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Monday, October 14, 2013

Manila Hotel staycation part 3 (final) –breakfast at Café Ilang Ilang and time for check out

This is our day 2 and the last day here in Manila Hotel, My plan is to wake up early in the morning, eat breakfast and take a dive into the hotel’s pool, but the weather is not yet okay and there’s some strong wind and rain fall, so I started to cross out that idea to swim for a while.

We went to Café Ilang Ilang at 830am to eat our breakfast, we’re familiar with Café Ilang Ilang’s offerings already and I’m so excited to try their Halal food again, but I know that there might be a few selection available for the morning, because its breakfast food that they serve for that time.

Also, there’s two cute teddy bears that arrived in front of our hotel room’s door and two cute bear stuffed dolls and a nice leather rack and organizer + a yummy chocolates. Thank you Manila Hotel.

PA112237 PA112238
Here’s Café Ilang Ilang

PA112239 PA112240PA112241 PA112242

The food is available at the other side of the restaurant, there’s no Japanese and Italian food in the morning, but that’s okay

PA112244 PA112245PA112246 PA112247

But I’m happy to see lots of bacons and corned beef

Its one of my favorite food pairings in the morning whenever Im in a hotel
eggs + bacons + ham + corned beef + fried rice + hot coffee

PA112250 PA112251
Thanks to Monstch Acosta for taking these snapshots aahahhaha, he tested my camera and check out some lens problem of my Olympus E-PL1. We ate our breakfast in one table with the Mr. and Mrs of the East hahahah – Iris and Monstch Acosta the duo behind

PA112252 PA112253
Thanks again Café Ilang Ilang…I ate here before so many times, but this is my first time to try their breakfast service.

Good morning from – / and me… of

PA112255 PA112256
bacons, ham and sausages

PA112257 PA112258
sweet ham and some pancakes

PA112259 PA112260
spotted Marjorie Pineda-Uy and some danggit

PA112261 PA112262
More food at Café Ilang Ilang

PA112263 PA112264
spotted Jonel Uy of

Jonel’s morning cereals

Café Ilang Ilang’s wall

here’s the buffet price

Snapshot 1 (10-12-2013 5-48 PM)
We took a rest after eating our breakfast and we checked out of the room at around 1130am, we also asked for a shuttle reservation 2 hours before the departure to SM MOA, there’s a free shuttle ride service going to many destinations around Manila, it’s a one way ride only out of Manila Hotel, so we took this advantage to book one van for us.

bye bye room!

IMG_9388 IMG_9389
At the front desk, I spotted that Manila Hotel offers these tour packages – a tour in Intramuros and the White Knight tours, the only tour in Manila that you go around riding a segway vehicle.


Here we are inside the shuttle ride of Manila Hotel. We’re excited also to go home and be with our son Ashton. Next time.. we will bring Ashton with us.

Here’s a photo recap of what happened for 2 days here in Manila Hotel. It was a crazy week for me. I visited this hotel for 4 days straight hahaha. I was here since last Wednesday, attending events and all venues are here in Manila Hotel. whew!!!

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