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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Family day in Sky Ranch in Tagaytay City

Last weekend was our family day and after the staycation in Tagaytay, we went to treat our little person a tour around in Sky Ranch, it’s a theme park located in Tagaytay City and it’s the most visited place there every weekend and especially during this holiday season, many people go here to eat, to enjoy the rides, enjoy the Taal volcano view and also the cold breeze. I suggest that you bring your jacket when you go here in Tagaytay because its super cold whenever its cloudy and also much cooler at night.

Its our 2nd time here in Sky Ranch and I’m very happy that our 3rd year old son Ashton is still eligible to get a FREE entrance because he is below 3 or 4 feet in height. And the best part here is that they haven’t increase the entrance fee, they still stick to the 50% off and we pay for only Php50 per person, but Its funny that they mentioned that the tickets are 50% off, so it means in the future when the theme park is complete, they might increase the entrance fee to Php 100.

I have talked to some parents here in Sky Ranch and they are happy with the set up and pricing, they say that they prefer going here instead of the other theme park in Santa Rosa, Laguna. I told them that it’s a bit different if we compare the two city with theme parks, me and some parents shared some point of view and we agree that we enjoyed here in Tagaytay City because of the cold weather, lots of view and lots of restaurants.

It’s a bit expensive nga lang but if you are prepared, you will enjoy your stay here for 1 day.

Since I live now in Cavite, going to Tagaytay City is just 30-40 minutes away from home. I think I will include this in my blog map hehehe. I need to surf around the city and discover those new spots, Im sure there are still many place to visit and eat there. That will be my next assignment for 2014.

here are some photos from our weekend adventure at Sky Ranch

The sleeping horse

View before entering Sky Ranch

The tickets
price: Php 50 only per person
kids below 3 or 4 feet can enter for FREE

The Sky Ranch Eye
I haven’t tried this yet…I have tried the other three big ferris wheels, but I haven’t tried this yet.
maybe next year, I can visit it again and try it for my blog coverage.

The Sky Eye is much the same with the MOA Eye in SM Mall of Asia.

First ride: Sky Ranch Carousel
My son is still scared to ride that wooden horse , he always prefer to ride the carriage.

I’m just waiting for them to finish the ride

Nesi Coaster
it’s a mini roller coaster for kids and adults. If you don’t like the bigger roller coasters, then you can try riding the smaller ones. I just saw that kids at age of 3 years old above can ride this with their parents. I’m going to try this next time with my son after he turns 4 years old next year.

I asked him if he wanted to try it but he chickened out hahaha.

My son got tired of waiting for two almost 20 minutes in line to ride that Train Express, the train can only accommodate 10 person and that’s person per train car, and the Train Express got only 5 train cars. I hope they can expand their train cars or add more Train Express.

Because this is the most “patok sa takilya” ride for all ages. The train roams around the Sky Ranch and brings you to the other side of the theme park

The thing that I don’t like is that the Train Express exits the theme park and roams around the parking area, and that’s outside the theme park already..they need to go out in order to enter the other side of Sky Ranch.

so Parents…if you let your kid ride the Train Express, I suggest you accompany them and never leave them riding alone or riding with their siblings. The train driver should have another guy riding at the back of the train for security purposes, just to make sure no kids can go out of the train or someone might kidnap a kid while it rolls so slow at the parking lot.

Sky Ranch should take a look of the Train Express route.

Here’s me and my son Ashton, enjoying the train ride while chomping some pop corns hahaha

saw two cute kids riding in front of us, the kuya kid makes fun of his little sister, its so cute to see two kids having fun together.

At the other side of Sky Ranch, I saw two new rides, the 1st is the Sky Bike Ride, and this water ride adventure. Shoot the bugs with water gun or else you will be sprayed by them with water.

tadah!!! Sky Ranch


Me and my family…enjoying the weekend trip here in Tagaytay City.
and my son is so matakaw when it comes to pop corns..

See you soon Sky Ranch!

btw check out their ongoing online photo contest!

Sky Ranch Tagaytay
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