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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Creative audio made clever with Hitz mobile headsets, Sound Blaster EVO headphones and Airwave HD portable NFC speakers

Creative is back again in the tech stream and they launched a new series of audio tech products for the 2013 that was dubbed as the distributor of clever audio to our human ear, I know that listening to crisp, clear and boombastic audio is not enough and as time goes by and the evolution for audio tech continuously evolve, the notorious audio maker Creative also known by tech geeks of the 90’s as Sound Blaster, they are here to present to us that their devices are not just smart, intelligent but more clever than ever.

They mentioned to us that they are constantly strive to apply the implementation of clever technology to better user's lives by applying a 1) clever design 2) clever audio 3) clever usage for the ir Creative branded products, while for the Sound Blaster line they apply the 1) clever playback 2) clever recording 3) clever connectivity 4) clever communication

After knowing these new implementation, I am convinced that Creative really listens to their consumers and that’s a good way of giving back to us a good tech innovation. So the audio is made clever now a days, we really need it because other devices that can be paired with these audio products need to be more smarter and intelligent, that’s why Creative went beyond being clever enough.


With these new techs, Creative constantly push themselves to the limit to create more products that deliver only the highest standards in audio fidelity and performance. Their audio products should stand out not only in terms of audio quality but also for aesthetically inspiring - that's according to the Creative labs team here in the Philippines

So for this 2013 they released
1. Creative Airwave HD
2. Htiz mobile headset
3. Sound Blaster EVO headset

Let me introduce to you one by one the new audio tech from Creative
we can start here with these cute little wireless portable speakers, they are colorful and its fun to play with it – not a game item , but an audio item that you can use anywhere without worrying any cables dangling around. Here are my blogger friends – and checking out the NFC and bluetooth connectivity of the Airwave HD speakers

Creative Airwave HD

Creative Airwave Portable Wireless Speaker is 30 inch speaker with build in batteries, you can charge it and bring it anywhere, no need for cables but you need a mobile device in order to use this. All you need to do is use your mobile device's NFC wireless connection or if you don't have NFC capability in your devices, you can just pair it via Bluetooth connection. Two devices can be connected to the Airwave HD via Bluetooth but you can toggle between the two devices and select one that can play your audio.

Airwave HD got a nice Bluetooth audio streaming tech the Apt x csr ACC won't worry you if ever there's a delay, it will continiously air the audio from your device and played directly to the Airwave HD. For full charge, it can run up to 7 hours, and if you have an incoming call, the built in microphone from the Airwave HD can help you answer a call. Its light, portable and stylish for music lovers.

Here’s my touch and try session, I pair my iPhone with the Airwave HD via Bluetooth connection

LS-AirwaveHD NFC Connection
Here’s a photo showing on how you can connect it via NFC

P8146498 P8146503
The diamond shape appearance shows you the new image or shape logo of Creative
The color and style shows a youthful appearance.

P8146504 P8146505
Here’s a close up look with their box and the controls on top of the Airwave HD

P8146509 P8146511
Sorry for using flash on my camera, the red Airwave turns to be pink hahaha, but its red actually.

Here’s an example on how you can use your Airwave HD – bring it anywhere and anytime

SRP: (no details yet)

Hitz MA350
Next new release of Creative mobile headset comes in two kinds of model and also got a neon-ish color, the cable wire are flat and thin, and its designed for music and also for phone calls, there’s a microphone and also a volume control at the middle of the flat cable wire. I’m not sure if the flat wire can prevent you from tangle, but it says from Creative’s catalog that this new feature is a tangle-resistant cable.

P8146514 P8146517
Hitz MA350 – in ear bud feature and flat cable wire
Close up look of Hitz MA350

P8146520 P8146521
Hitz MA200
Same feature with the MA350 but this one comes with a noise isolation in-ear design

close up look of MA200

Hitz models - Php 1700

Hitz MA2400 mobile headsets
One of the comfy headset that I have tried that day and I like the earpads and head bands, its soft and it doesn’t squeeze my head. This new series of mobile headsets or headphones comes with their own built in microphone. You can use this with smarphones, listen to music, play games and then make calls with it by not removing your headsets.
P8146523 P8146524
I did a test run and used my iPhone and listened a music from Karmin, I just need to check the good vocal feed and also bass coming from my iPhone up to this Hitz MA2400.

specs: Bass tuned 34mm Neodymium drivers deliver deep and awesome lows

P8146525 P8146527
I smiled after I felt the comfy earpads, headbands and nice flow of music. White color is cute and perfect for Apple users.

Htiz MA2600 mobile headsets

specs: high performance 40mm Neodymium drivers deliver deep and punchy bass
P8146529 P8146532
One of the good feature of this MA2600 is that it brings a nice bass push to my ear and also the earcups can be flat folded

Hitz MA2300
Same feature with the other model but this one comes in one single sided flat cable. I prefer using this because it’s a bit comfy with one cable hanging in my head set.

specs: 30mm Neodymium drivers deliver explosive bass
P8146537 P8146538
Also comes in with built in microphone

P8146544 P8146547
Here I tested it with my iPhone listening to Icona Pop music “ I don’t care, I love it!” pretty bass kicks in and the most okay feature here is that the Htiz are lighter, stylish and unique.

MA2600 - Php 2,899
MA4200 - Php 2,200
MA2300 - Php 1700

Sound Blaster EVO
This is the ultimate headsets from Creative, they used their Sound Blaster line and launched a high tech wireless mobile headset. They have different models – EVO ZXR, EVO ZX, wireless version and usb version.

Each Evo model comes its own built in audio processor, its like a PC running on its own mother board but this headset is very high tech that comes in with its own audio hardware. It also comes with a microphone that works in crystal voice focus features, SBX surround sound for 3D audio experience, SBX Bass that fills in missing low frequency tones for deep high-impact bass that you can actually feel it as you hear it.

Evo headsets connects to your device via Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, there’s also an analog cable and slot for the headphone if you want a wired audio connectivity from your PC or device, useful plug if the battery runs out from the headset. It got its own battery that can last up to 8 hours.

For audio fanatics, this EVO model from Sound Blaster is one of the bests ever that I have encountered.

EVO ZXR - Php 16k
EVO ZX - Php 11k
EVO wireless - Php 9k
EVO usb ver - Php 7k

For more details of these tech stuff from Creative, check our their FB Page
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