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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

SM Ice Skating Rink is back in SM Megamall–launch in Mega Fashion Hall

The SM Ice Skating Rink is back to its original home in SM Megamall, today its located at the 5th floor of SM Megamall’s new building – Mega Fashion Hall also known as Mega Bldg D. Back in 1992 we tasted the first ever winter wonderland inside the ground floor of SM Megamall, the ice skating back then was our first ever and then followed by two more branches in other SM Supermalls.

The ice skating rink in SM Megamall was the central breeding ground of champion figure skaters and hockey teams, I remember in the early years that they heavily promoted the figure skating and ice hockey as a new sport for kids and teens, but after the hard work of the SM Ice Skating Rink team, we got our own champions on ice, its weird that we won most competitions and you see that we are in a tropical country without any snow or cold weather, but that didn’t stop our fellow ice skaters to train and practice, because the ice skating in SM Megamall was the only ice rink that we can have for years, its not that perfect yet and not an Olympic size, and there’s a big block post in the middle that is very annoying to some skaters, but it was okay, we coped with it and still enjoy the fun on ice in SM Megamall. So when SM Mall of Asia started to open a new ice skating, with an Olympic size ice rink, all skaters started to move there because it’s a bit more comfy to skate and train on a wide ice rink.

2009 was the last year of SM Megamall's Ice Skating Rink, it was closed down in order to attract the skaters to its new home in SM Mall of Asia, and it was remove as part of SM Megamall’s expansion and birth of the new event center. We didn’t know that they will bring it back and much more better than SM Mall of Asia’s ice skating rink.

This 2014, last January 28th, the new SM Ice Skating Rink is back with an Olympic Size ice rink, the come back was very well appreciated by many people, there’s no longer need to travel to the south to enjoy a bigger ice rink, Northerners and Easterners can now enjoy the ice skating rink here in SM Megamall, the most surprising detail that I heard is that they will introduce a new ice sport here at the new ice rink – Speed Ice Skating – it’s a slalom ice skating race that requires the skater to skate in its top speed, the gear and ice skating shoes are much different from figure skating and ice hockey, As I saw the new skating rink, I can say that speed ice skate race can be done here via laps because its wide and my guess is that two racers can compete in one ice rink. Looking at the new feature of the ice rink, I love the clear glass window that adds natural lighting to the ice skating rink, it’s a good location, because the skater won’t get so cold when they are on ice because there’s our friendly sun to add warm to our body.

I didn’t got a chance to skate here during the launch, because I’m not prepared and I’m nursing my knee injury, but I will back here and try the new ice skating rink.

Congratulations and welcome back!

For inquiries of the SM Ice Skating Rink
just call 556-0471

The ice skating rink, my view from outside

Ice skating rink, my view from outside the rink

Spotted some ice princesses warming up for the big ice performance for the launch of the ice skating rink here at the Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall

P1286455 P1286456
I met here SM Lifestyle boss Mrs. Nicole Deato, here I learned that SM got a new department called SM Lifestyle, they already absorbed the cinema, the bowling, the ice skating rink and SM Arena in one department.

P1286457 P1286458
Our teddy bear awaits at the entrance / and you’ll see the ice smoke coming out from the ice rink

P1286459 P1286460
That’s my foot getting a dose of cold moments at the ice skating rink

P1286461 P1286464
Symphonic music at the launch / and here are the SM Digital Marketing Department - Dave Pimentel, Bren, Mykel, and Beanca with Jesse Herrera of SM Megamall marketing

P1286468 P1286469
Our golden ticket for that day…to get a free ice skating and also teddy bear freebie

P1286470 P1286474
me holding a nutcracker prince cardboard hahahah

P1286479 P1286480
SM Ice Skating Rink officials showed to us a short throwback of the old ice skating rink

P1286483 P1286488
The start of the presentation of SM’s Ice princeses

P1286497 P1286503
Each female figure skater showed their routine and winning moves on ice

P1286508 P1286514
We also saw the performance of SM Ice’s group dancers

P1286518 P1286519
And here are the ice skater students of SM Ice Skating rink showing us their routine performance.


celebs spotted: Say Alonzo and Andrea Del Rosario – with their partners and friend


SM Ice Skater students

Ice princess dance group of SM Skating Rink
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