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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Movie date: The internship movie + Burger King’s BK Stack King burger

Aug 18, 2013 -- It’s a movie date with wifey again and we waited for this movie titled “The Internship”, its about two old guys who were jobless and found a way to apply for an internship at Google, it’s a good funny movie and its very inspiring too. Every movie session in SM Cinema, me and wife always celebrate by visiting a resto or a fast food, that day we decided to go back to Burger King, bec. I told her that I want to try that BK Stacks King burger of Burger King, it’s a 4 burger patty of awesomeness with bacon and melted cheese.

but before I tell you my review about that burger, let me share some photos that I took during our movie date

I changed my mind when I saw that Dragon Ball Z is still showing that day, but the wife don’t want to watch anime and she really want to watch that Google movie, I also want to watch Kick Ass 2, those are the movies that I missed for the month of August 2013.. oh damn..
I’m glad that the movie The Internship is not in 3D…. bec. 3D sucks and its expensive!
I hope SM Cinema removes that features…its better in IMAX 3D and I want my money be spent in an IMAX theater and not in a digital cinema.

After the movie date, we went here in Burger King at the 2nd level of SM City Bacoor, according to that Burger King manager that I talked with from an event in One E-Com branch, they said that they will renovate this branch in Cavite and transform it to that American grilled style restaurant like in One E-Com SM MOA ground branch.

oh pls!!! renovate this ASAP!

I got the fun in taking photos..wala lang.

Here’s our feast for the king and queen of burgers hahahah

Here’s my BK Stacks King burger.. I felt sad when I saw this…it looks small

but after opening it.. .kabammm!!!!
its big and the burger fits into my mouth hahaha. The grilled meat is okay, I love the melted cheese, but I was hoping that it will be bigger like the picture posted in their menu, but for me its okay. After devouring it, I never complain ever again. because I’m satisfied and its good and I will order this again.

Its not monstrous in size, but it’s a man sized meal perfect for a foodie like me.

and ohh, we finally discovered that Burger King accepts home delivery
we tried it after 2 days and we are very happy with the service!

thanks Burger King!! pogi points ka uli sa akin!

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