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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War fans event with Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Gillan and director Joe Russo


That's me...smiling and geeking out after we got a surprise video conference with the cast of Avengers: Infinity war movie. We were doing a video recording for a fans greeting and we shout "We are ready for Avengers!" and we do it like 5 times for the recording, and then suddenly the big screen infront of us flashes the live video feed from Singapore --- we just can't believe that the stars of the movie - Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange), Karen Gillan (Nebula) and director Joe Russo was watching the live feed from SM Cinema, SM Megamall and they saw us doing the greetings.

The crowd went wild after we saw them waving at us and talking at us


I got the invite a week ago and I thought it was the advanced screening of Avengers: Infinity War, then I got info that it will be just a Marvel fans gathering in one cinema.

I sent my rsvp and thought that Disney PH might be showing a 30 minute exclusive clip from the movie. Because I heard that they will be screening that too in a press event in Singapore.


I seated with Sean and Jeff of Big Boys Toy store, so we talked about some geek stuff and what will be the big revelation of this event, seated also with us is Tony Tuason of Flipgeeks, which we pull him back to his seat because he wants to eject if ever the 30 minutes preview will be shown at the big screen hahah.


The program started, and we just wait what will be the grand finale of the program, we also got excited for the raffle, because two people already won in our row.


I was so nervous that day because we still hope to see a preview or some kind of special clip that will be exclusive to screen that day.


One of the best highlight of the Marvel fans event is the dance sample of Stan Lee cosplayer - Dan Ramon Geromo. We know that Dan is also a Michael Jackson cosplayer, so he fuses the character Stan Lee dancing Michael Jackson's "Beat it"


They also featured some of the Avengers cosplayers that day, I was planning to come in as Star Lord  but I can't find my props and mask at home. So I went there as a Skrull disguising as a blogger hahaha


The big bad guy is here!!! Thanos cosplayer marches in the middle of the aisle of the cinema. We waited for 10 years for this and the movie Avengers: Infinity War is the ultimate culmination of those 10 years of Marvel Cinema Universe.


Thanos speaks.... he will crush everyone with a single flick of a finger...that will only happen if he got all the Infinity Gems. Im sure our Marvel heroes will do whatever they can to stop Thanos


Ok flash back to the video conference with the celebs...on pic: my face reaction when we were surprised by the Benedict, Karen and Joe


I think that was around a 20 minute hi and hello with the stars. We know that it will be just a quick video conference but the first topic was that Benedict and Karen are so amazed to see the full costumes of their fans. Karen Gillan also noticed the Nebula cosplayer and then Benedict is happy to see cosplayers wearing Dr. Strange and Wong.


There was an interview panel, and Disney PH selected three lucky person to talk with them. During the interview panel, we learned the personal comment of Karen Gillan about Nebula's development from being a villain in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and what will be her role and fate for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War


Director Joe Russo shares that all of the Marvel characters from the MCU will be here in one movie and this is the culmination of the MCU's tenth year, and he is excited for the fans reaction when the movie comes out.


Benedict Cumberbatch shares what was like to be working with Iron Man, and he said that Dr Strange is into magic and mysticism and then Iron Man is more on science,  both are men of science and logic, and seeing the two work together in one big movie is a big joy for him.


It was just a quick video conference with the stars! we just hope for more or maybe use the Reality Gem and make a world that all Avengers stars will come here in Manila for the part 2 movie..Let's wish and ask Disney PH to set a red carpet fans conference in SM Megamall Fashion Hall.


The aftermath of my day --- thanks to Big Boys Store fo this Funko Pop! Thanos.
sooo cute!!! ayan may bantay na ko sa bahay


with Carlo Patrick Torres as LOKI
The best LOKI cosplayer!!




The cast of Spider-verse


Vision selfie with lots of Scarlet Witch and Marvel friends


Not a cosmic cube...thanks to Goldilocks for the cosmic cupcake


Thanos stands infront of Marvel Fans....kneel or die??


Folded and Hung promotes their latest Avengers: Infinity War shirts


For my birthday this July 1...I want a Thanos cake!


Hmm.... the future.... Avengers vs. X-men ???


Ahh..... Karen Gillan..pls visit us here in Manila. I hope she's serious that she will come here for a coffee...also the lucky person that will date her might be Karen Kunawicz, because she was the panel interviewer with Karen that day and her coffee comment was like a magical invite for Karen Gillan to visit Manila...I hope she's serious

Avengers: Infinity War will be shown in all SM Cinemas and theaters nationwide this APRIL 25.
Mark your calendars and don't dare miss this big movie!

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