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Friday, November 01, 2013

Starbucks Philippines 2014 planner - a close up look and how to get one for FREE

The 11th edition of the Starbucks planner is now here!!! perfect for the coming 2014 and this year the theme for the planner is “Coffee Perfection”. According to Starbucks Philippines – “Coffee perfection begins with the journey of coffee, from the farmer to the buyer, roaster and barista. Each and every bean has a story that is unraveled by many pairs of caring hands before it becomes part of your perfectly handcrafted cup of coffee. Every turn of a page tells the story of how your cup of coffee has journeyed and was crafted perfectly for you. “

The new limited edition 2014 Starbucks Philippines planner is available in 4 kinds of leather covers - yellow, brown, magenda and black.

Each planner comes with a coffee icon bookmark, its a metallic clip with logos of Starbucks icon featuring Blonde roast for yellow, Medium roast for brown, Dark roast for magenta and Starbucks Reserve coffees for black (that means its the exotic, rare and exquisite coffee in Starbucks).

Inside the planner are a new set of coffee stickers and a QR code in some pages that can lead you to some info of coffee and videos that can help coffee lovers to know more about the coffee they drink.

The planner also comes in with 14 coupons with different freebies from Starbucks, just like last time in every planner, you'll enjoy more freebies in a specified month for 2014 only.

You can get this for FREE after you completed the 18 stickers, just buy a handcrafted beverage and you can get 1 sticker for your Starbucks Philippines 2013 planner promo card.

This will be offered til November 2, 2013 up to January 9, 2014 only.

here are some close up photos of Starbucks Philippines 2014 planner

Here’s the metallic bronze Starbucks icon as a clip and bookmark for your planner

Available in 4 different leather covers

This is the planner display at the counter in every Starbucks branches

You can start a touch and try moment here if you are curious about the quality of the planner

Magenta color is one of the most attractive color, but I go for the black one.

Here’s the planner promo card, just complete all 18 stickers and you can get the planner for free

Mechanics are posted at the back of the promo card. Read carefully to understand how the promo goes.

And here’s my planner – thanks to Starbucks Philippines for this blogger perks of the month

There are lots of colors available, but I like the color black.

Opening up the box and you’ll see that your planner is inside sleeping

Before I wake it up, I took off this bookmark first, the metallic book mark clip icon has a cloth that acts as your bookmark

And there’s my black planner

The box

planner and the bookmark

A close up look of the magnetic lock

first page

2nd page, you can write your profile here

here’s the pin up article and photo and also a QR Code that can lead you to videos about the coffee and Starbucks, just use your smartphones to scan the QR code, but make sure you have the QR Code app installed in your smartphones.

I just hope that next time, Starbucks can create one for AUGMENTED REALITY style in their planner
that will add more awesomeness.

The calendar

Ohhh this is a good guide for public holidays in the Philippines

Now the main part…the planner

The planner boxes per day is not equal in size, but I’m glad that some take up some space in one page.

at the end of the planner is a profiler for the owner of the planner

I don’t know what are these for ahahaha.
maybe you can use it as your letter seal


Ok time to insert that bookmark.

Just insert the clip to the spine of the planner and then insert the cloth to your desired page to be bookmarked.

That’s how it looks..

Ok 2014…im ready to roll!

Ohhh another Starbucks 2014 planner box.. hmmm what color is it ?
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