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Friday, July 20, 2012

Le Velvets - Japanese singing boy group live tonight in SM North EDSA

I saw this poster all over in SM North EDSA and I didn't know that they will perform live tonight at The Block. If you are available then take this opportunity to watch them in a free admission concert.

Watch this video of the group performing "Fly me to the moon"

I hope JFM can bring more Japanese artist in the future.

Solar powered RC car conquered Fort Santiago

We brought our solar powered RC car when we visited Fort Santiago yesterday and its my first time to visit the site, I'm kinda ashamed that I lived already in my 30 years of life and never been there before. But I'm glad that my wife agreed that we organize a heritage tour for the whole family and to celebrate mama's birthday. Ashton played his RC car in the brick road of Fort Santiago and I even play it running in the pavement (and so wet because it was raining) going to the other side.  It was fun and bumpy and I imagined what if tour guides are droids like R2D2 and they guide tourist 24/7 all around the museum and heritage sites.  After this short activity, I'm thinking what if this solar toy RC car run around with other heritage sites? hmmm..  with 15 min. of battery power, I'm sure it will be fun!

What  and when will be the next tour of our solar powered RC car ?? 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises movie review and the lady in neon green dress at IMAX SM MOA

I just came from the press screening of The Dark Knight Rises last night, its a nearly 3 hours movie and I'm still at shock in writing this movie review of the last movie for the trilogy of Nolan's Batman movie. Everyone in the cinema are so quiet in watching the movie, you can see comic book fans giggling trying to contain their excitement and reaction after encoding some Nolan's hidden messages and clues of each of the characters. As I watch the movie, I started this character development observation and I just figured it out what is the main character of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the movie as John Blake, a Gotham Cop. There are some faces you'll see in the movie that re-appear that came from way back The Batman Begins and The Dark Knight movie, but everyone was in there and even the dead ones (yeah we know that pics of Harvey Dent and Rachel will be seen here) but there's one character is missing in the scene.... Where is the Joker ?, Im not sure if he is in Gotham precinct or maybe in an Arkham Asylum located far away in Gotham City. But the main story never goes in there, and it focuses only from Bruce Wayne....and yes...its not about the Batman.

If you picked up the meaning of the 2 previous movie, you'll learn that the story is all about Bruce Wayne and not Batman, If you remember in the 2 movies, there are more scenes in Bruce Wayne in part 1 and more Batman in part 2, it restore balance to the movie goers perspective if they will keep an eye to Bruce Wayne or to Batman, but here for the movie part 3, I'm more in focus to Bane, because he is my favorite villain in the whole Batman comic series, his origin is very interesting and his intention is clear, that is in the comic book, but here in the movie, I'm so scared of him and Nolan showed how a villain operates just to get what he wants. Killing here..Killing there and Killing is what Bane loves this will put a big challenge to Batman and learn his true origin, I observe that their origin are different from the comics and from this movie. I can't put more details as the movie will premiere tonight nationwide.

My initial review will be that director Christopher Nolan did another Inception thing but gave a good ending for The Dark Knight trilogy, It made me cried for several times because of the heart thumping sequences and storyline and a dramatic ending, my fan boy head imagines a what if moment -- what if Superman showed up in this movie ???  Ok that's not how DC will make for their movies. I'm glad that they didn't followed the Avengers style with lots of cameo and after end credits. The Dark Knight Rises is the best Batman movie of all time and even better than Dark Knight, I already forget about The Amazing Spider-man and Avengers, but for me The Dark Knight Rises closes the door of a comic fan's imagination and prepared them for the coming of Man of Steel, sorry I need to mention it.

All questions are answered, all speculations are true...rumors are also true and even in the beginning of the leakage of the storyline are all true, if you are a comic fan and caught up all the movie news, you know what I'm talking about.

I just can't forget this line ... - Batman to John Blake: "If you wan't to work alone, try to wear a mask!"

As for a rumor of a Batman movie reboot -- I think that will not happen hahaha

The Dark Knight Rises now showing in all Philippine theaters.

re: the lady in neon green dress that arrive inside the IMAX theater...I think its part of a special effects hahahah.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Looking for Batman collectors for a tv guesting at Unang Hirit

I forgot to post this yesterday and also invite my Batman collector friends, Sorry guys for the late notice but if anyone of you are interested feel free to contact the person below, They are willing to transport you and your Batman collection to their tv studio. This is for tomorrow's episode (Wed Jul 18)

Marvin at 09156623355 or mail him at

Adonit Jot capacitive touch stylus for your tablets

Here’s an interesting companion for your tablet and touch screen devices, the Adonit Jot capacitive touch stylus is like a comeback from the past that went to the future to get a little upgrade for our touch screen gadgets. I didn’t expected that stylus will be back in this generation and the first stylus that I encounter is that when touch screen devices are in monochrome and then for colored phones only. But this time, the Adonit Jot capacitive touch stylus is usable to any touch screen devices and I’ve tested it and I’m happy with the turn out. This aluminum bodied stylus with a ballpoint with precision disc base will work for you if you have dirty fingers after being busy munching some Jack n Jill chips or V-Cuts junk foods. This item just won the IF Design Award 2012.

When I heard about this brand, I told to myself (yes I talk to myself sometimes) if ever I need this because I love using our smartphones and tablets using our fingers, then after that I received this review unit, my mind changed and now I’m scouting for more Adonit Jot brands for my other touch screen devices. For their line up they have the classic (that’s the one we have here), mini and the pro. The mini is a short version of a Jot, it has a clip and its easy to keep in your pocket, while the Pro has a grip in the middle and it has a thin precision disc, I think this is a good Jot if you want your handwriting on the screen.

Adonit Jot capacitive touch stylus is available in Turquoise, Green, Purple and Red.
the SRP of this item is P950.
The mini is priced at P1,050
The Pro is priced at P1,350 (in color Gun Metal, Silver, Blue and Red)

available in:
Beyond the Box
Digital Hub
Digital Hub - Limketkai Center
E-Central - Cebu
iBook - SM Clark
iCenter - Cebu
iCenter - Iloilo
Podwrox - SM Calamba
Power Mac Center
Power Mac Center - Abreeza Mall
The Inbox Store - SM Clark

So here’s the Adonit Jot Classic in photos:

The Adonit Jot looks like an ordinary sign pen, it is slim like a pen, there's a cap like a pen, there's a ball point like a pen, but the different is that there's a precision disc on the ball point that helps you use it to touch the screen and navigate your way in your tablets or smartphones.

The Jot label

The precision disc, if you see closely, its like those suction cup for your plush toys

The back label introduces its one of the feature of the Adonit Jot, in any drawing or writing angle will give you normal results of like using your touch screen with a finger.

Here's more of the explanation on how it work

They mentioned these smart phone brands but I noticed that not all of the brands are included, I'm sure all touch screen devices will work well with Adonit Jot

Here's how you hold it... like a regular pen

The Jot Classic

You see a screw like feature on the edge of the Jot, that's the screw for your cap, so that it will not fall or lose it

So I covered the precision disc using the cap

opening it and prepare to use it

The ball point and the precision disc

A closer look of the precision disc

How to use it, here's a demo using it with our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

It works like a normal finger touching the screen and when I started to navigate my screen, it just work like a normal pen and a finger

One of the styles of using the Jot, it can work in 45 degree angle, just make sure that the precision disc touches the screen and hold it like your using a pen.

Here's a sample drawing of curvy lines using the Adonit Jot

And I can draw with it. I just noticed that there are some delays of flow of lines when I draw, I think this will work only for navigating and not for drawing or painting or even for writing, because the tablet's screen and Jot are not like those drawing tablets we know. I'm not sure if the Jot Pro is a good brand for writing or drawing.

And I used it also to my Samsung Galaxy S1 hahahaha, and it work, but its hard to use it because my screen is too small, but it will work in my end better if my hands and fingers are dirty.

Oh yeah!!! it works in games too!!! I love it..  Here's a  1942 war plane simulation in our tablet.

Normally, people love to use their touch screen devices with their fingers, but sometimes we felt that our fingers get burned for over using it with our gadgets, the Adonit Jot is the answer if you have touch screen burns in your fingers or have a dirty fingers because you eat Peanut Butter with your hands. For me, the Adonit Jot is preferred because I work for too long in my devices, I don't want to have touch screen burns on my fingers because its very uncomfortable whenever I take a rest. Doing some illustrations for shapes, arrows and for your presentation, the Adonit Jot will do the job for you and impress your clients and say, hey! I have a stylus here that works with any touch screen devices. The only con for this item is that it never works well for precised hand writing and even drawing, I mean you can't write a better cursive letters or even paint a human face, but drawing a smiley and a word message or fan sign with I LOVE YOUs, the Adonit Jot can do the job right for you.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rest mode for my Monday

I've been busy for two weeks straight already and I haven't took a day rest yet, I tried to take a break but my hands are hyper and want to type on my laptop to write more concepts, My wife invites me to go to the mall again, its the only place where we can take a break and date after our working hours. I'm excited to go out again and eat those giant burgers in Burger King, its one of the fast food that my wife is raving about since last Friday. I'ts rainy here in Cavite and it suck because I don't want my feet to get wet and carry an umbrella inside the get chills inside the mall until your clothes dried up.

I want to have a productive week, but the press screening of The Dark Knight Rises movie is keep me distracted since last week, I'm super excited and I want to watch it again after the 1st screening. I'm also listing my schedules and events that I'm going to cover for this blog, I have meeting schedules coming in and its nice to have a refresh of new projects for the coming months, that thing will keep me busy til the end of July.

I'm still saving some money to buy a new camera, the Olympus EPL2 is already sold out and I visited lots of malls and tech stores already and I haven't seen any single EPL2 camera in stock, I think the local distributor is holding the EPL2 model just to push more sales for their EPL1 and EPL3 cameras. The camera is haunting me for weeks already and I hope I can buy the camera before the month end.

I was about to organize that Bloggers Cafe event for this month and I already forgot about it, I'm going to write my final concept paper later after I finished blogging all my pending and back logs, two blogging summits are still on hold and I think the next one will be around Augusts or maybe September. The other summit got already a sponsor and we're going to arrange a final sched for September, just watch out for my announcement soon.

I'm also going to revamp my two blogs, It sits there online and I haven't update it that much, but it attracts lots of possible sponsors and brand supporters, the revamp of two blogs and a new construction of 2 more blogs will keep me so busy til Sunday, I hope that my time can freeze and reactive it so that these new blogs will launch in seconds... it reminds me of that quote from Captain America from the Avengers cartoons - "In my time, we don't have this kind of airplane, but we have some and we call it Science Fiction".

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