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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Backing up my 2012 files

This is the first busiest day for the start of the year 2013, because I have a task to accomplish before I start full blast this 2013 and that's compiling and burning all my 2012 files in DVD, that's all photos and videos. I started with December 2012 media files and I just compiled it into 6 DVD disc, and now I'm continuing my DVD burning activities and compiled November 2012 files, and I just can't believe that the disc is up to 10 DVDs. I think I need to shoot less this time,in taking photos and videos, because backing up a large files is very difficult and Its hard to store them here at home and I hope that they will live for more than 10 years. I still have my old files way back 1999 in CD and its still running but I have 2-3 CDs that are no longer working and no longer read by the DVD machine, I'm not sure the reason of the fail reading, but I still store it and maybe a better tech will save it for me.

I used my old blank DVD that I bought last year and its a Philips DVDR that I purchase for one set at CDRKing, I'm not sure if its heavy duty, but I chose the slow speed burning just to make sure that all files are back up properly.

After my DVD back up, I will back up them again into my portable HD, I need to buy more HD passports, for my 2013 files.

I want to back up my files early, because I lost almost 5 months of data last 2012 and I don't want it to happen again and its sucks...because all my important files are in there and photos needed to be published are gone. I still have the old HD of my laptop and I will send it to a Data Recovery Service, a store I discovered in SM City Sta Mesa, inside SM Cyberzone, they have a service were they repair and restore files from damaged data storage devices.

my New Years resolution will be :  Back up my files at the 1st week of the new month

Oh well, cheers to 2013 and let's hope that everything will be fine.

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