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Saturday, November 24, 2012

New toys: captain america and a kitchen set from toy kingdom

New toys we acquired this afternoon in toy kingdom sm makati.

Our little avenger chef will be happy to see his new avenger toy to add it with his collection. Love to hear my son shouts "avengers assemble" sounds like a butiki version of an avenger hahaha cute lang

Also my wife loves to play with our son cooking and being a chef

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday sale today in Lazada PH ( i felt betrayed!)

This is the big problem, you are preparing to leave your home and go offline and then boom!!! you receive an email newsletter and it says that Lazada is having a Black Friday sale...omg!!! gadgets!!! ok..I leave later and go online again ( arghhh)

Its great that the Black Friday sale of the USA is already observed here, like SM malls, Lazada is also doing the same...yay!

I visited their web link of the sale and found these cool items:

Sony smartwatch at P1.7k

Coby Kyros tablet

Powermat wireless charging for iPhone

Speedtech heli RC

Speedtech Fury heli RC

Rollei Powerflex digicam 14mp

Foot massage treatment for my busted foot for 3 days

I can still feel the Hong Kong trip hang over yesterday, I can't work properly and I'm still so sleepy, my body is in pain and also my foot are sore. Me and Enzo walked around Hong Kong for three days and then on the 2nd day, I just can't believe that my foot is turned red and stressed out. I gave it a one hour rest and then we walked again to the other side of the city. Its easy to explore the unfamiliar city on foot and it will give you knowledge about the city and you won't get lost going back to the hotel. (our funds are limited and we save it for shopping)

Back here at home, I dream already of having a nice foot spa and massage, so after office hours, I invited my wife to go to SM mall, my agenda: let my wife go shopping, my kid visit the toy store and play land and me having a nice foot and leg massage. I paid P325 for a 30min massage at Nature's Way Spa and then I feel asleep as the spa staff started to massage my foot, then when I woke up, it was passed one hour...oh wow! I feel so light again and all stress from my foot are!! thanks Nature's Way.

Next week: I'll get a full body massage.

I want to treat a part of my body with special sessions, first: foot, 2nd: body, 3rd: hands, 4th: you know hhaahah (just kidding)

Geeky shirts in SM Department Store (Nov 2012)

For P200, you can buy these cutesy geeky cartoony character shirt at the men’s shirt section in any SM Department Store. I visited their section when my wife got busy buying some cosmetics in observance of their Thanksgiving day sale with 10% off in all items. There are some interesting geeky shirts that I like to purchase, I love the Slimer, Mighty Mouse, Popeye, and Crayon Shin Shan shirts. I might grab one and try it ever their XL size is already fit for my adult sized.

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
Mighty Mouse shirt
I remember watching this cartoon during my youngling years. It’s already a hard to find item with Mighty Mouse face.

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
I agree, he is the tough guy, always beating Bruno the bully

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
Some kind of Mickey Mouse urban toy art design

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
here’s a Batman version

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
yeah as always with a funny face…I just hope they included Hobbes

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
Another Mickey Mouse designed as Mario

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
Space Ghose
I just don’t get the punch line

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
super love this shirt!!! Ghostbuster fans will go gaga with this shirt

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
looks nice and simple,but cute for a Scooby Doo fan

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
Crayon Shin Shan
hahahaha…the voice of Andrew E echoes here… (he dubbed the cartoon into tagalog language for local airing)

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
Rise of the Gangnam style shirt
There are so many designs, but the face of PSY here looks like MC Hammer

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
Pig face Gangnam style
yeah its one of the original logos

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
Simple but the message is there!!

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
Its hard to recognize this…but its Gangnam style

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
yeah, for the bad boys

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
he always run and wears that red shoes

Geeky shirts in SM department store november 2012
There are also some new designs from CulTure, check it out when you are in SM Dept Store.

What shirts are your favorite here?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Trip to Hong Kong hang over

I didn't expected that I'll be traveling for the 1st time out from the country and be in a foreign land that is all new to me. It's my 1st time for an international flight and 1st time in Hong Kong, and its a dream come true for me to have a trip in Hong Kong and I was hoping that I'll be there with my sister for she will be a nice tour and travel companion. But then, it was an awesome trip with Enzo Luna, blogger of Social Plus Magazine and Juan Manila Express, he's also a 1st timer to fly out of the country and also 1st time in Hong Kong. It was a crazy and wild adventure we had for three days and it left us with a sore foot as we walk the corners and main street of Hong Kong, walking 4-5 MTR stations away, just to explore and learn the streets and lifestyle of Hong Kong.

The trip is a great reward for us, and I'm lucky to travel with Enzo, and using the free trip and hotel accommodation sponsored by Cebu Pacific and Hong Kong Tourism Board, he won that free trip last month from the event of HKTB and then we used our free Ocean Park HK tickets, that was given to us during the media event organized by Team Asia and Ocean Park HK.

We are clueless on how we can survive and enjoy HK, but I'm so glad that there's the internet and a book for information, my online friends and family who guided us for the do's and dont's. Thanks to them!!! and because of this...I want to go back again in HK.

here's a teaser blog post on the upcoming travel blog post that I'm going to release soon.

Eat in HK with small budget

Shop around

Travel with available public transportation

Enjoy the life as a 1st time tourist

embrace the country and its amazing scenery

Pop culture love!

Getting lost!

Ahahahah...That will be my story and adventure in Hong Kong.. watch out for our post
just visit my blog and also Enzo's blog -

good luck to me. super dami ko pa back logs


Thanks to Team Asia, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Cebu Pacific, Ocean Park HK, SL Travel Agency, Kimberly Hotel and CHOW YUN FAT!!! wohoohohoohoho

Sunday, November 18, 2012

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