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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wechat 5.1 update and 3 new game app Philippines launch

For being a techie and up to date to the latest messaging apps, I have to test it all and see which will be the busiest messaging app in my phone. I carry different kinds of messaging apps because a lot of my friends, family and people in my circle are available in those different apps, its like a sim card that some of them stick to Globe but others are available in Smart, then there are those people like me who carry two sim cards just to keep connected to my people, like a messaging app, you will discover here that I carry 8 messaging apps in my iPhone, and one of it is WeChat.

I have WeChat in my phone when the first IM (instant messaging) app rose from nowhere, thanks to social media and the tv ads, I got curious and got a time to install Wechat, its my 4th IM app that connects to my other circle of friends, but I noticed that among the 8 IM app that I have, WeChat is the most busiest IM app in my phone, it means that people in my circle, with my same age or could be around my age are using Wechat, there’s also a friend who sent me a message and told me that I can contact him there, but when I started to surf around the app, I spotted that there’s a social stream, called “Moments”, people post their status with photos and everyone can view it, comment it and even like it, its like Facebook wearing a different dress.

I admit, my Wechat is a sleeping app before I learned about the new 5.1 update, but when I re-update my Wechat, and added more and new members into my Wechat circle, the flow of messages and updates from my friends comes in everyday.

At the Wechat 5.1 update launch event, we met Steve Zheng, Wechat's senior business development manager, he shares to us that – “WeChat—The most-searched social messaging app according to Google Trends in Philippines” , and according to news online that Wechat’s members is now around 1 billion and it follows up next to Facebook and Twitter, in having a big number of members in their social media sites.

According to Steve Zheng, one of the latest update of 5.1 is that you can add up to 100 members to your Wechat chat group, the chat group is like a group message feature in the app, you can chat within your group or community, share photos and also talk to each other in real time.

P1234729 P1234730
At the stage presentation of Steve Zheng, he showed to us that they already taken Wechat to the next level, the IM app in China are heavily used by users by purchasing food using the app, printing a photo using the Wechat app via a printer vendo machine, having their own e-credits within the Wechat app. these features can be available soon here in the Philippines, but it will take more time to bring those features here, because they need a back up sponsor to support the new tech to reality system. I’m interested to get that and see how pinoys will adjust their life with it.

The best update also, outside the Wechat environment is the launch of the 3 new game apps from WeChat, you can compete with your Wechat friends via score when you play the games. Each Wechat games are separate apps which you can install with or without Wechat app.

so here are the games that I have tried and tested during the Wechat 5.1 launch

1. Craz3 Match
The game is similar to the iOs app craze Bejewelled or Candy Crush, all you need to do is to mix and match the correct shape and advance to the next row of shapes, the faster you eliminate the same shapes, the better! You can also do some multiple hit combos when matching the shapes.

I super suck in this game! I played it live on stage during the event and I’m so suck for games that uses too much of your brains, that’s why I hate RPG hahahaa.

2. 2 Days Match
Similar to Craze3 Match game, but this time you have to match two same shapes or picture. You can also do some combos to bomb away the blocks and advance to the next level. Its easier than the Craz3 Match game.

3. GunzDash
Its my favorite mobile game of the year! hahaha. Its easy to play this GunzDash, the character you are controlling will run as fast as he can and you have to collect coins and power level, there are lots of obstacles coming and you have to dodge and even stomp the creatures as you pass by. Get a high score by run and dash to long meters in the game

4. Wreckless Racer
Coming soon in Wechat is the Wreckless Racer racing app! I’m very interested to install this because me and my son are a big fan of car racing.I hope they release this next month! The graphics looks great and the game play is very simple.

I’ll keep my eye on this game!

I didn’t expected that I’ll be a busy guy with my Wechat IM app, it’s a sleeping app in my iPhone and it just woke up after a year of sleep, I already created a new Wechat group adding my PB Network PH team, and also maybe in the future, I can also create my own group chat for my blog readers, I think its time to create one for Azrael’s Merryland!

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Here are some photos from the event launch

Me, Steve Zheng and Lace

PB Network Philippines meets Steve Zheng of Wechat

Steve Zheng introduces to us the power of Wechat 5.1 update

P1234697 P1234698
Ron of downloading the game app on its back hahaha

P1234701 P1234699
Wechat models!!

P1234702 P1234705
GMCI girls!

P1234706 P1234707
spotted: Jeman of and Spanky the Manila Boy, our host of the event

P1234709 P1234710
Interesting game updates from Wechat

P1234712 P1234713
Steve Zheng on stage

P1234715 P1234719
Steve on stage

P1234721 P1234725
featuring the game apps

P1234733 P1234736
that’s me on stage having my biggest embarrassment in getting a low score in Craz3 Match game hahahaha.

P1234737 P1234738
Jo Bonsol is one big hustler in mix and match game

P1234739 P1234740
Ron, the next challenger

P1234746 P1234747
Raffy of and Jaja of battles the 2 Day Match game

P1234753 P1234754
And next is the GunzDash game…

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