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Thursday, February 06, 2014

A coffee meeting and talks about new tech in banking with BPI 24/7

Our friends at BPI marketing team invited us for a meeting over coffee and snacks in their BPI office, I’m a bit clueless on what’s the meeting all about, but I suspect in the first place that they might be sharing some new info about their BPI bank here in the Philippines.

And after I arrived…well I got late for 30 minutes, I barged into the room and saw that they already heated up the table and I heard about that photo in Patrick’s iPad tablet hahaha.

I grabbed my Coke drink and also ordered some club house sandwich and then they shared to us the good news about BPI’s success in introducing the tech for our banking here in the Philippines, well it’s a BPI exclusive service, no other bank can have the similar style of what BPI have today.

I’m a bit embarrass that among our group, I’m the only guy who doesn’t have yet a BPI account, but I attempted already to apply in one of BPI mall road show, but I skipped in getting an application because I lack more valid IDs. I think I should try applying via online and claim my BPI atm card in my preferred branch, Patrick and his team said that its possible.. Okay..I will give it another shot.

Okay here are some of the info that they shared to us

BPI Express Assistant Online (BEA )
I featured this in my blog last year and it was a new way on how you can fast track your banking transaction in any BPI branch, one of my problem is that I didn’t like going to the bank on my own, I mean, I don’t like talking to the bank teller and tell them do this or do that for me, I’m still allergic to banking that’s why I told my wife to manage our money because she’s the expert in saving and also in banking, but I learned that I have to get over with and start dealing with the bank on my own, because It’s a way on how you can be a responsible person on how to deal with your own savings. Oh crap… I must get my BPI soon.. Going back to the BEA Online, you can reserve a slot online thru the BPI website and you can get the number slot without lining up to a long line in any BPI branch, all you need is to be there 15-20 minutes early so that you can get a number slot, the bank teller will call your number and also your name, but if you missed your slot on that time, you can wait for a little minute in order to get your turn. If you missed it for that day, then you should rebook your sched with BPI thru the BEA online site.

I shared this already to my family, at first they didn’t understand me, but then when they tried the BEA online, they are so happy about that service, a FREE service for all BPI account holders, that way, they are no longer need to line up during banking heydays.

read more here at


Deposit Cash in Real-time
BPI 24/7 introduces another machine in selected branches, it’s a machine that accepts 1000, 500 and 100 pesos bill for bill payments, cash deposits and fund transfer. They told us that you can transfer funds to your account or another account using this BPI deposit machine. You can also check your balance and also send cash to your account, the machine can count the money bill for you and it will deposited in just minutes to your BPI account.

The best and fastest way to deposit is via this machine, no need to face the bank teller, no need to line up and no longer need to carry a bulk of money with you when you go around the busy street of the city.
According to the banner above, the deposit machine can also be your LOADING center for your prepaid mobile phone.

read more here about the deposit machine -


Here’s an infographic from BPI 24/7 about their new updates
1. Everyone now can do their banking at home or in their office via BPI online, just hit the web and check your account online, you can also transfer fund using your web account
2. The BPI 24/7 mobile app is very successful, I’ve seen how it works, Enzo of showed to me that he pays for their Meralco bill via logging in to his BPI mobile app and then in just two- three clicks, he pays bill online using his iPad mini tablet.
3. 1,900 machines are now available around the Philippines, I just saw the BPI deposit machine for the 1st time in Tagaytay City, It sat next to the ATM machine and I saw that many people are using it to deposit money to their account, they deposit it via the machine and even if the bank is closed.
4. PHP50,000 is now the maximum amount to transfer money per day, you can do this via the mobile app, and I guess the transaction is BPI to BPI account.
5. Bills payment service is now available for 300+ merchants, just log in to your online account and click then pay your cable, electricity, credit card or telephone bill

here are some new tech that BPI will launch soon (well, its under negotiation )
1. Deposit paycheck via digital image of your paycheck, all you need to do is upload it and encash it online
2. Deposit paycheck via the BPI deposit machine
3. NFC BPI card – just tap and no need to insert your card in the machine, or tap the card to transact, actually a first generation NFC card already exist and it is now being used in some fast food (wink!!!)
4. There are more tech news from BPI, but I already forgot some stuff they shared to us, next time..I will record it in our next meeting hhahaha.

It’s a big tech news from BPI, I just hope that next time, applying for a BPI atm card will not require too many valid ID to present.
Okay…my club sandwich is here…

Btw, for customer service or if you want answers for your inquiries, I suggest you go to their BPI Facebook page -

they have a CSR team that can answer all your inquiries privately from 8am-5pm during weekdays.
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