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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Guest in ABS CBN Umagang Kay Ganda morning show - 13th Philippine Toycon 2014 production note 7

June 17th was our schedule tv appearance and feature in ABS CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda morning tv show that starts from 5:00am up to 7:30am. As usual, I tried to avoid any morning show guesting, but I placed my heart on to it that I should be present here again to promote our Toycon event. I missed the morning show tv guesting for two years already and this is my come back to join the fun the Philippine Toycon friends and community. Last time I was here is that there’s a typhoon, but I’m glad that the studio renovated a portion of the drive way with a nice ventillation and high ceiling tarp cover. It’s a perfect venue for our Toycon guesting.

A day before the tv guesting, we were advised by our sponsor that we should wear our Batman tshirts, because we’re also promoting the 75th anniversary of Batman, I got worried when I heard that because I have one piece of shirt with Batman design, its size Large and I don’t have any other shirt that is size XL, so I went to the studio wearing a very tight shirt hahaah

According to the producer of the show, last time was we have around 30 plus toy exhibitors that joined the morning tv feature. I left home at around 4am in the morning, I rode a cab from Coastal terminal going to ABS CBN and I arrived at exactly 5:00am, it’s a photo finish moment hhahaha.

Also during the morning show, we saw Kitchie Nadal performed live, we were advised to transfer to the other side of the set to watch her perform live, its been ages since I saw her, maybe 4-5 years ago, and we’ve met again and I’m glad she still recognize me. Its great to see her again and I’m surprised that she’s also a guest on that day. I lost my track and forgot to invite her to perform in our Toycon event.

Its my first time to see the Coca Cola collectors, they are the new addition to our community and I’m thankful that they joined with us for this year’s Philippine Toycon

Here’s Tim Villasor wearing his Batman armor in celebration for the 75th anniversary of Batman, behind him is the comics collection of Alfredo Alcala Jr. featuring the comics art works of his late date, Mr. Alfredo Alcala.

We also have the display of large size and human size statues. Featuring Bumble Bee, Daimos and UFO Grendizer.

Its my first time to see this space shuttle play set from GI JOE

Philippine LEGO Users Group is here with us for the 1st time…a new group of LEGO collectors that is recognized by LEGO

Here’s one of their custom built LEGO tank toy

More Coca Cola collections

The Tokusatsu fans are also here with us

Here’s Earl Manga who introduced his new toy collectors group for Tokusatsu and Sentai

A closer look of Alfredo Alcala Sr. ‘s artwork in Batman comics

Funko Pop Batman and Catwoman are so cute!

Our doll collectors group – Pinoy na Nagmamanika are also with us displaying those rare dolls like Barbie, Pullip and BJD dolls.

Here’s the studio set

GI JOE and super robot collectors posing in a photo with celeb and host Amy Perez

TV and radio personality Ariel Ureta with Philippine Toycon’s Cholo Mallillin, photo op with the cosplayers

Philippine Toycon team Lou, Vic and Cholo with the morning tv host

One of the finest collections are on displayed

Our only gal collector for the Batman collectors table!

Classic Batman

Large scale statue of Optimus Prime by Infinity Studios

Zoids…yes its still here..

Basketball figure collectors are also present

Queen Elsa of Frozen is checking out the Marvel Minimates toy collection

I’m glad that Cholo is around, he stood there as our spoke person for the Philippine Toycon.

Marvel Minimates collectors with Amy Perez

Here’s a traditional group shot before we packed up our toy stuff

Thanks to Pia De Leon of ABS CBN for the support!!!

That’s it! see you all in Toycon!

here’s the entire photo set

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