After a fashion event, we ate our dinner in Xin Wang Hong Kong Café in SM MOA

Aug 3, 2013 – “Guys, tara let’s eat dinner” – said to me and to Sai, then mentioned “where tayo mag dinner?”, then I said to them “ tara let’s eat at Xin Wang Hong Kong Café, sa baba lang sya ng SM MOA”, these was our short conversation after that Penshoppe fashion event in SM MOA, we decided to take a break and celebrate an awesome coverage we did for that event over a nice dinner meal. Then I learned that the two blogger friends with me haven’t tried Xin Wang Hong Kong Café before, I told them its affordable and the food is great. They said Ok! let's go!

I’m a fan of this café restaurant, and its one of my favorite hang out place whenever I want to take a break, eat lunch or eat dinner. its also a place where I freshen up after a massive event coverage, the cold desserts they offer really helped me relax and also re-energize me to continue for another blog coverage assignment.

but we’re not there for the cold desserts, we want a heavy dinner meal for the three of us!

P8035488 and browsing the menu, it took us around 10 minutes to choose our food, I told them to scan the whole menu and look for a food they liked. The menu is packed with lots of graphics and over flowing of food list, you'll enjoy reading it and look at those food photos in the menu.

Here’s a view of their menu.

I ordered that Cheese Bake Rice with Pork Chop, priced at Php 225

Cold desserts menu, I always order their lychee and pudding with shaved ice

some snacks.

The dimsum list

baked rice

P8035496 ordered siopao bola bola

P8035497 ordered this stir fried noodles

that’s my lemon iced tea ..and I forgot that I regular order lychee iced tea drinks.

P8035499 ordered this wanton fried noodles
he commented that it was the tastiest ever.. hahahaha.. napa-mura sya sa sarap!

and here’s my order.
I super miss their Spicy Chicken Feet. I thought that I’ll be sharing this to my two blogger friends, but they told me that they don't eat chicken feet hahahah. My wife loves this..I remembered her when I took a bite of the first chicken feet here in our table.

here’s my favorite Cheese Baked Rice with Porkchop.
This is my 3rd time to order the baked rice. I like the melted cheese’s texture and heavyness and the pork chops roasted aroma is good.

Here’s our dinner! I wish I can eat here everyday.

I told them about the sexy drinking glass of Xin Wang, but I joked on that it looks like a urinal bottle for old people hahaha.

food photog!

Time to eat!

Happy dinner!!!

And here’s my bill… a total of PHp 395 – I walked out of the resto after paying and went home with a smiley face…ahhhh sarap! thanks Xin Wang

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
Ground Floor, North Wing, SM Mall of Asia (next to IMAX Theater), 1300 Pasay City, Philippines

about the resto
Street favorites of Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Singapore take centrestage at Xin Wang Hong Kong Café.

Boasting over 250 items on the menu, diners can savor comfort food borne from simple recipes characteristic of the typical Hong Kong and Macau cafes, home recipes we grew up on, local Singapore favorites, tim sum and tea-time snacks.

Different from other Hong Kong Cafes, we make it a point to constantly incorporate in the menu line up some dishes that customers like in Cantonese cuisine and not just signature Hong Kong fusion foods, congees and noodles. In this way, customers can have the best of the Cantonese restaurants and typical Hong Kong café dishes.

Open till late, the café is a place to visit when you have food cravings late into the night. The cozy ambience of cushioned seats and seating booths is an added reason for our customers to lounge around chit-chatting to the background music of retro hits.