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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Holiday Inn Hotel in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

Aug 17, 2013 - It’s my first time here in Holiday Inn Hotel in Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga, I have tried an overnight stay already from their other branch like in Holiday Inn Galeria and also stepped on the floors of the new Holiday Inn Glorietta, I  told myself that If ever I checked in at Holiday Inn Glorietta for an overnight stay, I can proclaim that I have stayed at the 3 branches of Holiday Inn, hahaha its becoming a new trend for me and maybe after this overnight stay here in Clark, I can get a booking in the future for Holiday Inn Glorietta.

I’m very picky when it comes to hotels, I’m glad that my wife knows how to select a hotel for the entire family, during her birthday month this year, we stayed overnight at Holiday Inn Galeria, the set up is nice and the pool is located at the middle part of the building, so when I always hear the word Holiday Inn Hotel, the branch in Galeria always comes into my mind, but now I’m aware that they have the Clark Freeport Zone branch and also the Glorietta branch.

The branch in Galeria is a bit old, the lobby can tell you and some fixtures will display that time passed by, but here in Holiday Inn Hotel Clark, the building is old but the hotel features and fixtures are modern, there are some traces of vintage aura when you look at the garden area, I didn’t got the chance to see the look of their pool, they close it this month and its under renovation. Good thing that they are renovating, that means more tourists and guests are coming in.

I didn’t pay for the overnight stay, I got an overnight stay there for free, and it’s a perk for us who joined a press screening of National Geographic Channel’s new series.

Entrance to Holiday Inn

The hotel lobby

One of the lounge area at the lobby

Our hotel room key card

Hotel customer desk

They also have a shuttle ride to some destinations, but looking at the sign here shows most destinations are going to SM City Clark mall, and I’m not sure if the shuttle ride is free.

we also received a welcome drink c/o Copa’s pool bar.
You have to choose if its iced tea or a juice.

the lobby going to the resto, café and elevator

Here’s our hotel room located at the 2nd floor. All walls and some fixtures are painted green, because it’s the main color for Holiday Inn.

The Bathroom

my traditional photo op inside the bathroom

Toiletries!!! I super love this mini soap and shampoo!

Shower area, I’m glad that the hot water is working properly, I didn’t encounter any problems using the hot water control. I also like a handle bar is placed there for easy support if you want to wash your legs and standing one foot while holding the shower- lol too much info.

mini dining table

LCD tv with cable tv
almost perfect..but I got a hard time looking for GMA NEWS TV hahahaa. Not sure if they programmed it the right channel order.

Office desk
my favorite part of the hotel room, as soon as I enter the hotel room, I pop out my stuff and placed my laptop here. I worked for several hours with my laptop during my stay here.

btw, the wifi connection looks fast.. but you need to pay for a Php 500 to get a 24 hour wifi access.
Its super expensive!!! I’m glad that I brought my Smart pocket wifi with me, I just load it with an unlimited mobile internet for 24 hours for only Php 50.

The phone and Alarm clock with iPhone dock.
I forgot to use that dock to charge my iPhone.

Electric kettle and coffee stuff are kept here inside the cabinet.

One of the must have for hotels, they also have a mini ref under the television cabinet.

electronic vault… very helpful for long staying foreign tourist

the room have a wooden window blind, you can view the vintage style garden from here.

If you are hungry…the only option there is the bar and the 2 restos. For long staying guest, I suggest you bring your own food and meals, or if you have time, drop by first to SM mall and buy your stocks there or you can also use the shuttle ride and buy your supplies outside Clark.

But for others, you can try buy some cakes, desserts and crunchy delights here at Makanan Enak, infront of this pastry store is the Mequeni resto, breakfast buffet for staying guest are held in there.

Copa’s pool bar
I think this is open 24 hours a day

P8156590 P8156591P8156592 P8156593
Inside Copa’s pool bar

P8156594 P8156595P8156596 P8156597
Me and Nonoy picked up our welcome drinks here

Rodizio resto is a wine and steakhouse restaurant. Located at the 7th floor, it’s a fine dining resto with steak buffet and wine bar.

P8156711 P8156712
I super love the food here and also the interior ambiance.


here’s a waiter staff serving us a grilled german sausages. I’m going to feature the food soon in a separate blog post.

The lights and color are very warm.

standing: me, Nix, Chuck, Yugel
seated: Noy, Ely, MJ, Tricia, Laila and Ash

That’s my hotel feature of the day! I want to go back here soon just to check out the pool design, but I don’t know what kind of activities I can do here at Clark Freeport Zone whenever I’m staying there in Holiday Inn, I'm not yet familiar with the place yet.

Holiday Inn Hotel
Mimosa Leisure Park
Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines

website of Holiday Inn Hotel
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