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Monday, October 14, 2013

A return lunch at Makan Makan Asian Food Village in Manila Ocean Park

This post is like a day zero of our Manila Hotel staycation, we ate our lunch here first in Makan Makan Asian Food Village in Manila Ocean Park, it’s the only establishment that is near to Manila Hotel, so we picked this place for our luncheon. We chose to eat here after we found out that some restos and fast food are already closed in Manila Ocean Park, but there are new ones that occupied the opposite side of the ocean park, the new ones are affordable and with simple meals, but we don’t want to eat that, we want a food that something will satisfy our tasty needs, and because that I came from Malaysia few weeks ago, I told my wife there might be some good Malaysian or Singaporean food there at Makan Makan. The restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of the ocean park, and its under H20 Hotel, I remember that we ate our breakfast here when we stayed overnight in H20 Hotel during its opening.

Makan Makan offers a hawker style of Malaysian and Singaporean food, if you want to taste some spicy and peanutty flavor, I suggest you visit this place.

“The best of Asia's flavors and the ambiance of Singapore's hawker style dining is now in Manila! Indulge in Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Satay, Char Kway Teow, Laksa, and other classic Singaporean favorites in Makan Makan Food Village at Manila Ocean Park”

check out their Facebook page for food promos -

When Makan Makan was first introduced to us and newly opened, I feel that there’s a big energy from the inside of the resto, but as time goes by, the energy starts to weaken, because maybe there’s less foot traffic or less customers nowadays, but they are still here, still kicking in and alive. The chefs are here to give a good food show, they cook the food infront of you and it’s a free entertainment for you.

the wife.
She started some ohhh ahhh yummy comments, because we love curry and spicy food.

Makan Makan offers Malaysian, Singaporean, Chinese and Filipino Food.

PA112030 PA112031PA112032 PA112034
Here’s a preview of their menu, the price is quiet okay Still affordable for me in a resto price range.

Photo op… ohh behind us is the White Moon bar – that usually opens at night and at sunset here in Manila Ocean Park

PA112035 PA112037
The dining area of Makan Makan
Its hot here at the side during summer, the heat coming from the sun goes through the glass, they have those blinds that covers the glass wall from the sun’s ray.

PA112040 PA112041
The kitchen and interior design that looks like they are a kitchen set up for the street

PA112042 PA112043
Peking duck hanging..and ready to order / here’s a chef preparing our noodles

Spotted this Oktoberfest promo here in Makan Makan

I’m glad that they are now offering promo and combo meals, more selections for us foodies.

Here’s the food we order at Makan Makan

Roti Prata (Php 120)
2 pcs of Roti and peanut sauce

Char Kway Teow (Php 175)
I love this noodles..I want to learn on how to cook this

Nasi Goreng with Satay (Php 160)
Its quite okay.but I hope they add more satay

The food is close to the authentic, I just got to taste more of this and want more Malaysian food in my tummy, I super miss KL, the food there is the best!. I remember when I last visited this resto, we ordered Chinese and Filipino food only, we haven’t tried yet the Singaporean and Malaysian food, but I can say is that I’m satisfied with the taste and its preparation. I will go back here again in my next Manila visit.

Outside Makan Makan, there’s this Trick Art attraction, its an exhibit of illusions that tricks your eye, I want to check out other exhibits, but we need to pay for the entrance, but we have no time for that as of now. It’s okay because we got a FREE photo op with this T-rex trick art located near the entrance of Makan Makan.

And here’s myself…ready to be eaten alive hahah

Watch out for my next post about our Manila Hotel staycation

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