Hope in 40 seconds - top 5 animated video entries revealed!


I've encountered Hopeline last 2016, its a 24 hour hotline for everyone to help them battle depression and suicide, they also launched the toll free line 2219 for Globe and TM Users, the campaign is a collaboration of Globe and Natasha Goulborn Foundation to expand the hotline and network to give hope to all people who want to seek advise to their problems.

Then fast forward to 2017, I learned that Globe, Hopeline now collaborates with DLS-CSB for the new animated video competition for their Hope in 40 seconds, they already set a call for entries late last 2017 and invited college students to send their 40 seconds animated video promoting the Hopeline advocacy.

Then early 2018, Globe and Hopeline is now suppored by the Department of Health for promoting mental health awareness through the Hopeline 24/7 suicide prevention hotline.

Depression still continues and this lead to the cause of death to people in  any parts of the world. Some of us, think that depression might be just temporary, but it is more than a negative feeling and it is considered as an illness.


This afternoon-- Globe, Hopelne, NGF, DSL-CSB and DOH are excited to announce the top 5 animated video entries for the Hope in 40 seconds contest.- a contest and also serves as an awareness about mental health

Here are the list of top 5

1. Hope in your Hands by Nia Colinayo, Jade Velasquez, Bradd Maesa, Gray Santos nad Angelo Sarmiento
2. Light beyond shadows by Rex Lynnus Sueno, Elisha Zapata and Khalil Albuainain
3. Out of reach by Maria Marquiala Pellejo and Ralph Reyes
4. Hope^4 by Aleks Elizabeth Dolor Isla and Erika Marquez
5. Black White Red by Ma. Isabella Parca and Alyssa Marie Misa.

During the announcement of the top 5 finalist. The contest organizers also revealed the top 3 winners.
-- I will post an update here re: the list of top 3 winner.


After the revelation of the top 5 finalist and winners, Globe Telecom reminded us about their #Hopeline2919 and #seeyoutomorrow campaign.

They have a tv commercial that was directed by Quark Henares and its about a photographer friend who continues to communicate with her friend who is battling depression and she communicates by slipping printed photos under the slit of the door of her room. The photographer friend never stop in sending more pictures of happy things happening from the outside world, this gave the idea that people can heal quickly with the support of a family or a friend.

So if you know someone that needs help. Suggest to them that they should call and talk to HOPELINE.

HOPELINE can be reached to the ff: numbers: 804-HOPELINE, 0917-558HOPE (4673) and 2219.
All line are toll free for TM and Globe.

Below are top 5 animated video entries for Hope in 40 seconds