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Thursday, April 10, 2014

On the road to Baguio City via 1st class Victory Bus Liner–Azalea Residences Baguio family vacation part 1

March 28, 2014 – I finally convinced my wife to go with me for a family vacation and trip to Baguio City, and after she said yes, we also brought our 3 year old son, Ashton, to come with us for another outdoor adventure (usually happens every weekend). It will be our first time to together to travel via bus and first time for a long land trip, 2 hours is usually our travel time going to Manila and back home, but traveling at around 5-6 hours is a first and also a first in riding a commercial bus liner going to Baguio City.

I was worried at first for the bus ride, because we have a toddler riding with us, he might get uncomfortable with the bumps and zigzag of the road. But I remember that there’s a 1st class or deluxe type of bus in Victory Liner that offers a special bus with wifi, comfy seats, dvd movies, electric plugs, inhouse comfort room, stewardess and free snacks. I got a good testimonial from my blogger friend John of because he tried the 1st class ride when we went to Baguio City last November 2013 for a Google event.

The price of the 1st class bus is a bit expensive, but when you do the math, you’ll have to add Php 300 more of the regular PHP455 aircon bus in Victory Liner, that means you pay for convenience for only PHP 300+

During our family trip adventure planning, our Baguio based blogger friend Vincent Tabor suggested that we take the 1st class Victory Liner bus because it’s the most comfy ride ever going to their city. We visited Victory Liner’s website: and we learned there the bus schedules of their 1st class bus trip. Since we are near in Victory Liner Pasay terminal , we looked on the schedule for a trip for the other day.

First class Baguio trip
fare: PHP 715

Morning trips

Afternoon trip

Night trip

all bus will take the SCTEX highway

The only option left for us is to take the 11:15pm night trip or take a morning trip.
Its advisable to visit the bus terminal for you to buy your ticket early, me and my wife went to the Pasay terminal after our wedding anniversary date in Solaire, and Im so glad that there are some tickets left for us to take the 1:15pm afternoon trip. We bought three tickets and after we got our tickets, we went home and started to pack our things for the trip.

My wife is so nervous for the ride, but I told her that there’s a CR inside and there’s no worry if every she or our son wants to do some bathroom break.

so here are some photos from our road to Baguio adventure!
On the way to Pasay terminal.
Just like in a regular airline flight, you have to be there on time or be at the terminal station one hour before the departure schedule, this will give you no worries if ever you arrive early, you have more time to relax, buy some food ( yes, its advisable to bring your own food and beverage), there’s a free bottled water and snacks from Victory Liner, but its just a light snack. If you will travel in the afternoon, make sure you bring a snack+ dinner meal with you.

our departure is 1:15pm from Manila, so I expect that we will arrive in Baguio City at around 7pm.

We arrived 12nn in Pasay terminal, the passenger lounge area is a bit crowded and full of passengers, I’m glad that I inquired from a lady guard standing in the middle of the lounge area, I asked for her if the 1st class bus already arrived, but then she told us that the bus will arrive at the terminal at around 1pm, then she told us if we are 1st class passenger,then I said yes, she said if its okay if she can review our ticket for verification, I gave her our ticket and then she told us that there’ a special passenger lounge area at the 2nd floor for 1st class passenger.

I was relieved when I learned they have a fully air conditioned passenger lounge with clean CR and seats and also TV.

our PHP 715 is sooo sulit!

photo above: thumbs up from my wife and son

at the 2nd floor 1st class passenger lounge area

with LCD tv and cable…we’re now watching “Please Be Careful with my heart”

While we wait for the 1st class bus, we ate our Jollibee snacks here.
I fired up also my Smart pocket wifi so that I can inform the other blogger teams that we are waiting for the bus.

there are 5 blogger team with their family are on the route to Baguio City.
Team Wahpinas, Team Lifestylebucket, Team Vivamanilena, Team seatsfortwo and us…Team Merryland

Team Wahpinas and Vivamanilena went to Baguio via the night trip
Me and team Lifestyle Bucket are one hour apart of departure
Then Team Seatsfortwo left Manila at around 4:30pm

They didn’t got a chance to try the 1st class bus ride, but then I sent a PM to everyone via Facebook and suggested that as soon as everyone lands in Victory Liner Baguio terminal, its better to get an advance booking for the return to Manila trip and get the 1st class bus ride early.

Here’s inside 1st class trip of Victory Liner.
2 seats on the left and one seat at the right.

The passenger comfy reclining seat with foot panel

the best bus ever !!! because they have FREE wifi and also this electric charger.
you can work on your laptop or mobile devices while on a 6-7 hours bus trip to Baguio

Our bus stewardess who always ask us if we need some assistance. Wow.. I feel like we’re on a plane to Baguio City.

The common comfort room inside the bus
I suggest you take the CR rest before night time comes and also before the bus takes the La Union road, it’s a bit hard to pee when the bus goes zigzag ( yeah I experienced it hahahah)

Another view… there are two LCD tv
the stewardess played two movies -- Frozen and The Book Thief
zomg… me and my son sang that Let it Go song hahahaha

Ashton sat with on my lap while we watch Frozen


I used my Waze app to check where the heck we are
above is our location taking the TPLEX highway

Then we are now in Paniqui

Then in Binaloan area

We expected traffic in Pangasinan area, there are lots of road construction happening along the highway, the travel added more 1 hour, because there’s some slow motion of vehicles in every part of the town. Also more construction ahead in some parts of La Union.

We arrived in Baguio City at 8:30pm. The staff welcomed us and confirmed with our booking for a 4 days staycation in Baguio City. Thanks to our Baguio blogger friend Vincent Tabor and Azalea’s hotel manager Elisa Escobar for arranging the smooth booking stuff.

btw, I took the photo above the next morning! hahaha.

Me and my family are our in Azalea Residences Baguio… our official home for 4 days here in Baguio City, thanks to Victory Liner for the safe ride and comfy travel to Baguio… if you want to go to Baguio with no hassle..then take any 1st class bus ride and then book your stay here in Baguio City.

I heard that bookings are big every weekend, so I suggest you book your stay early.

up next! our Baguio tour adventure!!

Book your stay in Baguio City at Azalea Residences Baguio
address: Leonard Wood loop, Brgy. M. Roxas, Baguio City
Manila reservation: (632) 579-4890 or (63917) 8611641
Baguio reservation: (6374) 442-8888 or email:

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