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Saturday, August 25, 2012

“It’s the best day ever” in Toy Expo Philippines 2012–baby Ash visits the toy expo

I thought that my wife will have no interest to visit the Toy Expo after she failed to join with me for the VIP night because of a tummy ache, but then I’m surprised that she planned all along that we will be going to the Toy Expo Philippines 2012 of Toy Kingdom with our son baby Ash. I’m happy and excited that we will attend the day 2 of the toy expo and Ash is clueless that we will visit a toy land, I hope he remembers this when he grows up, that’s why I took a lot of photos in order for him to remind the great places we visit during his youngling years. We also have a mission that Ash meets all his favorite cartoon characters, we crossed out Dora the Explorer and others, but the most big prize to have a meet and greet photo op is with SpongeBob Squarepants. I’m glad that we met the guy who lives in a pineapple under the sea with no hassle, with pure fun and free.

When we entered the toy expo, Ash is sleeping and he got tired after our lunch and grocery activity in other mall, he didn’t know that we will in a toy land. So when he wakes up, he’s surprised to see all toys infront of him, Lalaloopsy booth greeted him first and he’s familiar with the character because he have that cartoon DVD that looks like Lalaloopsy. Here’s the first booth we visited – Nick Jr.

There are some games for kids and adults available in Nick Jr. booth, and here’s my wife trying the Guess the Mess game, they insert their hands through that hole and touch those objects, if you guess the mess right, then you’ll take home a Ben 10 pocket watch.

I didn’t tried the game, it looks messy, I can even hear the answer and some of them are yucky slimy ahhahahaha. Here’s Auntie H trying the game, and yup, all of them won a prize.

We dared Ate M to try the game too hahhahaha.

Photo op time: okay Ash is busy watching Nick cartoons on TV

There’s also a giant game board, just throw the dice and walk on the board, look under your feet if you won a prize.

I tried the game too hahahaha.. the dice is so heavy


And then I won a Ben 10 pocket watch hahahahah..

Giant Sponge Bob!!!

Toy Expo banner….

Freedom wall at the Hello Kitty booth

Lace tries to play with  a Baby Alive doll

Ash here tries feeding the Baby Alive toy ahhahaa, a sale lady teaches him on how to feed the baby doll, after some successful trials, I think Ash wants to try the liquified meal too hahahaha.

Awesome smile on his face! as he saw the giant display at Tomica booth, we stayed there for a long minute and watches the train circle around the diorama. Ash loves cars, trucks and trains. I wish we can have a set up here at home, but my wife said that the set up will block the entire living room hahhaha.

Other side of the diorama

Ash got excited when he saw the Thomas and Friends poster, and he didn’t know that there are toys on display and toys to play with behind the poster. We visited the booth after some stroll.

We heard that Mr. Potato Head is on stage having a meet and greet, we ran to the stage and Ash is the last person to have a photo op ahhaahhaha.

Family photo op with Mr. Potato Head

Transformers robot walking around the hall. Here’s Auntie H tries to hug Sentinel Prime hahhah

We saw a coloring activity booth at the Thomas and Friend booth, we sat down and waited for Ash to finish his coloring activity.

Free play of Thomas and Friends train set, Ash operates the train and also the rail road track.

While the baby is busy playing, now me the dad is here at the I-zone booth busy trying the PSP Vita for the very first time  in my entire life…omg!!! the PSP Vita is so sexy and beautiful, I will declare this as my 3rd wife hahahah (my iPhone is my 2nd wife) . Here I play the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 game.

I’m a newbie for this game, but I know all strategy in every fighting game, I just can’t believed that I reached the final boss – Galactus. I love this character from the Marvel Universe, but I’m starting to hate him because its hard to defeat the giant cosmic being. Ok I’ll retire for now.

At the Lego booth, free play of LEGO blocks. Ash knows how to play with these because we regularly visit Toy Kingdom SM Megamall and they have a LEGO play area there before.

Our best day ever continued when we sat in the front of the stage and watch Spongebob dance and sing for us again, this time, we got the chance to meet Spongebob! yay!!!

It’s the happy day for us and we love toys, and we love visiting a fun land together as family, I ‘m excited for the next Toy Expo Philippines 2013, I know it will be much more better and more guest surprises for next year, we will be prepared and I’m sure that expo will be a blast again.

Thank you Toy Kingdom!

guys!!! visit the Toy Expo today, its their day 3 and tomorrow it will be their last day. Entrance is FREE.
No need to buy anything, just be there and have fun!

I heard that some of my toy collector friends will be there for a toy meet up..ohhh wow.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blog coverage: Toy Expo Philippines 2012 : the amazing toy kingdom of the Philippines

Toy Kingdom's first ever Toy Expo Philippines 2012 opens for the public today til Sunday, I was there at the VIP night and it gave us a glimpse of what Toy Expo can offer to us toy fanatics. At first, I thought that the Toy Expo is like the annual Toy Warehouse Sale of Toy Kingdom, but when I attended the preview night it gave me an idea that this is really a great toy expo featuring top toy brands distributed by Toy Kingdom nationwide. The Toy Expo is like a fun house filled with lots of toys, gaming activities, booth display of toys, toy trials and giveaways. The Toy Expo targets the consumers to experience the kingdom of toys for kids and adults, I'm sure kids will love to roam around with 23 giant toy booths and displays around the SMX Halls 3-4. Parents will love to tour around too,even if you are in tight budget, the event will not require you to pay for any entrance or buy toys, just be there and experience the fun with toys and meet mascot characters.

There will also be a live auction that will happen on stage, they will auction some Lalalooopsy dolls and the proceeds will be donated to SM Foundation.

"It will definitely be an amazing and memorable experience for everybody. This is our way of saying "thank you", for making Toy Kingdom the number one toy store in the country. The Toy Kingdom's Toy Expo is not just an expo, it is an experience...and it starts TODAY." - Rose Marie Mamonluk-Dylim, Senior Vice President of Toy Kingdom, International Toyworld Incorporated.

Here's the event poster
Visit Toy Expo Philippines 2012 from August 23-26, 2012 at SMX Halls 3&4 in SM Mall of Asia

for updates visit their Facebook page -
and Twitter -

Mascot meet and greet / other highlights schedules

Aug 23
10am - Potato Head
11pm - Sylvanian Families
2pm - Lalaloopsy
330pm - Play Doh Tubby
5pm - Dora the Explorer and Boots
6pm - Sylvanian Families

Aug 24
10am - Play Doh Tubby
11pm - Lalaloopsy
2pm - Mr. Potato Head
330pm - Sylvanian Families
5pm - Spongebob and Patrick
630pm - Play Doh Tubby

Aug 25
1am - Mr. Potato Head
11pm - Ben 10 and Gen Rex
2pm - Lalaloopsy Auction
330pm - Ben 10 and Gen Rex
5pm - Dora the explorer and Boots
630pm - Monster High Fashion Show

Aug 26
10am - Mr. Potato Head
11pm - Sylvanian Families
2pm - Lalaloopsy
330pm - Play Doh Tubby and Mr. Potato Head
5pm - Spongebob and Patrick
630pm - WBBA Beyblade Tournament

And here are the photos of toy booths at Toy Expo
I arrived late and I missed the opening program, here’s a scene of the hourly raffle draw for VIP guests. Also check out Advocate Pinoy’s VLOG for the video coverage -

Check out the Nerf booth and practice your shooting skills

The magical booth of Disney, not only Disney characters but also for Marvel Comics characters

The pinkish booth ever…Hello Kitty booth

Nick Jr. booth features all kinds of Nick Jr. character merchandise, also they are heavily promoting TMNT cartoons, it’s the new cartoon that will air soon in Nick Jr. The TMNT merchandise will be available this December 2012. Also they are giving away free TMNT mask, so pick your favorite mask color. I got Michaelangelo and Leonardo.

Sylvanian family booth features the super cute diorama

Hasbro booth features toys for toddlers and kids, toys like Baby Alive and Sesame Street

Vtech booth for the young and upcoming techie

Mega Blocks booth for connecting and building the blocks

Little Tikes booth with play all you can set up and rides

Lalaloopsy booth, cute booth like candies

And my award for the best display booth goes to Lego! hahahahh They set up an exhibit of the “Its more fun in the Philippines” LEGO diorama

Barbie booth, a house set up for young girls and stylish ladies who grew up with Barbie

I-zone booth, best for gamers and oh wow!!! try those games for free!

Bandai booth or Gundam booth features an awesome exhibit from the Mecha Pinoy group

Thomas the train booth

Brick Road booth features two kinds of real Camaro cars, one in yellow and one in black…really awesome booth for die cast cars

Cartoon Network booth

Here’s my favorite booth – the Speedtech booth, they have a cool RC cars track

Hot Wheels booth

Transformers and GI JOE booth displays the giant Optimus Prime statue and other mini figure statue

Xploderz booth, try a toy gun and practice shooting here

Tomica booth, I almost missed this booth, try the car fishing game and also check out the Tomica city diorama set up

Here’s the set up of their cashier, if you will buy toys make sure you bring your  own reusable shopping bags

Here are some random highlights during the VIP night
Hello Kitty

Met our friends from MindStyle and also Gaby Dela Merced, also I got star struck when I met COOLRAIN (the tall guy with glasses) the guy responsible for designing those NBA Figures. check his work at

Avengers costume, if ever I have 5 kids, I’ll buy each a costume

and again…Hello Kitty

giant Spongebob Squarepants air blown statue

friends from Toy Soldiers got an early shopping haul full of GI JOES

giant game board at Nick Jr. booth

I really want to play with this ahhahaha. Baby Alive still amazes me the tech they used

My mom bought this from the states, and I didn’t know that the price will drop as low as 50% off
this is an awesome find, grab it now and pair it with a keyboard, guitar and strumming Ernie and talking Cookie Monster

The RC track in Speedtech booth

the sales lady advices that I buy this for my son since he loves fire trucks. But..price is P3.7k
#%#%#!%!!! too expensive, but check out the details!

50% off, its close to the price introduced in regular toy stores and also in Toy Kingdom
But others who have 10% is only applied here in Toy Expo

Time to drool on these Transformers toy set up by Cybertron Ph

This Thundercats toy display reminds me of a toy expo in the states
I love this display!!!

Here’s for sentai lovers

Gundam exhibit and also inhouse contest by Mecha Pinoy group

I’m so outdated, I can’t even recognize this Gundam

some of the VIPS

Manong in maong pants showed to me on how to play the car fishing game at Tomica booth

giant R2D2 in LEGO blocks…is a win!

Here's my complete photo coverage
Click on the photo to view it

P8201666 P8201667 P8201668 P8201669 P8201672 P8201673 P8201674 P8201675 P8201677 P8201678 P8201681 P8201683 P8201684 P8201685 P8201686 P8201687 P8201690 P8201691 P8201692 P8201693 P8201695 P8201696 P8201697 P8201698 P8201699 P8201700 P8201701 P8201703 P8201704 P8201705 P8201707 P8201708 P8201709 P8201710 P8201711 P8201713 P8201714 P8201715 P8201716 P8201717 P8201718 P8201719 P8201720 P8201721 P8201722 P8201723 P8201724 P8201725 P8201726 P8201727 P8201728 P8201730 P8201731 P8201732 P8201734 P8201735 P8201736 P8201738 P8201739 P8201740 P8201741 P8201742 P8201743 P8201744 P8201746 P8201747 P8201748 P8201749 P8201750 P8201752 P8201753 P8201754 P8201755 P8201756 P8201757 P8201758 P8201759 P8201760 P8201761 P8201762P8201763 P8201764 P8201765 P8201766 P8201768 P8201769 P8201771 P8201773 P8201774 P8201775 P8201776 P8201777 P8201778 P8201779 P8201780 P8201781 P8201783 P8201784 P8201785 P8201786 P8201787 P8201788 P8201789 P8201790 P8201791 P8201792 P8201793 P8201794 P8201795 P8201796 P8201797 P8201798 P8201799 P8201800 P8201801 P8201802 P8201803 P8201804 P8201805 P8201808 P8201809 P8201811 P8201812 P8201813 P8201815 P8201816 P8201817 P8201818 P8201819 P8201820 P8201821 P8201822 P8201823 P8201824 P8201825 P8201826 P8201827 P8201828 P8201829 P8201830 P8201831 P8201832 P8201833 P8201834 P8201835 P8201836 P8201837 P8201838 P8201839 P8201840 P8201841 P8201842 P8201843 P8201844 P8201845 P8201846 P8201847 P8201848 P8201850 P8201851 P8201852 P8201853 P8201854 P8201855 P8201856 P8201857 P8201858 P8201859 P8201860 P8201861 P8201862 P8201863 P8201864 P8201865 P8201866 P8201867 P8201868 P8201870 P8201872 P8201873 P8201874 P8201875 P8201876 P8201877 P8201878 P8201879 P8201880 P8201881 P8201882 P8201883 P8201884
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