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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

SM Bowling Center revamp and launch at the 4th floor of Mega Fashion Hall-SM Megamall

I didn’t expected that SM Bowling Center will have new revamp too, just like the SM Ice Skating Rink in SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall, both leisure activity center for bowling and ice skating is located at the new building, but the SM Bowling Center is located at the 4th level of the Mega Fashion Hall.

The old bowling center which is located at the basement of Bldg A resides next to SM Megamall’s admin office, but I think it was removed too during the year 2009 together with the SM Ice Skating to expand the Toy Kingdom store and also accommodate more space for the event center at the basement of SM Megamall.

The 14 lane bowling center is back with a major facelift and with high tech items for all bowling players, last January 28, 2014, the bowling center was launched too during the Mega Fashion Hall launching, I was about to leave the mall after the fashion show but the host of the event informed us that we media guest should stay and check out the opening of the ice skating rink at 2:30pm and the bowling center at 4:00pm, I was there and ready to go but then I realized that most of my blog readers are searching for more lifestyle venue and alternative spaces for their leisure activity, so I stayed and joined the other media guest in covering the launching.

Many thanks to Mr. Carreon Yco of the SM Bowling and Ice department for allowing me to cover this event for my blog.

So what’s new for the SM Bowling Center ?
- The SM Bowling Center features a cutting-edge technology, the Bowler Entertainment System X (BES X), which allows customers to enjoy the game by combining the essentials of bowling and the most advanced offering of this new entertainment system to the market. This innovation permits patrons to chat with other bowlers while playing, and post their final game scores in their own Facebook walls. It also has the most updated scoring system, a first in SM Bowling Center, which gives the customers an option to personalize their digital score board with their own photos, as it is driven to pursue fun and connection with today’s digital age.

- The proposition of the newest bowling center in the metro brings in a package of all-in entertainment, with 14 state-of-the-art, fully-automated and synthetic bowling lanes, trendy billiards and videoke rooms. Adding to the newest attraction is today’s most sought after gaming console, the PlayStation 4, which has the premium technical achievement in terms of graphics and gameplay, with its advanced controller, Dualshock 4 which will surely add excitement to the gaming experience. (via news release)

Awesome di ba?!! they have Playstation 4 consoles for gamers!

The cute part of the SM Bowling Center is that they have a beer bar in the middle and then you can enjoy drinking beer there while playing billiards or bowling.

I tried playing bowling with the SM Digital Marketing team and it was fun and tiring friendly game, we are the 1st people to try the bowling center and we play while we drink beer! hahahaa. Grabe… naka 1 pint and one can of beer ako and I was so thirsty after playing 3-4 game. I’m a bit rusty in bowling, the last time that I played in SM Bowling Center was during my high school days hahaha.

I’m glad that they are back..welcome back and congratulations to SM Bowling Center!
for inquiries about the SM Bowling Center
just call - 441-1845

SM Bowling Center located at the 4th level of Mega Fashion Hall

P1286429 P1286430
The bowling shoes rental area and PS4 gaming center

P1286431 P1286433
Just Dance gaming and the 14 bowling lane

P1286527 P1286528
SM Bowling mascot!! does he have a name ? or shall we name him “Bowly”
And that’s the beer bar inside the bowling center

P1286529 P1286531
Softdrinks or beer dispenser??? / Billiard table

P1286532 P1286534
I want to play billiard!!! hhhaa / Bowling pins…. giveaway for media guest

P1286535 P1286538
you can also sip your hot coffee here at the bowling center // DJ Callum in the mix to spice up the ambiance of the bowling center, he played bowling while mixing the music hahaha.

P1286543 P1286544
my trial for Just Dance….ohhh I dance so terrible but I got a CRAZY points for dancing that belly dancing music.

P1286545 P1286548
Start of the event….

P1286549 P1286550
Everyone are excited to try the bowling center here at the Mega Fashion Hall

P1286556 P1286558
SM Bowling officials ceremonial bowling play

P1286560 P1286562
DJ Callum still playing…. those dance club music.

P1286565 P1286568
The event host now invites us to try the bowling center….. then Dave told me to join with them, since I’m wearing my sneakers, I went to the bowling shoes center to rent a shoe.

Let’s play!!! here’s Brena toss the bowling bowl…. she’s one of the expert in our team haahah, but she didn’t know that she can toss a curve bowling ball. With that natural born talent, I told her to start playing bowling.

P1286579 P1286580
Brena and Mykel

P1286583 P1286588
The Bowler Entertainment System X monitor and controller, we control the game here and also we can chat with other bowlers…I want to try the chat feature for fun, but I don’t know the other bowlers hahaha, around us are professional bowlers playing the game here in SM Bowling Center.

P1286589 P1286590
Dave tosses and Brena waits for the pin to come out.

IMG_4410 IMG_4411
I tried playing too…but I super suck hahahaha… my body aches after the 3 game.…. I also noticed that Beanca is a good bowl player too.. Now I need to practice and get serious in bowling.
Brena and me, holding our SM Bowling center bowl pin award ahhahahaa.
Di pa ko nakakalaro, meron na agad kami award!
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