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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Sykes Glorietta launch event–Sykes Shift, Bamboo performance (coverage)

After my tour inside the new Sykes Glorietta BPO 1 building, our media team were escorted at the Glorietta activity center and there we saw a nice set up for Sykes’ grand launching event to celebrate the opening of their new workplace. As they say that Sykes Shifts already because they are re-imagining the workplace for everyone and adds new office culture to the Philippines.

Google’s office and Facebook’s office in the US are mentioned earlier, as one of the best work place ever in the world, because the company giants take care of their employees in order to sustain more growth and have a healthy industry, with that kind of office culture, this inspired Sykes to create their own version here in the Philippines and I think this is the first ever to have seen a comfy office space. You can check my tour and visit in their new building here at

photo above:
Cherry Wang (Senior director for operations), Michael John “Mike” Henderson (SVP for regional operations, APAC), President and CEO Mr. Chuck Sykes, Dean Van Omer (VP for Philippine Operations), Jenn Ching (Senior director for Solutions Architecture) and Erick Carcamo (Senior director for operations)


P8136163 P8136166P8136167 P8136169
My view around the event venue

My event ID of the day

Show will start in a few minutes

President and CEO of Sykes – Mr. Chuck Sykes in an interview with ANC On the Money host Melissa Gecolea

Spotted fellow bloggers – and

Issa Litton now hosting the event

Michael John “Mike” Henderson (SVP for regional operations, APAC)

”I like to thank the team who build the new Sykes building. Special thanks also to the Manila team who are involved in this project and its the single biggest project that we done in this country and its the biggest call center in the country. Two small feet we have. Thank you everyone for making this possible.
Today is a key milestone for Sykes, for many years that we came here 16 years ago, this is the best offering we have, I don't see it much a milestone but its a sign of post for the future, our future commitment for our employees, clients and the Philippines.”

Dean Van Omer (VP for Philippine Operations)

”Sykes started with 15 people and then 16 years later we have now 16,000 employees, we are very proud of that, proud of our accomplishments, to be a pioneer, proud to part of and become a very large company in the Philippines. While we stay proud to be the pioneer, we just don't stay as a pioneer, but continuously stay ahead and find ways to move on and figure out move things and that's bring us tonight in opening the new Sykes Glorietta.

The site is designed with all aspects of the employee, from the colors of the walls, to the lighting, to the ability to adapt the training rooms to holistic learning, to the video and visual boards and electronics that we put all across the set.”

President and CEO Mr. Chuck Sykes

”In 1996 we were the 1st US outsource that was established with 15 people, and today, we all know, we have hundred thousands of people working in the BPO company, and we doubt we are part of that, and this created a spark in the industry. We have a special relationship in the Philippines, it connects our company and the Philippines.

Sykes and the country enjoyed so much success, we overcome many challenges over the years and tonight with the launch of Sykes Glorietta, we once again established a ground breaking standard in the industry, a changing or re-imagining the workforce. Its something that, I think it will be another profound effect in the industry”

One of the highlights are the moving panels, walls, miniature building sculptures that represent Sykes and its building workforce in the industry.

The party just started…..

Bamboo Manalac performed his original hits coming from Rivermaya, Bamboo and some cover songs

P8136244 P8136256P8136277 P8136281
I’m so happy to see him performed live on stage, its been ages the last time I saw him on stage and he got long hair back in the old days.

Their female keyboardist is one awesome part of the band… I like her!

P8136293 P8136312
Sykes bosses and employees enjoyed live music by Bamboo

P8136331 P8136344

The moment of Bamboo sings “Elesi”, he suddenly approached me and sang with me face to face.. oh man. I won’t forget that day

congratulations to Sykes for the success here in the Philippines!!!
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