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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ticket giveaway for Breaking Dawn 2 advance screening c/o Jamba Juice Ph

Breaking Dawn 2 advance screening tonight in Rockwell Cinema 3 tonight at 830pm

Thanks to Jamba Juice PH -

ticket goes to :

Jinkee Umali
TJ Panganiban
Nikole Parungao-Maturan
Mariel Sigaya
Rain Ferdinand De Ocampo
Michael Macalos
Michelle Bugante
Mark Morfe
Joana Jane Liwag

Pls PM today in my Facebook as in now..with your mobile number.
this is for the Rockwell screening tonight at 8pm

be there early to get your tickets. il sms you the details.
i wont be there..kasi il be in another screening :)
enjoy the movie!!!

to others: sorry ha, tickets are limited kasi


Try this later in Jamba Juice

Winner for the Pacific X-treme Combat 34 tickets and merchandise

The ticket giveaway for the Pacific X-treme Combat 34 just ended hours ago, thanks everyone for joining in my little giveaway. Thanks to TV5 for sponsoring our tickets and also giveaway.

Thanks to our contest participant who tried their luck for the giveaway.

And we got one winner!, selected via electronic raffle.

Congratulations to Janno Santiago.

The winner will be contacted via email to give details on how to claim his prize - 2 upper Box tickets to PXC, exclusive PXC shirt and baller wrist band.

To know more about PXC 34, read my blog feature below

PXC brings Mixed Martial Arts action to the Big Dome this Nov 17

The big fight of our best MMA fighters is on Nov 17 at the Big Dome, I share here a press release about the MMA tournament.

- Press Release -

Pacific X-Treme Combat (PXC), the premier MMA organization in the Philippines and Asia-
Pacific region is moving to the biggest stage as they move to the SMART Araneta Coliseum for
PXC 34 happening on November 17.

Previous PXC tournaments have been held at the Newport Performing Arts in Pasay City and at
the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City.

Headlining the star-studded international fight card led are Erwin Tagle, Mark Streigl, Harris
Sarmiento and PXC flyweight champion Ale Cali. It will also have top rising MMA stars from the
Philippines, as well as Hawaii, Guam, Japan & Korea.

The event is expected to draw thousands of MMA fans from all corners of the Philippines and
will be broadcast via satellite on AKTV via IBC13.

For PXC CEO, EJ Calvo, “We are extremely excited about the move to Araneta. Our fighters have
worked hard and performed well, and deserve the exposure this event will bring. PXC, as an
organization, has grown leaps and bounds over a decade, and there is no doubt PXC can stand
up against any MMA promotion in the region right now.”

Calvo added, “Our goal is to continue to grow PXC for the benefit of MMA fans in the
Philippines, as well as for the long-term growth of the sport in the entire region.”

In less than 2 years since PXC arrived in the Philippines, the promotion has clearly established
itself as the premier MMA organization in the country. PXC together with Sports5 – the
sports arm of TV5, has successfully built a mainstream viewing audience, which has attracted
thousands of viewers when PXC events are broadcasted.

In the past three months, PXC has seen two of its top fighters to the Ultimate Fighting
Champion (UFC). PXC Welterweight Champ Hyun Gyu Lim, and Lightweight standout Jon Tuck
were signed by UFC to compete in their upcoming event in Macau on November 10.

PXC prides itself on recruiting and showcasing the best up and coming MMA talent in the Asia-
Pacific region, but also has been known to feature elite fighters from Brazil, Europe, Canada,
and various areas of the US.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 - reaction and comments

Everyone are still in shock after the end of Episode 4, it was the most disturbing and gory death of one of the major characters, and the story picks up again here in Episode 5 gives us a light heart start and also revelation of some secrets by the Governor.

Also at Rick's camp at the Prison building, he is still in trauma after learning the biggest loss of their group, its a bit shocking for him and left him crazy for awhile killing lots of walkers insight. The remaining group takes care of Rick's baby and went on a trip outside the prison just to grab some supplies and milk for the newborn baby girl.
Michonne is the bad ass character for Season 3, I'm curious on what she can do and also her skills in katana are the most effective weapon against the walkers. There are some disturbing scenes going on for Episode 5 but I'm glad that they give us a break for a while after the shocking end of Episode 4, the focus is much more aimed at the Governor's camp, but I really want to understand what kind of experiment they are doing, are they creating a cure ? or some kind of immunity to the virus that turns the dead into a walker ?

Episode 5 opens up more mysteries about the Governor and its camp. Andrea on the other hand is still clueless and clouded about the Governor, while Michonne found the reason why they should leave. Episode 6 next week will balance the story and let our major characters stand up again after the big trauma.

Rick pls get back in shape! the team needs you!

(photos source from

Monday, November 12, 2012

Olympus PEN Mini E-PM2 with wireless photo share for your smartphone

I think the Flash air card will be the solution for sharing the photo wirelessly to any smartphone, you can use that feature and upload the photo to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, and also in blogs. This will be the next tech add on for an Olympus camera, and its a new start for another generation of compact camera. Oympus will lead the trend once more. I also like that Live guide and touch screen shutter and AF.

it can be called, the social media camera!
hmm I smell that there will be new OM-D coming up with new tech.

// Designed for the beginner compact system camera photographer and the camera user desiring SLR-level performance with point-and-shoot simplicity.The PEN Mini E-PM2 features a 16-megapixel LiveMOS sensor, a wide-format capacitive touch-screen LCD with "Touch Shutter" technology, a simple and direct user-interface, and optional wireless connectivity that is optimised for social media use. // source


Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5 is the perfect camera for me

I'll delay my purchase of an Oly PL2 camera and I'm going to wait for the local release of this new Olympus EPL 5 camera. There's a new tech added to the camera 1.) touch screen 2) flipping LCD screen 3) wireless capability, Flash Air tech, you can send that photo to your smart phone!

Olympus is doing it right, this camera won't become a phone :)

// Combining stylish form with high-functionality, the PEN Lite E-PL5 is designed for the camera user who wants to enjoy the picture quality, lens flexibility and high-performance of an SLR, in a small, lightweight and highly portable camera.

Its key features include a 16-megapixel LiveMOS SLR-class image sensor, variable-angle capacitive touch-screen with "Touch AF Shutter" technology, super quick focusing, and optionable wireless connectivity that is tailored for social media use.// source


I'm back in Manila... nice to meet you Bolinao

 I'm back now at home and hours ago I experienced that 10 hour land travel coming from the North and going here in the South, it was an enjoyable trip and I'm glad that there are lots of stop overs and food vendors boarding our bus. Bolinao, Pangasinan is a great place, with lots of nature tripping and the beach is very nice. They say that the style of the place and beach is like combining Boracay, Pagudpod and Ilocos Norte into one, you can do lots of activities already in an overnight stay, and the turn out of our trip made me  want to come back here again next time with my family

Here's some of the photos I took yesterday.
Thanks to Puerto del Sol for accommodating us for 2 days. ( )
Sea Cave and rock formation

Bolinao Lighthouse

vertorama photo with travel blogger friends

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