Mr and Ms Bambanti Festival presentation on stage - Bambanti Festival 2019 part 9

Colorful gowns and costumes were presented by 25 contingent of Isabela for the Bambanti Festival 2019. Each costumes showcases the identity of their home town and tribe. Days before the festival, the gowns and costumes were displayed for exhibit for the final judging of the costume contest.

On stage, its the start of the search for the Mr and Ms Bambanti Festival. The costumes are hand crafted by each of the town’s local designers and the creation on each costume design is a work of art of Isabela.

Some costumes uses real products of their town, other costume focus on religion, while other costume highlight’s Isabela’s scarecrow.

The gowns of each Ms Bambanti Festival contingent got its own gimmick, some gowns transform into another gown design, while some costume transform into a fish costume, and others display a near and colorful design that represent Isabela’s culture and heritage

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