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Friday, December 20, 2013

My toy hauls at 8th Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2013

In every ToyCons or Toy Fair we organize every year, I always buy toys for my son and also for myself, these toys that I bought in our event are like trophies and reward to me, in every toy I buy in our event is very special and memorable, also shows how successful and effective our event every year.

But for this year’s toyfair, I just got one eco bag full of toys for my son, I’m targeting to acquire a Metroplex Transformers robot that stands up to 2 feet, with tag price of Php6.5k, I didn’t got a chance to take home one unit because the item was sold out during the last day of the event.

But that’s okay, I’ll go to Fairview later just to pick up one Metroplex unit, but shucks.. the area is so far from my location. Its like I’ll travel to the far reaches of space just to get one Metroplex robot. The sad part is that the robot toy is not mine hahaha. But that’s okay, my purpose here is to make one kid happy this Christmas, so we will try to do the impossible for them.

here’s my toy hauls from our event 8th Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2013

Hot Wheels Batmobile (1966 ver)
I bought this for only Php 100, that’s a super sale deal already, so I went to the Batmobile section and bought one Adam West Batmobile.

(pic not mine)

Thor’s headgear
I was waiting for this the entire year hahaha. I bought this for only Php 80, yup it’s the bootleg version of the original Marvel Thor’s headgear. I bought this because my son next costume to wear for 2014 is THOR. He now got the Mjolnir hammer and a costume bought by auntie Mitch in Chicago.

Here’s the Asgardian mini warrior named Ashtor!

Hot Wheels 2013 Baja Bone Shaker
I bought this during the last day of our event, with super deal price at Php50, I bought this because my son got the other version, a Hot Wheels build your own car Baja Bone Shaker. The problem is that the other parts are missing, so I’m glad they have this in die cast mode.

Hot Wheels Limozeen
I haven’t seen die cast car limosuine before, when I saw this at the Php50 deal booth, I didn’t think twice and bought one right away. A good toy car to introduce to my son to limousine cars.

bootleg LEGO superheroes
I bought this at Php80, I don’t like bootleg toys, but this one is so cute and I’m curious about the quality of these bootleg LEGO figures. The impressive part here is that….. they are so cute and looks like the real LEGO fig ahhaha.

Appgear FPS pistol
I got this at Php 200 only. It’s a battery operated space pistol toy, you have to attach your smartphone on top and insert the audio cable to get the real space gun FPS and game simulation. The Elite Command AR game is FREE.

The game is a bit difficult, but I’m starting to like after leveling up to the next stage.

Poplife sunglasses
I bought this at Php350, I saw this last year and it was given away during the Nickelodeon event. I want to have one but I was told to choose if I want the sailor hat or this funny glasses. But I love the sailor hat, so I grabbed that during the event. I’m thankful that one our seller got a load of these glasses.

Why I bought it?
because funny glasses are one of my collections

commercial’s the Asgardian royal guard

Sleepy head Spongy Ashton

And here’s a photo with my best friend Bart Simpson

The 8th Toys and Collectibles Fair 2013 is another hit! because we experimented on something and we’re very happy about the result. Right now, I’m so excited for our June event which is our 13th year in organizing the Philippine Toy Convention, I hope we can pull it again triple times better and successful than our previous events.

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See you at the 13th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention this June 2014.
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