Hap Chan: Serving Authentic Chinese Food in the South!

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Looking for an authentic Chinese restaurant in the South particularly in Cavite, Las Pinas and Bicutan? If Binondo is too far away, then you can check out Hap Chan in SM Bicutan, SM Southmall and SM Dasmarinas for your easy fix of authentic Chinese cuisine.

Hap Chan was founded by Kwok Man and his team of Hong Kong cooks in 1997. They brought their chinese style of cooking to the Philippines and established their tea house branches around the country including SM Bicutan branch that we ate at.

First look at the entrance of Hap Chan SM Bicutan, you’ll see a chinese entrance design on the sides upon entering. Inside the tea house, there are Chinese lanterns on the ceiling and the colors red and yellow dominates the color scheme of the resto, makes you feel the warmth of the Chinese ambiance. A simple yet traditional bamboo wall painting also accentuates the vibe of Chinese influence.

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Now let’s discover the food Hap Chan has to offer. First served on the table, the Beef Broccoli which costs 280 pesos. I love broccoli and having beef with it makes me want to eat more. The healthy aspect of sauteed broccoli and the tenderness of the marinated beef is a truly delicious pairing.

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Then we have the Mixed Meat Canton (240 pesos) that is a complete meal already. You got canton noodles, seafood like shrimps, meat and vegetables! If you want to get full fast, order this.

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Their Hakaws (125 pesos) are also great with the smooth dimsum and shrimp fillings that will make you happy once you dipped it in your fave sauce.Order at least two servings, it’s addicting and you’ll be wanting more I tell you.

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If you love some cartilage and bones like me, they serve Chicken feet (105 pesos) too! Pile those bones and suck them dry until no skin and meat remains haha..

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On to the Assorted Cold Cuts (430 pesos), the highlight of the Chinese food spread for me. You can taste varieties of meats and other things. It has Chinese Kikiam, Century Eggs, Pork Asado, Lechon Macau and Jellyfish with Cucumbers right in the middle. It’s also my first time eating Jellyfish and was surprised that it can be eaten and I liked it very much!

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Fried Squid Salt and Pepper (P300) was also good, it has a comfort food appeal like the one you eat at a street food corner but more delicious and the sauce, I suggest you try this!

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Look at that Chinese food feast!

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They also serve Yang Chow Rice (290 pesos) and Minced Beef Rice (230 pesos). Minced Beef Fried Rice was the bomb!

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Yang Chow Rice

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Minced Beed Rice

Did not get a chance to taste this once called Spare Ribs with Tausi (100 pesos). It’s already gone which means someone ate it all and must be delicious haha..

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Hap Chan Crispy Fried Chicken (P438) was tasty and juicy as it is, no need for sauce. It is marinated for half a day to lock in all that flavors! Also includes some chips for that added crunch.

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There’s also combo meals you can order for one that is a complete meal with iced tea. This combo meal (175 pesos) has a cup of rice, lumpia shanghai, chopsuey guisado, butchi and a glass of iced tea.

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For groups, they can choose from the set meals. Like this set meal (1,950 pesos) which is good for 6 person. It has Yang Chow fried rice, Mixed Meat Canton, Hap Chan Crispy Fried Chicken, Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper, Sweet and Sour Pork, Sauteed Beef with Broccoli and 2 orders of Butchi (6pcs).

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Ready for desserts? Butchi (65 pesos), Chilled Taho with Mango Sago (75 pesos) and Black and White Gulaman (75 pesos) got you covered.

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The butchi has ube filling inside.

Soft and yummy, Chilled Taho with Mango Sago is a wonderful treat!

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Black and white gulaman perfect for summer heat with all the ice in there.

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Hap Chan has many sumptuous Chinese dishes combine that with the Chinese ambiance will surely make your dining experience enjoyable. My top 3 picks would be the Assorted Cold Cuts, Minced Beef Fried Rice and the Hakaws.

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Some of the promo poster displays of Hap Chan SM Bicutan.

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You can find Hap Chan Tea House branches at these locations:

SM Bicutan
Dona Soledad Avenue corner West Service Road Bicutan, Paranaque
Contact No. (02) 805 4921

SM Southmall
Unit 0125 Alabang Zapote Road, Almanza, Las Pinas
Contact No. (02) 810 9822

SM Dasmarinas
Unit 33 Lower Ground Floor, Dasmarinas Cavite
Contact No. (046) 416 2661

Coverage by: Aaron Nomo
For Azrael's Merryland Bog