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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Azalea Residences Baguio: Our home in Baguio for 4 days #familyfun trip - Azalea Residences Baguio family vacation part 2

March 28, 2014 – After getting our keycard from the hotel reception area, we went up to the 4th floor via elevator here in Azalea Residences Baguio, its our home hotel in Baguio for 4 days, we arrived here at around 8:30pm, we didn’t felt tired during the bus travel, because we took the 1st class bus ride via Victory Liner, our 6 hours ride is just like hanging out in our living room or bed room with wheels.

My wife and son are so excited to see the look of our hotel room, I stayed here in Azalea for a 3rd time and I’m sure they will not be disappointed, because if my family prefers a luxury setting for a hotel, then Azalea Residences is the best for them, because according the hotel’s tagline that they provide the modern comfort and luxury to their guests.

And I was right… their words are: “WHOAAAAA!” then I saw my son running around the living room and my wife jumping with joy because of the nice setting of the two bedroom with worth of PHP7k per 3D2N during summer season.

The 1st to visit is the kitchen area, my wife stored our food left overs and snacks inside the refrigerator. You can see my son here in hyper mode running around with joy hahahaa.

In every hotel here in Manila, I always find the best workstation, for me, I chose this dining table as my workstation for blogging and social media communication with my friends. There’s an electric plug near the coffee station and electric stove. I can place all my gadgets here so that I can see them whenever I’m inside the room, and also to remind me to use and bring the gadget with me whenever we tour around Baguio.

Wifi inside our room and also Wifi within the Azalea Residence Baguio is improving, the wifi signal and speed is a better, its fast and with strong signal. They already fixed the low signal issue from my last visit in November 2013. Good job!!

The view of the main door, ref and kitchen sink.

There are two bedrooms, this will be my room, the one near the main door. The room is small and perfect for single occupancy only. it has its own dresser, cabinet, LCD tv with cable and ceiling fan.

take note: They don’t have air condition inside the deluxe rooms, just use the ceiling fan to blew more of the cold breeze of Baguio. If you want to have a room with aircon, then you can book also for their Presidential Suite room worth PHP32k. My blogger friends were lucky to try that room for awhile as their holding area, the hotel staff lent the room for awhile when they arrived early in Azalea and their room is not yet ready.

Here’s another view with the ceiling.
I didn’t do any color correction for my photos, I just want you to see what I see with my eyes and also with my camera lens. The yellowish light ambiance gave a warm and comfy feeling.

Inside my bedroom! yeahhhba!

The living room area – with sofa (converts to sofa bed), terrace, ceiling fan and LCD TV, there’s also a phone were you can call the hotel operator 24/7.

Lace and Ashton’s room
A bedroom good for two people. Same set up with own LCD tv, bathroom, ceiling fan, phone, cabinet and dresser.


here are the family fun packages of Azalea Residences Baguio all year round.
You can see here that the rates are very okay for a 3D2N stay in Baguio. I expect that summer rates are a bit high, but then I noticed that during December to January are a big different and higher, I guess they have more bookings during Christmas or –Ber months because of the colder weather in Baguio.
During November- January the temp goes down up to at least 18C, but for summer it was 25C at day and around 23C at night. The weather becomes cooler if it rains at night during summer. Yeah, they are so lucky that they have rain during summer season.

Here are some rates of different rooms in Azalea Residences Baguio. I don’t have a photo of the Presidential Suite, but you can check out Ron’s blog for a coverage of their short stay, visit:

The Presidential Suite is a two floor of room with 3 bedrooms and nice living room with fireplace.

At the main level of our room, here I check the bathroom near the living room. This will be my own bathroom and as usual…here’s my signature photo op with the mirror.

P3289811 P3289812
Hot and Cold shower and bath towels

P3289813 P3289814
Towel area and the toilet.. im so glad they have bidet

P3289815 P3289818
Toiletries galore! toothpaste, toothbrush, powder, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and shower gel.

Mommy and baby room

Their own tv inside their room.

The living room.
I always sleep here at the sofa bed, and because that there’s a bedroom for me..I just chose to try the bed hahahaha. If you want to use the sofa bed, just call the operator for some assistance, a hotel staff will visit you and help you set it up.

Mommy and baby bathroom…. just checking it out… same quality with the bathroom near the living room.

We’re so excited to tour around in Baguio ahhaaha
thank you Azalea Residences Baguio!

Oh wait.. there’s a letter for me…thank you again!!! On my next visit…I will try to cook our own food inside the room.

it is indeed that Azalea is a real holiday haven in Baguio.

Its dinner time… our friends who arrived early in Baguio told us that we have a dinner in Tradisyon Restaurant, the inhouse resto of Azalea, there’s a Mongolian buffet for all.

But before we go down to eat our dinner…we have to finish first viewing the latest episode of our favorite travel show – Biyahe ni Drew in GMA News TV.

After watching our fave travel show..we already imagined a beach tour next time hahaha
but first we have to enjoy the cold breeze here in Baguio. We took the elevator going to the first level for our mighty dinner!!

okay.adventurers!! get ready!

Inside Tradisyon restaurant… we arrived 1 hour before the closing of the buffet..yikes.. some veggies already ran out of stock..but I’m glad that the resto staff replenish the food right away. I customized my own Mongolion food here, I’m glad that I semi-perfect the mix after those trial and error back in the days of my eat all you can dining in a Mongolian buffet in Sweet Inspirations restaurant in Katipunan, QC

We reconnected with our blogger friends who arrived early that day, our dinner is a bit quiet ahahahaa because we’re hungry and partly tired from the bus trip.

Edel of Team VivaManilena and Cristelle of Team Lifestylebucket

Here’s my mongolion bowl! haahahaha.
panalo! mabuti hindi maalat.

Here’s mommy and baby at the front door of the hotel. Ashton wants to try the playground. The weather that night is a bit cooler because of a short downpour.

My view of the playground and the awesome backdrop of Azalea Residences Baguio hotel.

First time to see Ashton climb on its own to any kiddie ride inside the playground hahhah.
He’s so hyper and it seems that he stored a lot of energy for this trip.

During our day two stay in Baguio… I accidentally injured myself during our tour… stupid me…I know..
my healed wound on my right knee…now it’s a scar with soft flesh…. was torn again after I planted my knee on a rough pavement during our group photo op. It bleeds and its painful.

We went back to Azalea Residences Baguio to rest after our tour… and I’m glad that the hotel offered some assistance…they sent Nurse Arian to our room and she treated first aid on my injured knee. Oh man… It was a painful when I felt the anti bacterial solution bubbling on my wound. Nurse Arian cleansed the wound and she wrapped it with bandage.

I didn’t expected this hotel have their inhouse nurse…awesome!! thank you again Azalea Residences!!!

you can also request some medicines if you badly need it to beat fever, pain or for your wound.

here’s my panoramic photos of Azalea Residences Baguio

The playground area.

the hotel lobby

The hotel lobby and its interiors in vertorama shot

8 degree café and bar lounge

Our friends.. Vincent Tabor of, Ms. Elisa Escobar of Azalea Residences and the Team of

Up next….this December 2014…the opening of Azalea Residences Boracay!!
zomg!!!! I want to try this too hahahah.

Azalea Residences Baguio
address: Leonard Wood loop, Brgy. M. Roxas, Baguio City
Manila reservation: (632) 579-4890 or (63917) 8611641
Baguio reservation: (6374) 442-8888 or email:

Foursquare and map:

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