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Saturday, August 04, 2012

My first visit in Zoobic Safari

We went to a safari adventure after our brunch meal in Claw Daddy. The first plan is to visit a beach resort but the weather is abnormal and the Claw Daddy team suggested that we go to Zoobic.

At first i thought that the place us boring, but I enjoyed the tour by having a close encounter with a tiger.

I'll post a blog post and pics soon

We are back here in Claw Daddy for the party

Friday, August 03, 2012

#pgthankyoumom P&G's Thank You Mom and send off for Mr. and Mrs. Barriga to London Olympic Games 2012

I haven’t posted yet my blog coverage and feature for the send off to Momsky and Popsky to the London Olympic Games 2012, and also a mom and daughter won a trip to London for the Thank You Mom contest. It was a fun afternoon tea last week and all of us went home with a cute hat.  Thanks to Ruth Floresca for tagging me in Facebook.

Here we are the bloggers, momsky and popsky and the winner of the Thank You Mom contest
That’s me, photo bombing Romina’s photo. hahaha.. so sorry, I didn’t expected that.

Having fun in Jollitown

Here’s a photo that I was tagged recently, thanks again to Myke Soon for the photos. That’s me and my family. The bouncing baby boy Ashton and funny girl Lace.

I think this was during the photo op with the Jollibee mascots

The host of the event told us to join the marching band and the Jollitown friends, here’s me and Ashton dancing and using the balloons to pretend it as a maracas. Thanks to Enzo for the photos.

An extra ako bigla dito lol.  Chikaminute scene with Alex and Jeman

read my feature of Jollitown season 5 here at

Me vs. the crabs

I’m posting here some photos that I was captured beating a crab during the Red Crabs bloggers food fest. Thanks to Myke Soon of for the pics

Here’s my signature pose whenever I eat crabs or lobsters hahhaha. I remember my old photo saying eww to a large lobster.

Thanks to Cathy Copaway for compiling our food and faces. I tried inserting that claw into my nostrils, but I got hurt when I tried closing the claws, damn, those things are so sharp and pointy.

read my feature and review here about Red Crabs -

C-lium Fibre Lose More Live More Journey production note 2

August 1 is my official start of taking C-lium Fibre, I’m a little bit nervous but I’m so sure that this thing will help me lower my fat and also blood sugar levels.

Preparing it is just easy

The Psylliu Fiber Husk is the man here!!! wohhohoh.

Ok time to start drinking

Looking at the fiber husk is like a skin of a rice grain. The instruction said that I should drink it right away after pouring in some water.

Here you go…bottoms up!

You may check their Facebook and Twitter for some updates about C-lium

Visit and Like C-lium Facebook at
Follow their Twitter page -

Also, there’s a contest that you can win P10k if you showed them you lose weight
visit the page here at -

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Next Toy Review : Jewel Pet and Air Hogs Wind Flyers

Hi Everyone,

I'm a little busy for this week and I have no time in blogging, but here's a teaser of an upcoming toy that I tried and reviewed. I will feature this weekend the two toys that we usually see in the toy store, we always catch a glimpse of them but we don't have the time to try them.

Okay,I will feature and review - Jewel Pet and Air Hogs Wind Flyer

Jewel Pet

Air Hogs Wind Flyers

Let me know if you own any of these toys and which of these are your favorite

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I removed 300 friends in Facebook (sad face)

Sorry guys, I removed 300 Facebook friends an hour ago, because I already reached the Facebook limit of 5000 friends and then Facebook allowed me to add 300 plus more in my Facebook friend list. The problem that I encountered is that I need to add some important person to my timeline and that forces me to remove 300 inactive and unfamiliar person that I didn't engage with them online. I have a 2nd Facebook account, I created it to add more, but it seems that having two or more accounts is so difficult to manage, I tried operating the two accounts using with different browsers but the clicking made me stressed more, so I decided to to the unfriendling move.

If you  discovered that I already unfriended you, hope you understand and there's still a SUBSCRIBE button in my Facebook, that enables you to be still connected in my timeline. All my posts are set to public, so there's nothing to worry about if you missed an update or status or news that I shared,you can still be part of my network by subscribing to my Facebook.

I have the Facebook Page, but I don't use it much, there are times that I got the idea to convert my Facebook profile account into a Facebook page, just to accommodate more people to add me in their timeline, but I'm sure some people will get mad at me because I forced them already in becoming my Facebook fan hahhaha. But I didn't proceed in the transformation of my account and let it live as a Facebook profile account.

I hope Facebook let us add more friends and limit will be lifted.

Or you can follow me on my Twitter page -

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm taking a break just to watch Avengers cartoons season 2

I'm taking a one hour break for me to have a chance to continue watching cartoons on our TV. I just started watching the season 2 of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes animated series and I'm so hooked already in watching it, you know that the end of season 1 made me so excited for the season 2. The Skrulls secret infiltration just started and our Marvel heroes are not aware that one of their team mates is an alien Skrull. Just like in the comics, the Secret Invasion story line gave a big impact in the Marvel Universe, the story led also to a war of heroes vs. heroes and later on a war with the Hulk.

The 1st episode of Season 2 is a big impact already, you'll see the Avengers teaming up with the Fantastic Four vs. Doctor Doom. You'll see a UFC match of the Hulk vs. Doom, a scene that you'll never see in an Avengers live action movie. I'm glad that Doom didn't get the puny Hulk smash.

The story started here and I'm sure more invasion will occur in the next coming episodes.
Oh yeah!! Doom will have a big role in this second season..

Avengers Assemble!!!!

Super 3 Day Sale this Aug 3-4-5 with SM Sta. Mesa, Masinag, Valenzuela, Calamba and Tarlac

There's another 3 day sale happening this August 3-4-5, 2012. Super sale event up to 70% discount in selected items, the 5 big SM Supermalls will have their mid year sale, plus they will raffle off 15 ASus Eee PC X101H laptop.

SM City Sta. Mesa -
SM Center Valenzuela -
SM City Masinag -
SM City Calamba -
SM City Tarlac -

super sale this Aug 3-5, 2012

Every P500 single or accumulated purchase, within the promo period, from SM Department Store, SM Supermarket/Hypermarket or from any participating mall establishment entitles shopper to one (1) raffle coupon. 
SM Foodcourt
Customer gets one (1) raffle coupon with every P150 single purchase receipt. 
SM Cinema
Customer gets one (1) raffle coupon with every single purchase of four (4) cinema tickets.  
Amusement Centers
Customer gets one (1) raffle coupon with every P150 worth of tokens.  
Shoppers may also avail of additional raffle coupons through the Global Pinoy Card:
Global Pinoy members may present their Global Pinoy cards, along with a minimum P500 worth of single or accumulated purchases from mall establishments, to avail three (3) additional coupons. 
To claim the raffle coupons, customer must present proof of purchase at the designated redemption center/s in the mall any time during mall hours within the 3-day sale promo period.   
Customer will have to fill-in his/her complete name, address, contact number and affix signature on the raffle stub, and drop the raffle entries at the designated drop boxes inside the mall where purchase was made. 
Prizes at stake:
Three (3) winners of Asus Eee PC X101H Netbook (One per winner)
 Raffle draw will be on (insert date of raffle draw) / (insert time of raffle draw) at the (insert location of raffle draw).  Deadline for submission of entries is on (insert cut-off time of raffle draw)/(insert time of raffle draw).  Draw will be witnessed by a DTI representative.  Winners will be notified by registered mail.  The list of winners will be posted in the designated areas in the mall.
Prizes are not convertible to cash.  Prizes are tax-free.

To claim prize, winner must present his/her raffle stub, notification letter and one (1) valid ID at the Shopping Center Management Corporation (SCMC) Administration Office c/o the Marketing Department (at the branch they won) during office hours from Monday to Friday 10 AM to 6 PM.
In case of a lost stub, the following must be presented:
Notarized Affidavit of Loss
Valid ID

Unclaimed prizes after 60 days of notification will be reported to DTI and upon approval by DTI shall be forfeited in favor of Shopping Center Management Corporation.
The promo organizer’s decision is final in concurrence of DTI. 
Shopping Center Management Corporation, its affiliates, ad agencies, mall tenants, their respective officers and employees and their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are not qualified to join the promo.

For schedule of raffle mechanics, pls visit the Facebook Tab page of the SM Supermalls branch

I'm a regular SM visitor in SM Sta. Mesa, but I'm not familar with the other 4 malls, I grabbed a photo art from their Facebook page just to show you an idea on what their mall looks like.

Starbucks launches new lunch sandwiches, food items and refreshment drinks -- starts this July 31, 2012

Classic Tuna Dill Melt
Starbucks introduced to us last week their new food and drinks that will be available starting this July 31, 2012. They have new lunch sandwiches, new food items and 2 refreshing drinks, all new and never before seen in table and counter of Starbucks here in the Philippines. All recipe and taste are made available for our country and its an original innovation for the tummy of the foodie. And not only they are launching the food and drinks, but also two cool promos.

Here are the sampler that night – the new lunch sandwiches of Starbucks Philippines. This is just a food sampler for us to taste and try 1st the new food.

Roasted Chicken Pesto and Shiitake Mushroom on flat bread (P155)

Zesty Chicken with Bacon Caesar dressing on Focaccia bread (P160)

It’s Just Cheese (P155)

Classic Tuna Dill Meat (P160)

Here’s the 2nd table of the lunch sandwiches

Falafel On Pita Bread (P150)

Wild Mushroom and Emmenthal Cheese on French Butter Croissant (P120)

Starbucks Deli on French Bread (P160)

Creamy Egg Salad on Whole Wheat Granny Loaf (P150)

On table 3 are:

Classic Tuna Dill on Ciabatta Bread (P160)

Mocha Silvana (P95)

Seafood  Po’ Boy Wrap (P160)

Rocky Road Cake (P140 per slice/ P1495 whole)

That’s me waiting to try the new food at Starbucks

Here’s the introduction of 2 new drinks that they call Starbucks Refreshments, they are the 1st refreshments line, a new drink that Starbucks Philippines created with green coffee extract, an innovated taste and an extract that comes from an unroasted green and high quality arabica coffee beans, the green coffee extract is the source of caffeine that can revitalize and refreshes the body when we drink it.
I think Starbucks did some sorcery or magic to get an extract of coffee beans from an unroasted beans. Wow! How did they do that?

At the food session and tasting, they taught us on how to prepare the two new Refreshment drinks of Starbucks. Its just easy, by adding the extract juice, some lemon, berries and ice.

Cool Lime Starbucks Refreshers (Tall – P125, Grande – P135, Venti – P155)
I prepared and mixed this drink

Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers (Tall – P155, Grande – P125, Venti – P135)
Jonel and Marjorie mixed this Very Berry.

Ohh there’s Jonel and Marj practicing the wedding toast hehheheh

here I am in a Starbucks barista outfit, they taught us already on how to mix and prepare the Refreshments, I chose here the Cool Lime drinks

Pour some coffee extract


I added some lemon and ice

They told me to shake it for 10 seconds to mix the drinks

The mix drinks that I made is perfect for a tall glass of beverage

Pwede na ba ko mag barista?

All of us tried the other refreshments, some of my blogger friends created the Very Berry Hibuscus Starbucks Refreshers

Time to grub!

I already found my favorite lunch sandwiches they are:

Roasted Chicken Pesto and Shiitake Mushroom on flat bread
Classic Tuna Dill Meat
Wild Mushroom and Emmenthal Cheese on French Butter Croissant
Creamy Egg Salad on Whole Wheat Granny Loaf
Classic Tuna Dill on Ciabatta Bread
Seafood  Po’ Boy Wrap
Mocha Silvana

timer photo op with Magic Myke hahahah

Here’s the promo promo!
Lunch Sandwich Offer
Get 50% off a Starbucks Refreshers beverage,All Mondays of August from 11am-2pm

Refreshment Tumble Offer
Get a free tall Starbucks Refreshers beverage for every purchase of a Starbucks Customizable Cold Cup.
Offer is valid from July 31 – September 10, 2012 (or until supplies last)

Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers
This beverage is made from real fruit juice, green coffee extract and whole blackberries.
Cool Lime Starbucks Refreshers
A very cool and light refresher beverage that contains real fruit juice, green coffee extract and real slice of lime.

Rocky Road Cake
Rocky Road cake is an all time classic favorite ice cream flavor, but here in the Starbucks version it is now a cake! Two moist, chocolate sponge cake layered with smooth velvet chocolate pudding with roasted walnuts, marshamallows and lots of choco chunks. The cake is covered with dark intense chocolate ganache ad top with marshmallows, walnuts and chocolate. This is a super chocolate cake overload!

Seafood Po’ Boy Sandwich
The Po’Boy sandwich is a New Orleans favorite. This wrap version features crisp
fried fish and shrimps, sautéed assorted vegetables drizzled with zesty Cajun
sauce and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese.

Wild Mushrooms and Emmenthal Cheese on French Butter Croissa
If you are looking for a delicious gourmet meal, especially for vegetarians, then
this wild mushroom and emmenthal cheese on French butter croissant is worth
trying. The rich flavor and meaty texture of button, shiitake and portabello
mushrooms on a soft crispy and butter croissant with melted emmenthal cheese
is to die for.

Mocha Silvana
A light and creamy mocha buttercream icing sandwiched between two
toothsome crunchy and slightly chewy meringue cookies then covered with
crushed roasted almonds and bits of dark chocolate. An irresistible, seductive

Starbucks Deli on French Bread
Square ham, florentiner, mortadella, chicken ham, lyoner, meatloaf, beef pastrami, beef
salami and emmenthal garnished with mustard, mayonnaise, pickles and chopped onions
on a soft chewy French bread.

Classic Tuna Dill Melt
A  juicy  pairing  of  hearty  healthy  classic  tuna  dill  salad,  slices  of  hardboiled  egg  and
creamy  melted  cheese  on a  toasted  Rye  bread  topped  with  oozing  melted  mozzarella
then seasoned with Spanish paprika. Substantial and satisfying. Do you know that tuna
is “brain food”? 

Note: Not Available in Baguio, Boracay, Bacolod, Cebu, CDO, Davao, Iloilo and Naga

Classic Tuna Dill on Ciabatta Bread
Chunks of tuna mixed with chopped fresh celery and carrots held together with tangy
and sweet honey mustard dressings with hints of dill topped with hard-boiled eggs and
sliced of cheddar and emmenthal cheese on crusty classic Ciabatta Bread. 

Note: Available only in Baguio, Boracay, Bacolod, Cebu, CDO, Davao, Iloilo and Naga

Creamy Classic Egg Salad on Whole Wheat Granny Loaf
Bits of cheddar cheese, lettuce, delicate hints of dill and a touch of creamy cheese
sauce. At once creamy, tangy and bright, this superb egg salad, served on whole-wheat
bread, makes a deliciously substantial meal.

Note: Not Available in Baguio, Boracay, Bacolod, Cebu, CDO, Davao, Iloilo and Naga

Falafel on Pita Bread
This is a Middle Eastern classic staple street food. A warm soft and chewy pita bread
packed with flavorful spices of crispy falafel patties, grilled sliced eggplant, smothered
with hummus and drizzled with yogurt sauce. A healthy vegetarian meal.

It’s Just Cheese!
IT’S JUST CHEESE!                                                                          
A sinfully delicious gooey grilled cheese sandwich, with nine types of cheeses - Gruyere,
Emmenthal, Feta, Provolone, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Edam, Gouda and Monterey Jack on a
toasted classic Italian country bread. There is almost no downside to this comfort food. Just
say CHEESE! 

Roasted Chicken Pesto and Shiitake Mushroom on Flat Bread
(Returning Favorite)
Juicy roasted chicken breast fillet tossed with aromatic pesto mayo sauce and Shiitake
mushroom topped with melted Emmenthal and cheddar cheese on grilled flat bread. Best
served warm.

Zesty Chicken with Bacon Caesar Dressing on Focaccia Bread
Sliced tender chicken breast fillet fried to perfection and drizzled with a bacon Caesar salad
dressing and topped with shaved parmesan cheese on soft crispy focaccia bread.
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