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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Top 20 toys and collectibles at day 1 of 8th Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2013

I compiled here in photos the top 20 toys and collectibles that can be found in our event - 8th Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2013, this is just day 1 and I’m sure there will be more top 20 toys for day later. I will go around this afternoon and see which is the most attractive and catchy in my eyes.

Later…I’m going to buy that Metroplex Titan Class Transformers…but that toy is not mine hahahah.

anyway, here are my top 20

1. Superman T-shirts
- our official carrier for DC Comics merchandise is here at the event and they sell original Superman shirts for kids, teens and adults

2. Gipsy Danger
- I haven’t seen this in close up before, the mech toy is so macho!

3. Adam West Batman
- Amazing detail … I wonder if the cowl can be removed

4. Henry Cavill Superman
- another macho toy hahahaha..

5. Christopher Reeves Superman
- I included it here in my top 20 because the Php2500 is an okay deal

6. Minions Funko Pop
- for the minion lovers!

7. Iron Man metal lunch box
- I’m thinking of using this as my camera case, but not sure if I can survive the whole day carrying it without a strap.

8. Php 100 each die cast car Batmobile
- I bought one….. yeah the Adam West Batmobile is so awesome! hahahaha

9. Pullip dolls
- Super cute for a collectible doll

10. Geeky Shirts
- for your geeky life… get this cute LEGO superheroes custo shirt from Mobi

And for super geeks…. don’t forget to grab one shirt from Geekerie store…. by geeks for geeks merchandise

11. Necomini brainwave cat ears
- my sister got this…and I’m still amazed that these fake ears moves according to your brainwaves

12. Mega Dragonzord
- I’m still a fan of Power Rangers Dino team hahaahh

13. Superman action figures
- For Superman collectors and new collectors, you can start collecting by buying some load of action figures here in our event

14. Cute anime figures
- awww so cute… I don’t recognize the new anime faces of this generation. I’m still stuck in Dragon Ball Z

15. LEGO superheroes
- Original LEGO figs are sold here…. they are from private collectors

16. Gundams
- they are for display only, but you can buy a Gundam kit if you want to have a busy weekend creating your own Gundam at home

17. TED teddy bear
- hahahaha…I wonder if that doll talks and curse you

18. Driveline cars
- I super love this..priced at Php250, it’s a pull back action, light up, sounds on die cast Toyota cars.

19. Planes
- My son wants some Planes toys, but I don’t know yet the main character hahaha.

20. Auction toy items
- If you bought our toys sold via auctions, you can enjoy the toy and add it in your collection and also you already helped by donating the auction money to our beneficiary – kids of #YolandaPH

All proceeds are donated 100% c/o Big Boys Store

auction winner of Transformers Autobot Ark playset

auction winner of War Machine bubble head

Thank you to all our auction winners for purchasing and adopting the new toys 2 later…. let’s find more top 20 toys and collectibles!

visit our event!
8th Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2013
" Celebrating a Season of Heroes"

December 13-14-15,2013
Megatrade Hall 1, 5th Level, Bldg. B of SM MEGAMALL, Mandaluyong, Philippines
for info visit
Entrance fee Php 50
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