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Monday, October 14, 2013

Manila Hotel staycation part 2: Red Masquerade ball at Maynila Room of Manila Hotel

Red Friday night was the theme of the day and everyone who are at Manila Hotel we’re all dressed up in red. My wife bought a new dress for this occasion and me…I failed to buy a new polo because I got stuck traffic for 5 hours last Thursday and here I am, all set up and the Air Asia polo shirt just did the trick to blend in at Manila Hotel’s Red Masquerade ball. It’s really a night to remember for me and to my wife, because for the first time ever in our lives, we dance on the floor together with classic music and some mambo tunes.

When we learned that this event is a ballroom event,my wife told me that we should practice first before going to the event, we tried some moves at home and I suck on it, because I’m not good in dancing the tango, mambo, boogie, and some ballroom dancing stunt, I told her that I can do that chacha and some Joey De Leon moves hahahah. We have a hectic weekday that time and we didn’t even got a chance to have a serious practice, I was planning pa naman to watch a YouTube video of “how to ballroom dance”.

Our blogger friend Jeman organized this blogger junket activity with Manila Hotel, and its nice that they invited us and gave a overnight stay in a Superior Deluxe King room. It’s a great experience with Manila Hotel to have a memorable night.

The event last Friday night is a part of an event at Maynila Ballroom in Manila Hotel, it’s the first ballroom event for this year, you can check the other dates below:

Next event:

Salute to the Roaring 20's
November 15

A Golden Gala
December 12

Entrance fee to this event is Php1,200

includes: welcome drink and signature platter that is good for 2-3 persons.
Then if you come in with a dancing partner, their entrance is already FREE..ohhhh that's good news ha

For inquiries and table reservation
just call 527-0011 local 1383

Here’s our window view at dawn, my wife went to the hotel’s salon to have her hair fixed by a salon guy, I waited for around 30 minutes and got busy blogging while waiting for the clock ticks to 7pm.

She’s here…. Wow!!!! Ohhh Lace!!

And here’s my attire of the night..yeahh I’m wearing my black sneakers and Air Asia polo shirt hahaha.

We met our blogger friends at the hotel lobby and here’s a group photo, I joked on them that this photo reminds me of The Apprentice hahahah. spotted: ,, and

We’re waiting for the others…

Here’s my selfie fail moment hahahaha. I didn’t noticed that lamp on my head.

We’re here in Maynila Ballroom. Ohh this is the oldest ballroom venue of Manila Hotel. The vintage environment will transport you to a real year of the 70’s

Lace and Marjorie Uy of

let’s get ready to rumble!!!

I got some trouble with the low light effect of the room hahahaha. here’s a blurry photo of us

When I saw the ballroom floor, I just remembered that movie “Zapped!” ahahaha. And that David Pomeranz song.

The dance floor is a bit crowded with dancers. Most attendees are in their senior age, but I still spot some younger ones..or I think we are the young bunch here at the Maynila ballroom. The hotel also provides some D.I. or dance instructor to dance away with you, they will help you with the dance move.

I got offered to dance with a young female DI but I refused, and I told her that my tummy is still full hahaha. But my wife Lace, danced with a male DI and they danced non stop.

wow!!! there’s a fountain inside Maynila ballroom

The menu
If you’re looking for other food, I suggest you dine in at the hotel lobby resto, they have some pasta there (a bit expensive at around Ph450)

lots of décor around the ballroom

you are looking at some kind of light effects, but they are not disco lights

After taking a seat..all of us bloggers are busy instagramming and facebooking hahaha..

No one likes to dance after 1 hour ahhahhha.

here’s my drink the Red Tango

Here’s the food platter: Spanish Tapas

Satay and a yummy quail egg
I super love the quail egg, it’s the yummiest qwek qwek ever!!!

Croquette and Empanada

Bacon wrapped shrimp and a sweet éclair

Time to dance with my lady…

Red mask is on!

Here’s my lady..dancing non stop

So I sneaked behind and took some snap shots…damn I wish I can dance like that DI

I think they dance up to 10 songs that night hahaha.
after their dance, I took over and we dance together finally.

spotted: Jonel and Marjorie Uy at the dance floor with their own D.I.

look who arrived today… the nobel prize winner hahahah

The ballroom is in full house already! more guest are arriving after some hours and tables are already filled up.

A look of the interiors and décor at Maynila Ballroom, this is so vintage!

I love the artwork of a Filipina posted in a painting style with wooden circular frame, this is my first time to see this kind of artwork style

Colored stained glass of a plant and a two rooster. I don’t know what it symbolizes.

We got hungry after the dancing marathon, so we went out of the ballroom and decided to eat some food here at the main lobby of Manila Hotel.

The Lobby Lounge serves some coffee, wine and nice meal (although in a hotel price setting)

here’s the price list.

We waited for 15 minutes for our Spaghetti with meatballs

It was stormy that night, heavy rains and traffic happening outside, but we are housed safely here in Manila Hotel, while we wait for our food we check out the interiors of the hotel and also comment each other what we think of Manila Hotel.

Here’s our Spaghetti with meatballs, because its expensive for P500. we requested that they split the food that is good for two.

Here’s the coffee price at the Lobby Lounge

We went back to the Maynila Ballroom to dance and then we were advised that we should check out The Tap Room here in Manila Hotel, it’s a bar that got live bands performing blues, rock and classic songs.

We’re now here at The Tap Room, I was here few days ago attending the launch of the new Tap Room

Here’s our blogger friends enjoying the night

I’m so wasted here hahaha.

The Tap Room’s signature drink – the Chamberlain drink

here’s an inside joke: cheers to Ferdie!! hahahaha






What a night!!!! whew!!!

It’s my first time to dance with my wife and it was like highschool days for the both of us, attending a prom and dance with your partner. We didn’t get a chance to be in this kind of setting before, I’m glad that Manila Hotel brought us here to try it, and we love it! thank you Manila Hotel.. especially. to Ms. Christine Ibaretta and Khiristine Facto for assisting us here.

See you in our next Manila Hotel staycation adventure!
oh wait..there’s a part 3 of this blog series --- I promise, it’s the final post

Manila Hotel
website :
Facebook :

Read the history of Manila Hotel here at
The rooms of Manila Hotel :
About the dining area:
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