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Monday, June 09, 2014

KFC Philippines teams up with Leslie’s Clover Chips for KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken #KFCCoCreations

Last month’s release of this new KFC Chicken had spark the attention of foodies and KFC lovers, I saw first the poster ad in one of their branches and I was skeptical about the look and also the taste of the chicken. Why would they add crumbs of Leslie’s Clover Chips to our KFC Chicken ? then I learned that it’s a part of the KFC Co-Creations project were they invite our KFC fans to suggest what other ingredients and new recipe that can be added to KFC’s chicken with 11 secret herbs and spices.

They invited the people to suggest via Facebook and Twitter post with a hashtag #KFCCoCreations, just post your suggestion and you might get your dreamed recipe into a real food and be part of their KFC menu.

KFC Philippines sent over a sample of this KFC and Clover Chips chicken, and they call it the KFC Crispy Chicken. The packaging is very cute, it’s a giant bag of Clover Chips sitting inside the KFC bucket, you’ll thought that it might be chips inside but when I opened it, it was a golden chicken with Clover chips flavor.

My son, Ashton, is a bit confused why is there a Clover Chips inside the KFC Bucket.

The KFC delivery guy who came from all the way of Kawit, Cavite, didn’t even say a word what’s inside, he said it’s a surprise hahahaha.

I opened the pack and I saw the surprise!!!!

It’s the KFC Chicken with all cheesy crispy Clover Chips.
The KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken is weird…and new.but hey! when KFC release the Double Down, we started to love it through the entire season, but for this new recipe of KFC, I’m sure that there will be some people who will love this..

After trying a bite…I can say that I love their new flavor. Although that the iconic look of the crispy KFC chicken is gone…but the cheesy flakes and smell will remind you of a Clover Chips.

Included in the bucket bundle is their version of a chicken rice, tastes like a Hainanese rice
Tastes better and I like to partner this to my KFC chicken.

The KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken should be a mainstay in the menu of KFC Philippines. We know that this is might be offered for a short season, and it will be gone after some 2-3 months depends on the demand of the people. I’m sure that KFC will bring more different recipes to our KFC Chicken, so we have to wait for more surprises. After the Double Down, the cheese on top burger and now this….ok what’s next ???

If ever I will suggest, I want a KFC Chicken with gravy inside hahahaa.

Here’s a closer look of the KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken. I suggest you dig the breast part of the chicken because it’s the most flavorful part, the Clover chips aroma and taste is highly present in that part.

For a price of PHP99. You get the KFC+Clover Chips chicken, chicken rice, gravy and mashed potatoes.

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