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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

My visit in the new Sykes Glorietta BPO 1 building

I got a chance to check out the new building of Sykes in Glorietta mall building, the office building is not located at the center or inside the mall but it is located at the side of the mall. It’s a separate building that sits next to the new renovated Glorietta mall, and next to Holiday Inn hotel.

Sykes is a BPO company that started here in our country 16 years ago and considered as the pioneer in the BPO industry. The BPO industry continues to grow and give more push here in our country, as time flies, every company needs to convert and adapt to give a new working space and office culture to their employees, that's what Sykes is doing right now, they are shifting to a new direction with much better working space and also a high tech HQ in Makati City.

Did you know that there's an estimate of 926,000 full time employees working in different companies, that's according to the stats of the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP) and according to them, the BPO industry will generate to $16 Billion in revenues by the end of 2013. There are more BPO companies are coming in, there’s no competition to it, but the most important here is that how a company can take care of their employees and how to consistently maintain a healthy business in the industry. For Sykes plan, it was the time to give back and also take care of their Sykes employees by introducing this new building.

The new building "Sykes Glorietta, is the future of BPO, the workplace is designed primarily to provide collaboration and comfort that enhances the workers productivity. There's an intelligent light that matches the sun's bright ambiance to the room, ergonomic chairs that is very comfy and adapt to all body types, rooms with vibrant colors, work stations designed for ease and accomplishment. A Huddle room also known as meeting room or collaboration room that gives good communication between employees and managers. A Mother's room for working moms who need to lactate, training room and application room to accommodate incoming new Sykes employees.

"The building is a major project by SYKES, because we believe that employees are our premium to our longevity - we want to give them the best. We also want to show that a career in the BPO is very progressive, especially since the industry has become a very significant part of the economic landscape. It's our contribution for the forward move of BPO," - Mr. Dean Van Ormer, Vice-President for Philippine Operations.

When I saw the building, it reminds me of hotel that employees that can stay in and relax, but here in Sykes, working there gives the most comfortable experience to their employees. For old and new workers of Sykes, I’m sure they are excited to stay here.

My tour here started from 8th floor and 5th floor.

at the 8th floor -- Employee’s working stations are located here

Each office cubicle is posted according to color and the levels of the panel walls are just right for privacy to each employees. The vibrant and colorful spaces gives a relaxed work environment.

The Huddle room
It’s a focus meeting room with glass white board, the room is where the people can collaborate as a team. The room has a built in wall socket with RGB and HDMI plugs that is connected to the flat screen monitor. This room helps the team communicate with each other.

Countries posted in the lobby wall.

Here’s the Women’s sleeping room

Sykes provided a nice sleeping room for their employees. It’s a double deck bed, with foam bed and pillow. Its like a hotel when you see their room.

Men’s sleeping room

Men’s sleeping room are also located in the lobby, they are located at the other side of the female sleeping room.

Lockers are located at the pantry area.

The pantry room with a little Starbucks feeling to Sykes employees this give access to rest,eat and have time with other workers.

Another view of the pantry area

Floor of the pantry with a unique design, the other side of the pantry got a different floor design.

It is spacious and with high ceiling format

There’s a PC here for everyone’s free access to check email or communicate

The other side of the pantry area

Big sign that says “Trash” to remind everyone to practice – clean as you go.

Let’s take a peak inside the training room

Inside the training room – with PC and a touch screen board.

View of a lobby inside Sykes Glorietta BPO 1

Another version of the training room without PC

The intelligent light
it works using 80% indirect light and 20% direct light. Means the light gives proper diffusion and removes glare inside the room. The intelligent lights operates when people walk in the room and automatically shuts off when there’s no one occupying the room.

The conference room

Here’s the conference room

I tried the ergonomic chair and my experience tells me that this one very comfy chair

The ergonomic chair

Elevator at Sykes Glorietta BPO 1

Elevator lobby

Graphics with youthful appearance posted in the wall

At the 5th floor is where the recruitment room is located.

New applicants will read this motivational graphics posted at the 5th floor’s wall.

Inside the mother’s room

There are two mothers room, each room has its own refrigerator, wash area, and comfy chair. They can lactate their breast milk here and later on refrigerate the milk and they can bring it home for their baby.

Inside the clinic

When I entered this room, I felt that I was not inside Sykes anymore, its like a hospital inside, the smell is like inside the hospital.

spotted 2 resident nurse available that day .

Reception room for new applicants

The lobby for new applicants

small meeting room located at the 5th floor

The lounge area with TV screens

see through glass windows at the lounge area and lobby

Application room
New applicants can log in here and answer some questions via PC

Here are some facts about this building

Formal name: Sykes Glorietta BPO 1

Size: 18,769.80 sq. meters

Capacity – 2500 employees

Start of build out – March 30, 2013

Phase 1 completion – 4 floors – July 1, 2013

Phase 2 and final completion – 2 floors – September 18, 2013

Architects: Gresham, Smith and Partners (USA) and Adrianse Group Philippines
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