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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Lost in Malaysia part 5–Sri Kulai, the ready to heat and eat Halal food

It’s funny that I’ll be blogging this food, but its an amazing food for me and this is not available here in our country, I found this convenience store inside Tune Hotels and they sell this ready to heat and eat food. There’s a wide selection of Malaysian food that are stored in a paper box and displayed inside the refrigerator. I approached the counter and saw that each pack of meal is priced at around RM9 to RM11.

I’m familiar with the food already, and that day I want to eat rice. Here I saw a BEEF RENDANG CORIANDER WITH RICE..yes all caps.. because I super miss the beef rendang in Malaysia.

About the brand Sri Kulai…. accdg: to their Facebook page :

”AYS Signatures Sdn Bhd, a licensor for Sri Kulai RTE Station, a hassle free "3 in 1" lifestyle F&B outlet minutes kitchen. Sri Kulai are wholesome meals, ready to eat in 4 minutes, from freezer to microwave to table, NO COOKING!!

All products made by AYS are certified Halal by Jakim, Malaysia.
Sri Kulai products are prepared according to stringent Islamic requirements, and adhered to the strictest quality, cleaniness and hygiene standards. Something that both Muslims and nonMuslims will appreciate.

A range of premium microwavable Halal frozen ready to eat meals for people with busy life style, who are looking for a quick and convenient way to food as and when needed, without compromising on quality and taste. Sri Kulai is a product for today’s lifestyle.””

Whoaa.. I didn’t know I’m eating a halal food, that’s why it is so tasty and rich in flavors

the lady at the counter helped me open a box and she prepared everything for me, and she operated the microwave oven for me too.

Impressive! the convenience store got three microwave oven. I also learned via online, that Sri Kulai is also a convenience here in Malaysia and they sell the ready to eat halal food. That’s a good business concept! If ever we have one here in Manila, a similar concept of microwaveable food on the go, I’m sure it will be a hit.

Here’s my beef rendang coriander

I ate this with all my heart hahhahaa.. beef rendang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m don’t know what’s the expensive rate here in KL, but I limit myself to RM10 or lower for my food budget, but this Sri Kulai for around 9RM, its already a good price for us tourist.

I’m glad that I’m a microwaveable food fan ahahaha.

If you are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and you’re traveling in a budget..then I suggest you
Check in at Tune Hotels Downtown KL
1. After arriving in LCCT or KLIA , take a train or bus going to KL Sentral (bus ride approx 1 hour to KL)
2. At KL Sentral, walk out of the terminal and head to KL Sentral Monorail, located outside the KL Sentral terminal
3. in KL Sentral Monorail station, buy a token going to Medan Tuanku station, price is at 2RM
4. At Medan Tuanku station, you can walk via the elevated walkway or the sidewalk street going to Tune Hotels Downtown KL
You can also ride the taxi from KL Sentral, but riding the Monorail is much more fun, convenient and affordable.
take note: some taxi drivers at KL Sentral will propose to you a 40RM ride going to Medan Tuanku area. I suggest just take the Monorail, of if you are in a hurry or traveling with your family with child, you can take the special taxis offering a ride with special price.
At Tune Hotels, single bed price is around 45RM per night (Php 700 per night)

Tune Hotel - Downtown KL
316 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman,
50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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