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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Thank you Sampaloc, Quezon. It’s nice to know you again after 5 years. #bulihanfestival

I feel like a tourist when I went back to my hometown in Sampaloc, Quezon last week, I was there to cover and attend the annual fiesta which is now called the 4th Bulihan Festival. I was there also to visit and be with my relatives and balikbayan family members.

It was an awesome 5 days stay, and I only brought PHP2.5k travel fund to support my travel and stay needs. Although lodging and food is not a problem, we have 4 homes there where my relatives live, so I visit them every day if ever I need to eat or take a bath haha. I stayed in my family’s home and also in my Aunt Vangie’s new renovated home, I prefer to stay there because I grew up there during my infant years.

I discovered again so many things about our hometown, I even failed to featured this in my blog because I don’t have the opportunity to visit it again, my fault for not looking back, but its better to be late than never.

The grand fiesta is getting better every year and its in the right time to help push for trade and tourism via social media and blogs, because the municipal is doing their own effort to promote the festival in quad media, good job mga sir and maam!

The town is changing to a modern provincial life, but the classical and traditional feel is in there and the culture never fades, People still offer their lambanog wine drink to me whenever they spotted me, “tagay po!” they always offered me one shot of rhum or lambanog. I refused to drink because I have low tolerance to hard drinks, I prefer to drink beer instead of lambanog.

This is just my 1st blog post to welcome myself back to Sampaloc, Quezon and also a prelude to my 18 part blog series about my 5 days stay and the Bulihan Festival.

Thanks again and its nice to know you Sampaloc, Quezon after my long hiatus of 5 years.
Hope to be there again next month.

here are some photos to show how I enjoyed my stay in our province.

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IMG_20140425_214132 P4252931
P4262982 P4263003 
P4263068 IMG_20140428_104513 P5241739 P5241744 P5241746 P5241788 P5241805 P5241839 P5241888 P5241892 P5241893 P5241996 P5241997 P5242014 P5242041 P5242046 P5252184 P5252239 P5252244 P5252259 P5252274 P5252305 P5252345 P5252352 P5252408 P5252452 P5252458 P5262498 P5262514 P5262542 P5262555 P5262659 P5262682 P5272851
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