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Thursday, February 06, 2014

In Photos: Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo 2014

It was another time of the year for Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo 2014,the party event was held in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall last January 24, 2014, and as usual, the place is packed with lots of party people, musicians, and also bottles of Hennessy.

The mixing of music and also mixing of Hennessy with your selected flavored drink happened again in one venue, the event was supposed to be last November 2013, but the organizers postponed the party event to lend a hand for the relief effort of #YolandaPH.

I went there with my blogger friends and for me, this is the best Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo event ever!

P1245124 P1245128 P1245129 P1245130 P1245132 P1245134 P1245135 P1245169 P1245170 P1245177 P1245180 P1245179 P1245181 P1245182 P1245183 P1245178 P1245184 P1245185 P1245186 P1245187 P1245189 P1245190 P1245196 P1245198 P1245199 P1245221 P1245226 P1245227 P1245228 P1245136 P1245174

DJ Jessica Milner
Our female DJ was the 1st to perform that night, she provided some upbeat tracks to heat up the night.

P1245137 P1245143 P1245146 P1245148 P1245152

I’m a bit surprised that Samsung Hall was converted into one party venue, my guess was right, they removed the elevated audience chairs out of the hall to give more room for people to dance the night away. Also the open air area at the back of Samsung Hall is nice. Its my first time to see that outdoor venue.

Here’s venue 1 – Samsung Hall

Here’s venue 2 – outdoor venue behind Samsung Hall.

That’s me – grabbing my Hennessy mixed with ginger ale
one of my favorite mix of Hennessy drink.

P1245156 P1245157 P1245158 P1245160 P1245165 P1245166 P1245167 P1245172 P1245175 P1245200

I remember that I have one bottle at home.. Thanks Hennessy!!! I will open that for my birthday this July.

Spotted rocker Ira Cruz jamming with DJ Jessica Milner

P1245201 P1245205 P1245207 P1245212 P1245213 P1245215 P1245218 P1245219 P1245220
Its my first time to see how guitars can jam live with upbeat tracks, Ira activates lots of guitar effects and took some guitar lead to balance the strings and beat into one mix of music. That’s how the event goes…mixing two kinds of music influence to jam into one track.

The party just started!!

P1245229 P1245231 P1245230 P1245232 P1245236 P1245242 P1245243 P1245244
The main event was held at the outdoor venue, we went out quickly to watch the two foreign emcee to open up the main program..The crowd went wild when Urbandub was mentioned to perform next.

Urbandub performed their hits that night, everyone jumped and sang with the Gab every line and chorus of their song…I just can’t help myself that night, so I joined the crazyness being a Urbandub fanboy hahaha, The band also did an awesome cover of Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive.

P1245247 P1245251 P1245257 P1245261 P1245266 P1245274 P1245280 P1245281 P1245283 P1245285 P1245289 P1245294 P1245298 P1245299 P1245301 P1245310 P1245311 P1245317 P1245322 P1245326 P1245334

Aussie artist Timomatic performed after Urbandub, we’re not familiar with the song, but we are very entertained with his dance moves and lyrics. It’s a dance music with RnB tunes, we started to like it and we saw that Timomatic super enjoyed the performance that night in Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo 2014. He also did some popular dance RnB music.

P1245352 P1245355 P1245358 P1245373 P1245376 P1245377 P1245387 P1245395 P1245398P1245400 P1245405 P1245407 P1245411 P1245416 P1245422 P1245427 P1245429 P1245432 P1245435 P1245439 P1245441 P1245444 P1245535 P1245536

Nicole Asensio performed with Timomatic, they did a duet for one song, and it was a great timing for me to snap more pics of Nicole. I was waiting for her performance but I decided to go home that night at 12am.

P1245445 P1245449 P1245453 P1245455 P1245458 P1245460 P1245461 P1245463 P1245465 P1245467 P1245473 P1245475 P1245482 P1245483 P1245486 P1245487 P1245494 P1245497 P1245503 P1245504 P1245510 P1245520 P1245523

DJ Cammy V, I spotted the lady DJ at the Samsung Hall, but before I exit, I took some photos of her and listened to some of her music mix. Me and my blogger friends re-group at the hall and call it a night. Thanks to Ron and Queenie for the car lift back to Ayala-EDSA.

P1245525 P1245526 P1245532 P1245534
Thanks and Congrats again Hennessy for another year of art of global mix

Hennessy Artistry Halo Key Visual
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