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Thursday, February 13, 2014

7107 International Music Festival - Philippines’ Biggest Music Event of the Year (Feb 22-23, 2014 in Clark, Pampanga)

Music events, concerts and festival will never be the same ever again after this upcoming new international festival that is organized by our locals, the difference is that the music festival like the 7107 International Music Festival is not about money making, but also about promoting our country’s tourism , and give a hand to #YolandaPH, and also a part were we can showcase our pinoy culture and talent of our best artist in this age, according to festival producer Tina Herrera, it’s a way to show how music can move and change the world.

Dubbed as 7101IMF, the “Philippines’ Biggest Music Event of the Year” , is a two day music festival that will happen on Feb 22-23, 2014 at the Global Gateway Logistic City in Clark, Pampanga, right beside SM City Clark. It’s a music festival composed of our very own 30 pinoy bands and artists, the organizers also invited 10 foreign artist and one of the biggest highlight of 7107 IMF is the 1st ever concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers in the Philippines, it’s a dream to all RHCP fans to see them perform live here in our soil and thanks to 7107 IMF for bringing them here together for this one of a kind music fest.

The organizers placed the music fest outside the metro, because its already congested here and crowded, and many of us complain that traffic are expected whenever there’s a big event happening in south or in the northern city of Manila. Because if you are in Pampanga, you can do many things there, not by just sleeping in a hotel, but you can also try other local scenery and have your own adventure in Pampanga.

But for us here from Manila and outside the city, It will be an exciting adventure for us to travel and stay in Pampanga for two days, the music moves us and challenges us to travel and save more money for greatest music experience, as 7107 IMF says… you cannot download live music experience!

The ticket price creates massive reaction from music fans because it is very expensive, I can say that PHP10,000 gen ad ticket is over my budget and I felt that the event is not for me, but if ever I really want to watch, I can save up money for 3-4 months for this music fest, yes.. 7107 IMF gave us more time to save money and they posted the details last year, more time to save! and as of this writing, tickets are still available. The PHP10,000 gen ad tickets is good for two days, while the VIP ticket is priced at PHP25,000. Take note ha, parts of the ticket sales will be donated to #YolandaPH.

Why 7107? if you Google it.. you’ll understand that our country, the Philippines is composed of 7,170 archipelago, I hope that ring a bell hahahaa. The music fest promotes our local tourism, and this is good if the organizers are pulling the string to label it as “International” , in the future, many foreign visitors will troop down to our country just to watch a good music festival, I can say that Pampanga really needs it, because tourism activity in their area are so low, and I heard that report from an association of hotel and travel agency in Pampanga. Because of the initiative of the 7107 IMF organizers to promote local tourism, our Department of Tourism steps in and gave support for this international event. (okay ako na nainggit, me as an event organizer)

Crap..I’m so excited and I got this gen ad ticket worth PHP10,000, now I need a hotel, a travel budget and a lot of luck next week!

are you going ???

at the presscon event of 7107 IMF
too bad…I arrived late and missed the Q and A portion

P1011697 P1011738P1011740 P1214396
some scenes at the 7107 IMF press con.

7107 IMF organizers!!!

Jeff Pradhan - Global Gateway Logistic City
Mike Pio Roda - co-founder of 7107 IMF
Tina Herrera - Executive producer for 7107 IMF
Melissa Limcaoco - Smart
Joel Lumanlan – Smart

thanks to for this photo

Last year, there are rumors that the 7107 IMF is organized and funded by Napoles’s son, this created another massive rumor in social media, and it was questioned by many people that they might be using the country’s fund. But the 7107 IMF organizers denied the rumors, they said that there’s no Napoles entity lurking behind them for this event, you can read the new here for their statement --

RHCP - Image 001
Red Hot Chili Peppers

I super love this band.. I just discovered them during the early MTV days, from “Breaking the Girl” and
“Give it away” music video.

here's a video greeting and invitation from Flea and Anthony of RHCP

Here’s the map going to Global Gateway Logistic City

Natives - Image 001 Kendrick Lamar - Image 001
Natives and Kendrick Lamar
Reid Stefan - Image 001 EOTS - Image 002
Reid Stefan and EOTS

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Image 002 Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Image 001
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Asteroids Galaxy
Kaskade - Image 001

1545781_664373160275915_2016177202_n 1604428_664373273609237_411969662_n
Here’s the line up for day 1 and day 2
You’ll noticed here that the main highlights for day 1 is Kaskade, and then for day 2 its Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I will be in Subic on Feb 21-22, and then I plan to travel from Subic going to Clark on Feb 23, I expect that I’ll arrive there in the afternoon or at night, it’s a big timing to catch RHCP. But I need a hotel room just to unload my big back pack and travel gear, I’m not sure if they will allow a backpacker inside the concert ground.

tips from 7107 IMF
Actually, I have this idea to camp outside the ground, but when I read this sign….uh ohhh…
I really need to get a hotel or someone can adopt me for a night.

if you are from Clark, Pampanga, and want to adopt me for one night
pls email me at AZRAEL@GMAIL.COM or just message me on Facebook

here’s my problem.I’ll be coming from Subic that day and I have my two cameras with me…
shucks..where should I leave my camera…

7107 IMF created an app for everyone, you can use this to get updates live from the event

Nah….I will just go there with my shirt and shorts ahahahaha

I got now my gen ad tickets… thanks to 7107 IMF for sponsoring one ticket for me..
This poster of info is very helpful for us concert goers, now I know there’s first aid station.

About 7107 International Music Festival7107 International Music Festival is a two-day outdoor music festival happening in Clark, Pampanga on February 22-23, 2014. Two stages present a spectacular lineup of both international and local artists carefully handpicked to satisfy every musical craving. In this world of live music, thrills, adventure, good eats, and people from around the globe, the only way to transcend the different cultures is through one language called music.

7107 International Music Festival
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