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Monday, October 14, 2013

Manila Hotel staycation part 1- the room and the tv inside the bathroom

We finally tried Manila Hotel for an overnight staycation. Its one of my dreams to stay here in Manila Hotel, because its the most iconic and historical hotel here in our country, and this hotel stood still during the world war 2 and it witnessed all the action and destruction of half of Manila during those war times. Me and my wife stayed here last weekend and this was a part of a junket activity that we participated for one night. There’s this red masquerade ballroom party and we were invited to attend and dance all the way with 70’s and 80’s music, me and our blogger friends got a taste of Manila Hotels’ standard room and its vintage ambiance. Many mentions that Manila Hotel is old, yes it is old and it is the oldest hotels here in Manila.

Other say that the room is not nice and its super old, yes its old, there are some vintage elements and a Philippine theme for this hotel, but not all are old and rusty. It got a different feel and you will feel the homely environment because of the wooden bed frame, cabinet and windows. I wonder why people don’t love this hotel, many international celebrities already stayed here, and foreigners love the ambiance here, because they want the feel of simple and oriental style, or the Philippines’ touch in a hotel. After staying for a night in this 101 year old hotel, I can comment that this hotel really brings the Pinoy hospitality and warmth to all guest who visit them.

We stayed here in Superior Deluxe King room priced at Php 9,000, with king size bed, buffet breakfast for two, wifi access and use of hotel's amenities.
accdg. to Manila Hotel's website- "While it opted to maintain its distinct classic interiors, our Superior Deluxe rooms are fully equipped with the most modern facilities and amenities. The rooms are further made surreal by huge windows that provide a breathtaking view of the bay and the fabled Manila sunset or a view of the "Walled City" of Intramuros."

Manila Hotel website -
Here’s a view of our room in Manila Hotel

PA112053 PA112055
The room hotel lobby and here we stayed in room 1213


inside the room

PA112059 PA112060
keycard dock and a view of the bathroom….spotted extension telephone near the toiler bowl


rain effect shower room is the best… during our day 1 stay.. I took a bath here 3 times!
I love their bathroom, it got the unique style for a hotel to have this kind of set up…

because they have TV inside the bathroom!! and I think Manila Hotel is the only hotel to have TV inside the bathroom! ahahahah.

here’s the bath tub and the small TV embedded on the wall, you can control this with a remote controller

Here’s a close up of the mini TV inside the bathroom.. I watch TV here while I took a bath and also do the other thing.

PA112066 PA112067
Toiletries and the wash area.. I also love their shower gel and their glycerin soap.


and now here’s the traditional hotel selfie

PA112069 PA112071
Other items found in the hotel room – the best here is that the electric kettle.
I removed the mini bar so that I won’t deposit Php5000 at the front desk, I just requested for a pitcher of water from the room service, that way I can save my money and not buy those expensive hotel bottled water.


here’s the bed of the Superior Deluxe King

I also noticed this wooden cabinet. I’m not sure if its an antique.

it says it all….. 1912

PA112075 PA112076
lounge area and my work space

PA112077 PA112079
hotel directory and our bed

PA112080 PA112081
telephone and iPod/iPhone dock.. I charge my iPhone here.

selfie again…. yup I’m wearing a Wikipedia 10 tshirt.

Another view of the bed

PA112085 PA112086
Mini refrigerator and coaster design

PA112087 PA112088
Manila Hotel labeled bottled water and my coffee companions

electronic vault

Here’s an impressive d├ęcor inside the room, they used this capiz as a frame for the mirror and wall

Here’s my workspace

Classic style of a window design in Manila Hotel

And here’s our view… hello Manila Bay!

I’m glad that we read this small note that was given to us, We requested for a reservation of their shuttle service after our check out. We rode a van going to SM MOA for free, this is offered to staying guests in Manila Hotel.

PA112096 PA112097
They keycard of our room, I think they should redesign or use a new keycard, this one that we have is already over used. It shows lots of scratches on the skin of the keycard.


Here’s my workspace…almost complete..I feel like I’m at home now. I’m also happy with the speed of their internet connection, there’s no wifi password and all devices can connect smoothly in their wifi internet.

Here’s what we do inside the room hahahaha..

And that night, we dressed up and prepare for the red masquerade ballroom party, here’s my wife Lace by the window

She dressed up 2 hours before the main event, she went to the hotel’s salon for some hair styling and make up, and here’s myself not yet prepared LOL

watch out for my next post about our Red Masquerade Ballroom party at Maynila Room of Manila Hotel.

Manila Hotel
website :
Facebook :

Read the history of Manila Hotel here at
The rooms of Manila Hotel :
About the dining area:
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