet and greet session with Lifehouse.

Lifehouse meet and greet today in SM City Manila

final update: from the mall's FB - "Hi everyone, please be informed that the Lifehouse Meet and Greet Session has been rescheduled for tomorrow: Lifehouse Meet and GreetMay 26, 20121pm @ Event Center UGF"

update: okay, I just got info from SM Manila and they told me that the meet and greet will push through today. ayan na nalito na ko lalo.
old update: crap... after publishing this..I  read that the signing event is cancelled
CD SIGNING at SM MANILA tomorrow will not push through due to unforeseen circumstances. See you all at the show on May 26 @ Araneta. - Dayly Entertainment 

Lifehouse will have a meet and greet session with their fans, Be there in SM City Manila today at 5pm. The meet and greet session will take place at the UGF (upper ground floor of the mall). Fans are required to buy Lifehouse's new CD album in order to qualify for the meet and greet session.

Lifehouse will meet their fans first a day before their concert on May 26th at the SMART-Araneta Center.

I already created my plans for Friday and its a mission for me to take photos and also get a chance to meet the members of Lifehouse. Hope we have a nice weather this Friday.

see you there!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ian Somerhalder in Manila (see you later) #PenshoppeAllStars

It's all over the news already and also on Twitter about Ian Somerhalder's visit here in the Philippines for being one of the new endorsers/model for Penshoppe. Reading his post on Twitter showed that he's excited for his adventure and first ever trip here in the Philippines , he also posted that he spent a nice dinner with the Penshoppe team in a remote island (in El Nido, Palawan), he posted a tweet that he watched Lady Gaga's concert last night and then he prepares to surf the big city of Manila today. First, I learned the news via Twitter, some of my friends tweeted me and asking for confirmation if Ian Somerhalder will be here, at first I didn't got any news about it, but then after one week, the official news came in and its already on TV and showbiz blogs.

Ian Somerhalder aka Damon Salvatore in the hit tv series "The Vampire Diaries" (on its 3rd season this Sept.2012) will be walking on the red carpet with Penshoppe here in Manila, his visit was first confirmed by PR Asia Worldwide's lead publicist, Joyce Ramirez. 

Read Joyce Ramirez's official statement “We are pleased to confirm that actor Ian Somerhalder has accepted our offer and is now (officially) part of PENSHOPPE “All Stars.”

“Ian is now en route to Manila, Philippines joining the all star cast of Team PENSHOPPE.”

“PENSHOPPE is very excited to work with Ian and our team is doing everything to make this a truly memorable visit for him. He will be staying in the Philippines for a week to shoot his campaign at an environmental-friendly resort as well as participate in a press conference to be held in Manila.”

“Hopefully, Ian gets a chance to meet his adoring Filipino fans who have supported him in The Vampire Diaries for the last two top rating seasons. Fans can also look forward to as Ian visits a flagship PENSHOPPE store.”
Today, Penshoppe is making their own Avengers, their own Penshoppe All Stars that includes Thai superstar Mario Maurer, Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl) and Zac Efron (High School Musical and Lucky One movie).

For the photo shoot, Penshoppe secured the expertise of Hollywood A-list photographer, Darren Tieste to do the photo shoot with Ian Somerhalder for Penshoppe, the shoot will be for Penshoppe's 2012-2013 campaign. Darren authors "The Beauty Book", featuring some of the world's biggest stars led by Scarlett Johansson on the cover.

Here are some more info about Ian
Ian currently stars in the CW's "The Vampire Diaries" opposite Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev. The show is returning for its third season in mid-September 2012. Based on the books by L.J. Smith the show centers around Elena Gilber, a high school girl torn between two vampire brothers. He plays Damon Salvatore, the elder and far more dangerous of the two brothers who share a long and bitter history. 
The first season of the show premiered to the CW's highest ratings and won the 2010 People's Choice Award for "Favorite New TV Drama."  Ian won the 2010 Teen Choice Award for "Choice TV Villain" for his portrayal of Damon on the show. At the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, “The Vampire Diaries” was the winner for the Choice Sci-Fi TV Show.
Ian is also well known for his role as 'Boone' on J.J. Abrams' critically acclaimed drama "Lost" (aired regionally on AXN Asia) from 2004 to 2010. Ian won the 2005 SAG Award as part of "Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series" and "Lost" won the 2005 Emmy Award for "Best Television Series - Drama." The show was also nominated for the 2004 Golden Globe Award and the 2004 People's Choice Award. He later returned to the show for it's final season in 2010. 
Ian recently starred in the Sci Fi Channel's TV movie "Lost City Raiders" opposite James Brolin. "Lost City Raiders" premiered to record ratings and was the Sci Fi Channel's 5th watched movie event of 2008. He also starred in the Hallmark Channel's miniseries "Marco Polo" where he played the title character of Marco Polo opposite Brian Dennehy and B.D Wong. Written by Ron Hutchinson, the film traces the Venetian adventurer's journey to Mongolia where he was an envoy to the court of Kublai Khan.

His other film credits include starring in Ellen Kanor's "The Wake" opposite Bijou Phillips; Aaron Wiederspahn's "Sensation of Sight" opposite David Strathairn and Jane Adams; Jim Sonzero's "Pulse" opposite Kristen Bell and Christina Milian; Roger Avary's “The Rules of Attraction" opposite James Van Der Beek, Kate Bosworth, Kip Pardue and Jessica Biel; Irwin Winkler's "Life as a House" opposite Hayden Christensen, Kevin Kline and Kristen Scott Thomas; Martin Guigui's “Changing Hearts” opposite Lauren Holly and Faye Dunaway; and Tony Giglio's “In Enemy Hands” opposite William H. Macy, Jeremy Sisto, and Scott Caan.

On stage, Ian starred Off Broadway in Trip Cullman's ensemble, "Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead," an "unauthorized parody" that follows the travails of "Charlie Brown," America's most hapless cartoon character, all grown up. The spoof of the Charles Schulz comic strip "Peanuts" follows the original gang a decade later as their beloved beagle companion dies. Ian co-starred with Eddie Kaye Thomas, Eliza Dushku, America Ferrera, Ari Gaynor, Logan Marshall-Green, Keith Nobbs and Kelli Garner.

Meanwhile his other television credits includes HBO's “Tell Me You Love Me”,  the made for TV movie "Anatomy of a Hate Crime," “CSI” , “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” and “Smallville” and WB's "Young Americans.

He currently resides in between Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles.
Joyce Ramirez of PR Asia Worldwide, Ian Somerhalder and Alex Mendoza (Brand Director of Penshoppe)

Okay, that's the news for now..I hope that Zac Efron will visit us here in Manila, and I wish for a female line up for Penshoppe All Star in the future, so that their own Penshoppe Avengers is complete. I read here that Leighton Meester will be here in Manila too for for IMPACT: PENSHOPPE at Philippine Fashion Week! (news via Penshoppe Facebook)

More news later  and juicy info to be grabbed later at the press con :)

btw, check this

PENSHOPPE LIVE with Ian Somerhalder in cooperation with SM Mall Of Asia is OPEN to the public | 3PM | May 24 | Atrium Level in front of PENSHOPPE store. See you there!
via Penshoppe Facebook

Visit Penshoppe social networks for news and updates

Monday, May 21, 2012

Win a Samsung Nexus by checking in to SMART Foursquare badge at Lady Gaga concert in Manila #SMARTLadyGaga #LadyGagaSMArena

Here's a cool promo and gimmick from SMART.  If you are a Foursquare user, all you need to do is check in when you are at the main venue of the concert in SM Arena and then you automatically receive the First ever Philippine Foursquare badge - the SMART Live more badge.

When you receive this badge you are automatically included in an electronic raffle draw promo by SMART, check in with these time slots 6pm-2pm of May 21 and 22 only.

read the details here

Lady Gaga: The Born This Way Ball Tour concert 2012 (photos)

Tonight is the big night for the 2nd concert of Lady Gaga here in Manila, Philippines. The concert will be held inside the newly constructed SM Arena located in SM Mall of Asia complex. Tonight will be the 1st day of the concert and there will be another concert for tomorrow in the same venue. Before we see photos of Lady Gaga performing here, I like to share some photos of Lady Gaga's performance and fashion art style during her previous concert here in Asia. I'll be at the moshpit area tonight, that's the closest and infront of the stage, I'm going to try my luck in capture photos of Lady Gaga tonight in her concert.

Lady Gaga in Seoul
April 27, 2012
Lady Gaga in Hong Kong
May 2, 2012

Lady Gaga in Tokyo
May 10, 2012

Lady Gaga in Taipei
May 17, 2012

scheds via concert boom 

all photos are from

Lady Gaga photos of her arrival in Manila last Saturday #SMARTLadyGaga #LadyGagaSMArena

I was in Baguio when I heard the news that Lady Gaga already arrived in the Philippines and then I got shocked to know that I was considered to be at Lady Gaga's hotel to cover her arrival,  a rep. from SMART told me that  they know I'm in Baguio for the blog conference and it will be impossible for me to teleport back to  Manila because teleportation is not yet invented in real life, but that's okay, I'ts great to see her in these photos and that she's ready to rock the SM Arena for the 1st time and perform infront of thousands of her fans for the 2nd time.

I'll watch the concert tonight and I'm so excited to watch her concert AGAIN!

here are the rest of the photos

(Photo by Sam Ramos via SMART FB page)

There's a new promo again for this concert via SMART, I'll post that on a separate blog entry. I'll do massive live tweet coverage using my SMARTNET app so check in and see the hashtag #SMARTLadyGaga and #LadyGagaSMArena

Nice to meet you Cordillera Bloggers

I'm home now and tired after traveling on land  non stop from North Luzon to South Luzon. Its great to meet our new blogging community here in the Philippines, thanks and congratulations to the Cordillera Bloggers for representing the Northern Luzon blogging community and organizing the First Baguio Blog Conference , its funny that they tag their group as the "taga bundok" bloggers, because their city is in the cordillera mountain regions - from Benguet to Baguio City. They are very accommodating and fun to be with, I love the food tripping and chill out nights, arts and culture tour and sharing lots of ghost stories. I have seen the other side of lifestyle in Baguio and now I'm curious to learn more about it and I'm going to stay for long next time on my next visit, if ever my time is flexible here in Manila. Lots of places to explore, new food to try, trek mountain and hills, meet new friends to collaborate with and many more. I can say that on my next visit in  Baguio City, I will never feel alone and my trip there for a bloggers event is the best ever!

Thanks to Vince and the rest of the team for inviting us and organize this event for all. Thanks to the event sponsors  eps. to Smart, Azalea Residences, Sun Cellular, Unilab, Solid Hosting, Kubong Sawali, University of Baguio and 18BC for supporting our friends to make this event successful.

I'm going to bed now.. kasi parang iba na yung na type ko dito at sobra antok na ko hehhehe.

good night!


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