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Saturday, July 14, 2012

David Cook album signing in SM Sta Mesa (coverage)


I didn’t expected that I’ll be covering the album signing of David Cook last night, I got informed and invited by SM Sta. Mesa 23 hours ago before the event itself, I didn’t think twice and I said yes, because I love covering fan meets, taking pics of the scenes,standing infront and side by side with the celebrity and take photos and do my best for the fans. Yes, I’m taking pics for the fans, when I heard that photo ops are not allowed during the session, I quickly changed my concept from taking photo art style into take a photo of everything I see.

I’m surprised that the fans of David Cook went wild when they meet him in person, the crowd control team did a great job in giving order and manage a quick album signing with David. We were laughing when David do lots of smile when his fans hug him or kiss him in ambush style hahaah. But its great to see the joy of the fans jumping infront of him, throwing in some gifts to David, and there’s this girl who also gave a drawing of David in bond paper. I’m impressed with SM Sta. Mesa’s capability of hosting a fan meet in cooperating with Astroplus and Dayly Entertainment, although that they have a spacious hall in the cinema level, and wide walkway infront of the gate, but they hosted the fan meet right infront of the main gate and it creates a squared crowd contained in iron bar barricade, for shoppers it was a big surprise to see a bunch of crowd after entering the mall and this creates more walk in fans to join the fan meet.

The guards also did a great job, especially the lady guard with hard make up hahahah, for ushering the disabled, preggy and oldie fans who joined the fan meet, they also let in an old lady who were waiting outside for her grandchild who joined the fan meet, that was very sweet, I’m glad that they allowed her to join with her.

Me and Rodel, the tag team cover guys of the day, managed to position infront of the main stage (thanks to Monica and Valerie of SM ), and then we got informed that David is on the way to the mall and from the press con in EDSA Shangri la Hotel, Kath of Astroplus saw me and told why I didn’t attended the press con, I told her I don’t have plan in covering this event and I just got the interest to do this for the fans, not sure if she heard me because we were standing infront of a big audio speaker. ( and forgot to mention her that I'm not invited for the press con hahhaa)

David showed up walking so fast with his brother ( I think its his brother, he mentioned earlier that he brought his family here in the Philippines), with bouncers and staff of Dayly Entertainment, the promoter of the concert. It was a smooth meet and greet and I’m happy to see the fans giggling and waving at David. I’m so disappointed in my camera flash that went nearly dead, I adjusted the power level and increase it’s ISO just to take a fast and bright shot in a low light surrounding.

Thanks to SM Sta. Mesa for inviting us to cover the event, more power to Dayly Entertainment for bringing here the top artist and organizing the concert and also the fans for cooperating and supporting these artist… Thanks also to you for supporting this blog hahaha.

Here are my photo coverage 
feel free to download any of the photo you like

the mini stage

the fans waiting for David and shows the CD that they bought

more fans waiting in line

David Cook enters the mall (and that's the superhero lady guard )

David in the hot seat

David prepares to do a quick album signing

meeting the fans at last!

shaking hands and meeting David in person

Its an hour album signing, David waves back and invites people to watch the concert in Smart Araneta tonight

Nice to meet you David!

Rodel  of photo op with David hahahaah

me and the aftermath...

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