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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Victorinox travel gear and Victorinox Klasse loyalty card launched in Manila

I attended a posh cocktail party organized by iconic 125 year old Swisss brand, Victorinox, the event is to celebrate another milestone for the Swiss brand by hosting a “Klasse” or chic and stylish event and also inline with the Swiss National day celebration. The event was held last August 14, 2013 at the Oz bar in Holiday Inn.

The hotel venue is new to me and it was my first time to go there, I was so excited to check out the hotel and also Victorinox, I’m a big fan of their Swiss army knife, and as a boy scout, this is one of our helpful and reliable tool whenever we are in the woods. Forget about extra clothes or other items, whenever I go outdoors, I always think of carrying a Victorinox Swiss army knife, its one of the best tool for survival, I remember that my dad got one of those Swiss army solo knife and also an army knife that was given to me during my grade school days, up to these days, I still keep it and been bringing it whenever I have an out of town travel. Also the Victorinox Swiss army knife became so popular after the hit tv series MacGyver, the main hero of the series just uses this knife in order to defeat bad guys.

But the Victorinox Swiss brand is not just an army knife, it is also a lifestyle and travel brand that is supported by many travelers and also professional people. The travel bags and gear are so unique and durable (and also expensive!), but its one of those male's dream to own it. If girls love LV bags, for us men, we love Victorinox brand. It’s a brand that reflects a toughness, strength and being always prepared, well that’s only my perspective whenever we own a Victorinox item.

Here in our country, we know that the Victorinox brand is patronized by many people who value premium craftsmanship, with highest quality, with elegance and sophistication. This brand heavily reminds me of my dad who usually visit that travel and outdoor store in SM Megamall back in the days just to check out some swiss army knife and outdoor gears , and my dad is a perfectionist when it comes to buying things, and I got introduced to Victorinox after he told me that its the best brand for Swiss army knives and it was invented since the year 1884.

The event was held at the rooftop deck of Holiday Inn, there’s a pool, food, live dj music, projected screen that plays near the pool and an awesome display of Victorinox items that gave me an itchy eye after staring at those cool watches and travel bags.

victorinox klasse card
Victorinox Klasse Card

But let me introduce to you about the main purpose of the launching event.
Here they launched the Victorinox Klasse card, it’s a loyalty card for those who are Victorinox fans and collectors. The Victorinox Klasse card holders will have a benefits of receiving special invites, private selling events, discounts and many more.

here’s the info:

Finally, highlighting the program was the launch of the Victorinox Klasse card, a loyalty card that entitles its members to receive various perks and privileges. Among these perks are (1) an invitation to private selling events and exclusive Victorinox events such as product launches and parties, (2) a 20 percent discount on one’s birthday month, (3) quarterly privileges with partner establishments, and (4) promotions exclusive to the card holder.

to avail the card and for more info, pls contact:

During the event, Oz bar served to us a delicious Swiss-oriented specialties, I love the sausages and cheeses, I'm not familiar with the menu but let me mention it here.

food menu - Lucerne Vol Au Vent, Vitello Tonnato, St. Gallen Sausages, Ticino Air Dried Meats, Cheese Board e.g.Gruyere, Emmenthal & Appenzeller, Assorted Bread Rolls, Swiss Chocolate Fondue, Meringue, Fresh Strawberries and Grapes.

During the night, we learned more about the Swiss culture through food and also about how Victorinox started and being part of human success. I just learned from there that the original Swiss army knife is now more than a century old.

Swiss ambassador Ivo Sieber is also there at the event and he was awarded with the Victorinox Klasse card and considered as the first honorary member.

Victorinox is exclusively distributed here in the Philippines by Grimalkin Corporation

Here’s my photo coverage of the event, that’s me inside the elevator of Holiday Inn on my way up to the roof deck. After jumping from two more events earlier, I landed here finally for my last leg of blog coverage.

P8136365 P8136362
Almont 3.0 luggage and the limited edition leather travel bag (worth Php100k)

Victorinox Swiss time pieces Night Vision models

P8136369 P8136371
Victorinox Night Vision is a Swiss-styled stainless steel quartz watch with a stealthy Swiss army function, the watch illuminates with the help of a low energy LED on the top. The LED light can also be used to signal someone at a far location, most people use the LED light signal to communicate in morse code light sequence.

Victorinox time pieces - Infantry

P8136376 P8136377
With body of stainless steel in a brown with traditional stitches or stainless bracelet. The watch shows some small numbers in army hours format, there's a days of the week counter below 12 o clock and also the date located at the 3 o clock position.

P8136378 P8136379
and yes.the time piece is water resistant

Victorinox Swiss army knives

P8136381 P8136383
no need for proper introduction, we know how these army knives work

P8136386 P8136387P8136388 P8136389
I have that two kinds of army knives, the one with a pliers and the conventional army knife,but one of my dream is to own that jack of all trades Swiss army knife.

the time piece displays

a nice gallery of Victorinox cutlery and time piece.

Victorinox Swiss time pieces – Maverick GS

P8136394 P8136395P8136397 P8136398
The GS means "Grand Sport", it has features of chronograph function and dual time indication. Best watch for travelers who don't want to switch time zone sched in their watches.

Victorinox Swiss time piece – Original
First time piece of Victorinox that was launched on 1989.

P8136402 P8136403
Now sporting a new version and also with a new leather bracelet with cover

P8136405 P8136407
more gallery of Victorinox items

P8136415 P8136420
The event started with some trivia and history of Victorinox

Jimmy Thai, president and CEO of the Primer Group welcomed everyone at the event

P8136432 P8136433
A fashion show featuring Victorinox apparel and travel gear

P8136434 P8136436
Its my first time to learn here that Victorinox now has apparel and best fit for males.

P8136438 P8136449
Swiss ambassador Ivo Sieber mentioned to us that he is proud to be part of this promotional event, and after the speech, he was awarded as the first honorary member of the Victorinox Klasse. The most important part of his speech is that he reported to us that there's a good relationship between Swiss and Filipinos, he also shared to us that the first Swiss came here in our country as misionaries and others are mercenaries that showed first the awesome  Swiss invention of the Swiss army knife to early pinoys.

The event awarded their guests with Victorinox items, and here’s Ferdie’s Victorinox Night Vision time piece…. worth Php 33k

Awesome night for us bloggers to cover this klasse-y event by Victorinox, its one of the best ever for me that day.

here’s a list of stores on where to buy authentic Victorinox items

Victorinox, 2nd Floor, The Podium
The Travel Club
The Travel Club
Duty Free Philippines
The Landmark Makati/Trinoma
SM MOA, SM Makati, SM Megamall Dept Stores

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