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Saturday, July 28, 2012

This is our Friday night

Me, my wife and son did another Friday night gimik, Last night we met in a mall in Pasay to dine in at Red Crabs, bec. I attended that Red Crabs taste test event and my wife wanted to eat in the resto again. I mentioned in my previous blog post that we used to eat dinner here when we were starting our bf-gf relationship, but today, a little boy blue pop ups and joined us for the 1st time. It’s a day for the three of us and I’m excited for this Friday night gimik, I did my best to travel so fast and thanks to the LRT and MRT connection, and it transport me so smoothly coming from the heart of Sta. Mesa. Nakakapagod ang byahe but a reward is waiting for me in Pasay.

They already finished their dinner meal and I arrived 30 minutes late, I’m surprised that my wife didn’t ordered any crabs, she ordered a Lechon Sisig, Crab salad, Clam soup and Tortang talong. Lace and Ashton went outside the resto for a short minute just to divert Ashton’s attention because he’s going hyper again. I surprised them outside the resto and Ashton is so happy to see me. “Dad! Dad!” the only words that I hear and I carried him back inside the resto and we dance with the background music playing and then after the music and song, I heard that there’s an emcee talking to us, I thought it was those live concert audio CD being played in the resto but I was surprised to see a good looking guy holding a guitar and standing infront of the microphone. I laughed so hard because we dance infront of him and I didn’t know that it was a live music performance for all of us diners.

Lace took a pic of this Mango overload cake, the only food shots we have, since all of the food left are went in to our belly.

Here in Red Crabs, I didn’t know that the resto crew can help you crack the crab shells for you and then serve you with crab meat. If ever I knew about it before, I might order lots of crabs that night. Oh well, there are other times for a crabby mania.

We went to the arcade center after our meal and here we enjoyed playing arcade games, here’s Ashton so cute to see touching the big screen, he thought that the screen are like our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 hahahah.

Then he learned on how to play

Ashton playing that fishy game

And here’s the game addict. The mommy! I bought one card with lots of  load and they love this fish game which gives ticket points that you can exchange it with goodies.

I played some of the games, but I got disappointed, some of the controllers are not working properly, I played that Aliens: Resurrection arcade game and the trigger of the giant machine gun doesn’t work properly. In other arcades, I survive up to the 3rd level of the game. But here, with a broken trigger, I wasted 2 credits in level 1. But that’s Okay, I super enjoyed playing Raiden IV. ahhhhh juicy graphics.. it’s the only arcade game that makes me scream whenever I ‘m in panic dodging lots of missiles coming from enemy alien ships. I’m going to play and master this again.

And here’s the game addict, showing off her 1st ticket points ahhahahaha. She kept it and will play more in our next visit.

Oh wow! that’s our Friday night gimik. Today we’re going to have our Saturday gimik, can you guess where we will go next?

Thanks to Kuya B for driving us and Ate M for helping us take care of Ashton.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Furniture and Homewares Sale in SM City North EDSA - July 27-Aug 12 (and my list of concepts for home set ups and furniture designs)

Interior Zone in SM City North EDSA is on sale from July 27 – August 12, 2012, all stores are offering a 50% discount on selected items. I’m thinking of getting new furniture for my geeky life, but people here at home don’t like the idea of making the entire house as my room hahahah. But it will just remain  a dream til I get my own house and convert it as my own fun house, I’m sure my son will love it.

So I google down and search for some concept and cute ideas on what I can get if ever I can design my own room.


Awesome window and wall for a comic book fan, I remember that I did this already when me and my family lived in Monumento, Caloocan. I refresh the comic books on display and yes, they are real comic books, which you can grab and read it.


I know someone who turn his bed room and bathroom into an all Star Wars gallery. The Darth Vader tiles will remind you that he is Luke’s father.
8 bit video character chair is so cute! This is a design concept, but if you know the craft, you can make your own with a few cut and paste (and nails)


I also like to have a glass table for my working station, I can place my laptop, my speakers, gadgets, tablets and many more. I like the smoothness and cold temp of the glass. And its easy to clean by wiping and you can tell if its dirty when you see spots and hairy dust present on the table.

tv geek interior chairs bedroom monitors interior designs remote control gaming room 1920x1080 wa_www.wall321.com_15

Ahhh..I love this dark gaming room, you can invite your friends here to have video gaming entertainment. I like the dark ambience and let the monitors light up the way for you. Also creates a romantic feeling for your gaming GF or wife heehehh.


For a those who are a wood furniture fan, you can check out this set up for your boy’s room. I like the style and simplicity of the set up,all uniformed in wood products.


This colorful room is perfect design style for your teen girl.

This cute Lego-like chair works like a real Lego block.


I like this design style for a sofa chair


When I saw this photo, I just made an idea that I need to buy my son his own couch
So those are the ideas and concepts that I want for my home, I know they are available only in abroad but you can check out some similar concept at the Interior Zone in SM City North EDSA. They are having a big sale for three weeks, so take the advantage of the sale if ever you want to renew or refresh your homewares and furniture at home.

Facade-LED-8ft-x-8ft (2)
Furniture and Homewares Sale in SM City North EDSA. 
Located inside Interior Zone building
July 27-August 12, 2012
up to 50% Off on Selected Items

Also, Homeworld, Ace Express and SM Appliance Center will be on sale too til July 31 only.

Eraserheads - The North American Reunion Tour 2012

The Eraserheads will be back again as a band to hold a concert in 4 cities in the USA maybe in October or November. I heard of this news via Twitter and a friend posted a comment that his friend is organizing an Eheads concert and then I replied to him and said that his friend is creating a rumor of his own, but my Twitter friend told me that the organizer is the one who brought the Eheads in the states during the Natin99 tour. I felt pahiya and then replied that omfg!!! that’s cool and I’m sure its legit, I have an mp3 recorded audio of that concert, I downloaded it from an old Eheads tribute fansite and it’s a super cool gig that everyone went wild and left Ely and Raymond to calm the crowd down.

This will be another wild concert. The organizers behind this gig is Nosaj Entertainment, an entertainment production outfit based in Jersey City, I checked on their Facebook and website and they already brought lots of pinoy rock band and artist to perform in the US. Their next event is on September 2012 featuring our pinoy bands that rose during the 90’s. The info about the concert is posted first in Nosaj Ent. Facebook page, and we found out that there are other two production company who is working with Nosaj to make this Eheads Reunion possible.

There are no dates yet or venue mentioned, but the tickets will be available for purchase via Nosaj’s website. For more info visit Nosaj’s Facebook page -

next line up…we’re going to expect that the 4 band members will also promote this in their own social networking sites. I’m so excited!!!!! I won’t be there to watch, but I’m excited to see a bootleg video or mp3 after a few days of the concert gig.

Stressful Thursday + to do list for Friday

I'm super beaten up today, I felt that my head is going to explode, the stress and headache hit me so hard after the last event that I attended. The coffee that I drank after the meal didn't helped me recover because the headache occurred after the whole gig. The stress started the night before because I did that fasting for the medical check up and the doctor said that I over-fast, that left me weak in the morning and then did a treadmill stress test inside the clinic. Omg, I survived, and I'm still alive, but my day aren't finished because I need to finish my mission and attend one meeting, event in a hotel and food event in Makati. It's a fun day for me but the payback for using stored energy is not enough and gave this stressful thing inside my head...I just don't like bright places and the light and also kills me.

I'll go to bed now and get a 7 hour sleep to recharge this body and power up our blogging habit before the week ends.

* thanks to Romina for the selection of this cutey hat / finally a hat that fits in my head haahaha

This Friday will be another busy day for me
1. Re-organize that dinner treat in GH
2. Draft some docus
3. Write reports
4. Blog blog blog blog blog
6. Attend two meetings in Manila
7. Dinner with family
8. Play kiddie arcade and video games with son

9. Shopping
10. blog blog blog blog blog blog blog
11. Watch movies at home (american reunion and chronicle)
12. Work out a plan for a weekend gimmick with family 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's up doc? (medical check-up tomorrow)

Dr Daffy & Bugs
Tomorrow will be my medical check-up, So I'm doing the fasting thing and I'm not allowed to eat or drink because I'll attend that laboratory examination. I don't know what will they do to me, I haven't tried doing a medical check-up before in my life. I was hospitalized already during my teen years due to kidney stones, and then back in college, our school doctor did some minor check up by looking and touching our body (and checking our testicles too).

Tomorrow it will be my 1st ever grand super major wadadaddada medical check up, this is a part of a program that I will have a diet, exercise and kill fats in my body. I want to have a healthy lifestyle because getting fatter gives me worries and my unhealthy lifestyle is not good for my age. Its a second chance to be healthy again and get a hot body haahaha.

Now the big part for me is to have discipline and dedication to my project to stay fit and healthy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adobo and Lazada Nights at Opus: Pinoy and Proud! (coverage)

After the movie screening last night, me and Myke Soon went to the party of Adobo Magazine and in Opus.
The party event is to salute the nation branding of Adobo and Lazada and introduce Carlo Ople and Sid Maderazo as brand ambassadors for Lazada. The online shopping mall is now growing after its launch few months ago, they offer cash on delivery and free nationwide shipping plus a 14 days free return of the item you bought. The event heated up with music by Stephen Ku, Jive Crew, DJ Mars Miranda, DJ Aks and other guest DJs. They raffle off lots of gadgets last night - based on judging the best dressed male and female and lucky pick of calling card. (dammit! I should print my calling card next time).

Also, Adobo Magazine launched their new issue with the cover of Department of Tourism Sec. Mon Jimenez.
Free booze and they gave away stubs for a mystery shot glass and a P500 off coupon (for every purchase of P5,000 in Lazada).Nice to meet also Myke’s office mates who welcomed us to join in the table. Thanks to Myke for the chibog hahahaha. I went home after the introduction of brand ambassadors and then visited McDonalds and there I party dance with a hot and sexy (and yummy) double cheeseburger…ohhh yeah

Congrats to Adobo and Lazada!

Thanks to Monique and Joey of Lazada and Jeoff of Adobo
Waiting for the program to start..oh wait.there’s music, free booze, girls dancing…ok ok.. this is the program

Myke rocks on!

Manila Beer treat!
Colorful bat signals ahhahaha

Adobo and Lazada photos are flashing on the projector

And here’s the big unveiling of Lazada’s brand amba

Paul Mendoza introduces to me with this guy, I didn’t heard the name because we are infront of the dj’s loud speaker, but I heard the guy is the marketing manager for Lazada


yeah, Brazilians hunks and chicks are also present

more story about Lazada

There’s Carlo Ople in the haws!!!!

and the other guy

lucky bastards! they are awarded with tablet gadgets

I was about to approach Carlo to greet him, but I’m so lazy to stand up and walk in the dark and crowdy venue of Opus

And the people who came from the SONA won the award as best dressed people of the night and the girl with a red thing….I thought she was Gloria Arroyo  hahhahah

Okay next…

a coupon for that mystery shot…. I’m glad I got the good glass and not the one with coconut

I don’t know why we are laughing…Myke is so funny after dark

Adobo rep. explains the new ish of Adobo Magazine…. everyone are drunk and tipsy during this hour

The Dictator movie is dedicated to the memory of all dictators (a movie review)

 Last night was the premiere of the movie – The Dictator, a new movie starring Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Aladeen of Republic of Wadiya, Ana Faris and Ben Kingsley. The movie is about the dictator who ruled the land of this fictional country located in Sri Lanka called Wadiya. The movie is about how stupid, funny, deadly and scary are those dictators, the movie reminds us the horror of any dictator who ruled for years and also how funny they are. Sacha did another funny role in dress up form after Borat and Bruno, this is the only movie style for Sacha acting as another person and portray to annoy everyone and make fun of racism issues and also more nudity in the big screen, I’m not sure if the penis thing is real, but it was funny and disturbing hahhaha.

There are still moral lessons showed in the film, I’m kinda sad when I felt the need of hugs and embraces with my loved ones, in the film, Aladeen want some real love and not fake loves by buying and paying those Hollywood celebrities to sleep with him. The movie has lots of cameo appearances of other celebrities and they are game with it even that they will be the laughing stock in some scenes of the movie. If you love Borat and Bruno, I’m sure you’ll love this movie, I was wondering last night that I want to see a different acting and performance of Sacha in a movie, and since that he have a tv show acting as Ali G, then three movies  - Borat, Bruno and the Dictator, I googled some info and found out that he will be portraying the rockstar vocalist of the band, Queen, in a movie titled – Mercury. According to lead guitarist Brian May that Sacha is the perfect guy to perform as Freddie Mercury in the film. I’m sure this movie will give Sacha a standing ovation when we see him perform and also sing as Freddie Mercury, I also smell a brewing stage performance with the whole Queen band with Sacha.

Ana Faris, which I didn’t even recognize her with all the new look, sporting a short hair and sleeveless and ordinary clothes in America, I love Ana as being funny and dumb in some movies, but I’m happy to see her in a different movie that makes her the brainy person in the film. She have a major influences to Aladeen making her an important story changer, as for Ben Kingsley, he got some short appearances, but the I’m interested on the part of Jason Mantzoukas as Nadal, the mad scientist of Aladeen in creating nuclear bomb for the dictator, he is a good partner with Aladeen and this make the movie more funnier. I wish for a sequel for this movie, like throw Aladeen and Nadal in  Japan or in Australia and make a story on how they will survive and act their way to their homeland.

I also miss Ken Davitian, the Azamat Bagatov character who is at the Borat film, I was hoping to see him in the movie but there’s no shadow of Ken in it. It will be better if Ken have a cameo just to make things more funny, or make him crawl out of bed naked again hahhahaha.

The Dictator is fucking funny movie that is not suitable for kids.

Showing this July 25, 2011 in all Philippine cinemas distributed by Solar Entertainment.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Native Shoes (Fitzsimmons Jiffy) perfect for the rainy season

2012-07-22 17.47.02
I finally tried wearing the Native Shoes, I’ve waited for my shoes last summer and I’m glad that this shoes can adapt to any kind of weather. This rainy season, the Native Shoes Fitzsimmons Jiffy boot is the perfect pair to beat the rain and thanks to the neoprene socks that is built in with the booth that gives soft comfort and fresh feet feeling and it kills foot odor. I tried wearing with my white socks and then yesterday with no socks. I love walking around to any puddle in our streets and I tested it with the strong typhoon yesterday and Im so happy that my foot never felt dry and warm in a cold rainy season.
Native shoes was inspired by a classic and casual silhouettes and they are made from foam injection molded EVA, its a lightweight, durable and comfortable material. Its a waterproof and odor resistant shoes that you can use in different kind of wearable style, in fashion, in summer season, rainy and in the beach. Native shoes is from Vancouver, Canada and was formed last 2009 and now it has a global distribution in over 30 countries.

Native shoes is now available in all stores, malls and SM Department stores and also other boutiques.
check out their Facebook page at

I featured Native Shoes in my last blog post few months ago -
The Native Shoes Fitzsimmons Jiffy boot is priced at P3990 pesos. Thanks to Primer of Group of Companies for bringing this Canadian brand to our shores.
Fitzsimmons Regatta Blue - P3990
Here’s my color blue Fitzsimmons Jiffy, this design won an award at the 2011 Red Dot Award for Product Design
Fitzsimmons Jiffy Black - P3990
Here’s the black colored version, there are lots of colors for this Jiffy boot, and did you know that Native Shoes are unisex, and it can be worn by any gender.

2012-07-18 15.16.28
Here’s my 1st time to wear the Native Shoes, at first it was heavy but later on I can carry it with my feet and felt the lightness effect and softness of the shoes. I have plantar fasciitis, but this shoe didn’t even prick my foot after hours of walking. I love this shoes!!

2012-07-19 15.49.29
Trying on rocky and rough surface – it protects my foot from hard pressure from any kind of grounds,thanks to the neoprene socks that comes with the shoes.

2012-07-22 17.47.44
I tried not wearing any socks and use the neoprene socks as my main socks, it was rainy yesterday and walk under the heavy rain, thanks to my umbrella that protects my legs from the rain, and the Native shoes for keeping me walking til I reached my destination.

2012-07-22 17.48.24
The boot is size 9 and its my kind of size, but it looks big when you I wear shorts only,but later on I feel that the boot size 9 can keep up with my visuals that it will not look big. I can jump and even play on a watery surface hahahaha.
Jimmy_Jiffy Black Php 4490
And here’s what I want for Christmas! aahhahah. A Marc Jacob x Native Shoes collaboration design, the PR kit says that this limited edition shoes will not be available here in the country, but the Native shoes design will be coming soon here this October 2012. So watch out for it.

Native Shoes was built for outdoor and hiking,but to others it is design for adapting weather conditions and also for fashion and style. There are kinds of Native shoes out there with lots of designs that fits for your kind of nature. For me I like the Fitzsimmons Jiffy boot and this Marc Jacob x Native Shoes called the Jimmy Boot.

Now the question is that – how many years of month it will take for this boot to deteriorate?

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